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  1. Thanks you you have armed us Houstoines with much ammo the next time we find ourselves in a Vs thread and someone says houston s not denifying..lol But seriouly this shows how Houston is starting to knit itself together. Slowly but we are still doing it...I keep telling people if we maintain a strong market by 2025 your not going to reconize Houston
  2. Bookfield may finally have the captial did,nt they just make a huge sell of one their buildings
  3. Hoping the fools can show real vision for once.. They are suppose to vote on it, but like discovery green their will always be those who are convince it will be a big waste of money.. even discovery green had it distractors on the boards who were sure no one would want to go to a park in downtown Houston... Some people just lack vision
  4. Hoping this is one of the changes the retail task force told Houston they need to make.. I remeber a part in the report where they flat out told the city limiting signs heights and billboards need to be changed...
  5. The GRB 2025 plan called for a another hotel but this was across the highway and would have been linled the the center via a sky bridge wonder if they changed their mind on that
  6. While I would have prefered another redis I will take a tower over a parking lot anyday
  7. Lets see thousands of workers . eatting at niko niko, batanga.. fusion taco.. Hundreds going out after work to have drinks at okra, bad news, gun and goro or a dozen others... wwith walking distance... Those that can afford it ling in hines proposed highraise for the simple reason their job will be right across the street ?
  8. I really need International Tower (Stream/Essex) to get built that parking lot is throwing off what could be a nice little urban area
  9. Thuink the biig Tex is just one of those artist things that get thrown in
  10. While I feel its a little victory parkish , I like the overall idea, but if they are serious about doing this they will need to move fast.. The last thing we need is for a project of this scale to fall behind so close to the super bowl... that would be more embrassing that Dallas storm...Could you image the streets tore up , The convention center tore up and then Hundreds of thousands of people from out of town flooding in.. Houston would never live it down
  11. I was being half serious and half joking dude.. second if you cant reply with a little more respect then dont reply at all
  12. I think Houston should be ready to buy these parc of land .. and place them in the incetive zone of Res development if these projects fall thou... Downtown Houston is trying to do something and I for one am sick of these companies buying land and sitting on them for decades.. while they twitle their thumps.. Ither crap or get off the pot but never again should we let these companies treat Houston like the red headed step child. hindering our developlemt till they decided to grace us with their presence.. Buy the land and place it under a residental tax incetive program
  13. There is already a town house units across from the park.. land is cheaper their than it was in Midtown.. so five years are so expect more rids to pop up
  14. 3200 in under two years is impressive.. It will strenght the downtown counusel arugement that the program should be extended hard to argue with a 3200 unit jump in under two years... would be even harder to do it aginst 4,000 if those come to fruit... Let give a shout out to Skyhouse who while not the first seemed to be the one that lead the charge and gave other developers the balls to take a chance on ST
  15. Where does that place us now.. someone tally all the units going up downtown..
  16. So who is going to this.. http://www.downtownhouston.org/calendar/presentation-main-street-improvements/19022/ Meant to post this in Downtown section
  17. I have never understood with a city as car dominated as Houston why we allow parking lots instead of parking towers... Parking lots just seem like a money grab .. limited space creates demand which allows you to charge absurd prices. For these companies it a win/win .. parking lot means I can charge asburb amount, if a company want to by the lot to build a building , they have to buy me out. I can point to how much money I make having it as a lot to force them to have to offer me alot more money for it
  18. Unless you create the hotel link (based on green lnk) split the routes with one bus heading down main and another heading toward convention district those areas are the heavest conceration of hotels... Secondary if you create the Taxi hub that is what five bucks ? at the most for anywhere downtown long story short there are ways around it it just depends on how inventive we get... I think the reason they are looking at the post office so hard is that it all ready has a rail line running thu it in the back and that would seriously reduce cost.
  19. Actually I think this could work out .. We could bring back the central hub concept which would have created a actual hub for the taxis to gather at, as well as Greyhound( that was what the intermodel purposed right ?) If not you could expand oon the greenlink concept as a short hop serivice
  20. From what I understand the Post office is being looked at as a possible central station for the purposed dallas to Gouston rail
  21. Great the Philly boosters are never going to shut up now..lol they never did get over Houston taking the number 4 spot from them
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