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  1. I have never heard of anybody who moved into any DT complain about noise ...if that the case the burbs maybe a better place for you
  2. I have a dreeam that one day we will have removed the vast majority of these parking lots....But this does remind me How much residental poteninal the south end of Dt has
  3. ThIs is great and all but one of the main sellin points of this place was going to be the focus of retail .. so far not a single new retail opening.. which is odd given the number of small to mid size retail being forced out of Uptown due to redevelopment you would think witht he growing residental that attracting companies to open up DT would have gotten easlier.. Second I stil think terminating the least on one of Houston most successful clubs(Scoot gerner) was the stupidest thing ever. Have they even filled that space yet ? Not many bar are known outside of Houston and scotts was one of the few that a celeb might have heard of when it came to Houston.
  4. This one flew under the radar it was only by chance I came across it, makes you wonder what other projects are close to breaking ground that have not been publicly broadcast.
  5. You seem to be right once you break down the numbers they cant be talking about the prison ,
  6. Remeber that condos that were planned for the old Skylane apt, well the termination of lease notices came today, everyone has to be out by april 30 http://swamplot.com/this-ok-greystar-checks-in-with-woodland-heights-neighbors-about-skylane-replacement/2013-08-26/
  7. I hope the color sceme is a just a placer... I hope they follow suit from hines and try to match the area... other than that I love it and thinks it fits with the area
  8. Did anyone know about this project slated to start in June http://greatersoutheastonline.com/blog/mixed-use-development-business-should-thrive-with-influx-of-residents/
  9. The only problem I have is that I wish they had more uniformality.. image if 500 Crawford,this project and the other 5,7, and 10 story projects have been constructed along the same block and all the up coming towers had done the same
  10. This exactly what I was trying to say.. We always do this on this tread , calm the F down and wait for more info.. sheesh
  11. New bar opened on main secertly (Barringer) 410 main...now back to the subject at had... the program was ment to be a calatlast so it really is hard to say what effects it will have on the area once it expires.. I think it holds depends on the market, DT ability to market itself to retail.. really think they should focous the bulk of their effort on mom and pop style places( small business owners) Get the building to rent out spaces to small buiness instead of putting to much into heavy hitter retailers who are actually not very reliable right now... I understand the need to compete with Uptown and other shopping heavy hitters, but baby steps first build up the area and then let the big boys enters when it has become a spot most people go to
  12. hell no to a strip club and I am from from what you would call prudish... A strip club would ruin the area.. Houston has more than enough parts of town decicated to that
  13. Actually the DT retail task force.. recommended they revise this policy. I dont see this being lifted for DT as a whole but the proposed Retail district may be given a expemtion
  14. Is the prison really a factor , from what I recall the promaded is futher down the bayou anyway more along the east end of town( I would be more concerned with that park heading toward east down that seems to have become hobo camp grounds.)
  15. I can see how it would work using the sunset coffee house as a base and ferrying people to that area via the bayou I have always belived Houston has so little natrual beaty that we should be busting our ass to enhance what little we do have.
  16. I think I remember what you are talking about it was like the river walk on roids right ?
  17. No according to me.. bitching and moning about it will not stop it from being built, so we should at least be glad it will be one less parking lot !!!! or we can hope it fall thu at which point everyone can go back to bitching about how DT is blighted with nothing but parking lots
  18. Who does not ? but link after link its just bitching , bitching , bitching.. one after the other .. am I trilled by some of these no... but i would take them over a damn parking lot anyday... I would love a more uniform design to the area... I would love for all these delveopers to get togther and say lets work out some designs that completmet each others buildings, not look like a hudge pod of random thrown toghetr apts.. but on the same hand I welcome thousands of more people , living in DT, which will encourage more stores to open DT, which will encourage more high end places to open DT .. which will bring more people on the St of DT.. as the area population grows the fancy apts will follow.
  19. Omg its a drawing not even a 3D model and the bitching has started... can we at least wait till the developer releases the offical drawing and not what the city has put up
  20. the only 33,00 I know of is the rail line and that does not take i the extended line.. metro overall dalily ridership is somewhere in the 100,000 plus range( including P and R)
  21. Really wish people would stop asking if there is any update .. if you click the link and there is no new info.. them clearly there is no new info.. when people know somthing they will post it.. it like asking are we there yet
  22. One of the propsed high rises perhaps... seems about the right amount for a high rasies....
  23. Ugh , the ditchs are a most given Houston flood problems, just look at midtown 15- 20 mins of solid rain and the area becomes iaccessable. as for the powerline, I once looked into why we do that and the city did at one point consider burying them, but here were a number of factors 10 it cost more and in a city the size of Houston it is just not feazable . 2) burying lines have both it pros and cons...Burying line are less likey to be struck are damaged but buried lines can cost almost four times as much to repair when they do break(given that the area has to be ripped up and then repaired also it takes longer since a break has to be located along the buried line
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