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  1. I hate that its such a cheap and corny way to beat out other buildings
  2. 42 thats going to have a effect So this is not the one hines is proposing but another one ? damn at this rate the musuem district will have its own skyline..lol
  3. agree and disagree. I agree that people will go to the grocercy stores that are closes to them. But I do belive that with the growth of midtown, eado, washington ave/ Heights .. downtown Houston is in the perfect position it has not been in since foleys open downtown to become a retail mecca.. but like you said they have to be big signture stores...People will go why would anyone go to Dt when places like city centre, and uptown.. its like you said earlier what is close to them is where people will go.. for people in wash/heights, midtown, eado those places are not close they are a hassle which require you to get into your car drive , find a parking spot, and hope the store has something you want. These the Dt area which will be served by rail. and its not even 2 miles outside of those area.. The problem is convincing the big name markets that there is untapped revune in those areas..People try to site macys as proof that their is no market in DT houston, leaving out that macys did ot close for lack of buiness they where basicly booted out but the owners who decided they wanted to build anew tower, macys even stated they wanted to stay downtown just with a smaller foot print. Second other places seem to be doing fine but they are limited and target a nich market think forever 21.
  4. he seems to create a conflict of words, first he says it innovate ,then he says it is new for Houston,implying it is something that exist just not in Houston. A subway system to ferry the people around the different sections? naw that would e to big to hide someone would have spilled the beans. Moving side walks like the jetsons..lol now the sheer cost of such a system design to cover such a space who be in the biilions.
  5. I was hoping that those districts would try to put their stamp on the area by creating a signture tower like williams did for uptown but no bite, when philps 66 announced they were moving to westchase and building a new building that was going to be their flagship, I had hoped they would go big and do for westchase what Williams did for Uptown.. But no
  6. Question How does this affect the propsed BRT line ? I wonder if this is a tactic to stall that project as well, by bring the LRT into play and saying " No don't do that we might be buidling a LRT" Knowing this fight will take years to work thru.. could they really be that clever? Or do you think poe is saying if we are going to do it lets do it right ?
  7. I was Just curious if I am in the minority here. While I love the construction planned for downtown, I can't help but wonder if a the next phase should go toward uptown.. This rumor 102 would look great in ither site really, but I think a super tall would really stand out in uptown along side william tower IMO. BTW any history buffs know why Hines picked uptown for the tower , were they hoping to spark a supertall build in the area or just wanted to be different.
  8. Hines did, when main leaked, they played dumb then a few days later they confirmed it
  9. I dont want there input on anything image related.. they have no sense of style.. if they got there way it would be a another brown box, as they rave about how amazing it is...
  10. Houston gets a new skyscapper the area get a upgrade, and addiontion 1700 jobs are added that downtown needs given the loss it about to take when exxon packs up and moves to the woodlands.. I just can not understand what the hell somes memeber on that board could be thinking ??
  11. I agree I think the 80,s alot of these companies moved at break neck speed to build then the bust happened, and now it has created some kind of fear in the back of their minds which are casuing them to drag their feet... The first time they moved to fast could this time they move to slow ??
  12. for some reason the nmber 56 keeps floating into my head
  13. According to some anazlie the first tower to get off the ground will reduce the demand of the others.. I do not count the Cheveron since that in a in-house bulding designed for their own use.. but I do belive that the first two towers to break ground in the spec market will reduce or even stop the construction of the rest/.. right now Hines and captial seem to be the only two with hard dates
  14. I dont see the story in the chron, but given that Culture map was the first to break the story with pictures to add, even after hines denied it in the beginning that they were planning a tower on main.. they have gained credibity with me.
  15. Culture map has a update I think they say that hines has decided to increase the tower heighhttp://houston.culturemap.com/news/realestate/07-08-13-houstons-next-great-skyscraper-hines-to-texas-size-new-main-street-office-tower-speed-up-development/ as well as planning a first Q of 2014.. they did not say How much the article only says hines is Texas sizing it
  16. Wonder when they will begin, I know the mayor said something about wanting all major construction done before 2017 super bowl. so that the city could put its best foot foward... The 2017
  17. Thats my motto "till they pour the first slam of contrete its still a maybe in this day and age"
  18. was'nt this the same thing exxon did where they deny that they would be moving people for almost a years ?
  19. which is great not just for Down town getting a new building. but the residental market.. the high level execs will have the new condos places downtown, and the other employees, will be a big boost for areas like midtown, east end,heights ,etc. That is assuming that most or half will be transfers from out of town.
  20. Going to have to change the name since it no longer rumored ..lol
  21. Given the design of it , I am impressed it will look this good. if houston keeps turning all are building into giant glass.. were going to get call from the other cities that we are blinding them..lol
  22. Again it is not about creating GFR at every building , but these alinments of building do create a rare chance in Houston to develeop a strong retail core even how close they are to each other
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