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  1. So seems metro had a small surplus from the transportation and have to use it or risk it going back to them...ummm how about the station ...duh
  2. What Howard said vibes with what Scott gernter said happen after midway took over and he lost the lease to his downtown club..They told him it didn't fit into their vision of green st
  3. What has baffled me is the almost single minded obession with building there. When area like alemeda would well such a building and is starting to become quite the collection of high raise itself
  4. Campo is that guy who shows up at the bar 15 min before last call and declares the place dead because almost no one is there
  5. No it is not the bulls eye for the most part a few congregate but it is far the center..also 90% of the time they don't bother anybody since during the day there is at least one police car parked out there , many people walk up and down that block as well at night without being bothered most times..every blue moon one of them bothers a patron sitting outside on the patio sections but that about it..the real problem is people just find them unsightly,since most times they just keep to
  6. So they went from a large open bay style window to a brick up entrance only design....Houston assualt on it own beauty seems to have no end sometimes.
  7. I think it alts..working downtown the weekday at night seem lively while weekend midtown looks more lively
  8. Thought this would be funded via the downtown projected 2015 budget
  9. ..Didn't you say 4199 of the units had been approved? So that means another 801 units to be meet...good chance we could get another 2 or 3 residential before the cap then? Thought I read they are consider another tax incentives for the warehouse district completely separate from this one
  10. It meant to supplement the convention center, not the museums. Think something to do while you wait for your convention to start..While I'm sure it will pull plenty of school interest it main purpose seems to be to boost downtown rather weak tourist attractions
  11. The last part of your passage may have been prophetic..Just read a article in eaters about a popular Washington ave restaurant that is deliberately shutting down it Washington front to move downtown.He cite a decrease on foot traffic and a increase in foot traffic downtown as well as all the new residential towers being built..He also hinted that other restaurants owners may follow suit and abandone their current location for locations downtown..He said he is in negotiations for the former ERA spot but nothing is final and he is also looking at other downtown locations
  12. If they do scrap the tower position I really hope they go with the pocket park concept for that lot..but this being Houston odds are a surface parking lot
  13. Pretty much forced to agree with huge think they have blown so much resources, that they have to build and hope to recoup some of their losses instead of taking a total loss.
  14. I am with you far from a NIMBY but after actually walking the area this tower will look so out of place...Rhe alemda area across from the park next to Mosaic and the new building would have been a prime location for a area I think is flying under the transformation radar
  15. I don't see them moving anytime soon only hope is a developer with deep pockets buying them out.
  16. been a few years, not to say the river walk is not nice but to say the east end proposal has the potential to dwarf it
  17. the arrogant part was the statement that people don't understand urban design simply because they disagree with you about the use of a space..Like I said most compact design are space related..NYC, Hong Kong, etc.. If you can avoid blocking whole units views most companies will go that route..hence it not a matter of available space..given Houston more than available
  18. arrogant statement..those places are designed like that due to lack of space not by design...if you can sell apts on a great views their going to highlight that aspect.
  19. Really happy to see the bayou revitlaion been taking serious..I really hope the plans for the east end come to pass..if done like they propose it could make the san Antonio river walk look like a cute little ditch...if it comes out like they plan
  20. I agree throwing up a tower their makes no sense..it would block alot of people view..if they want a tower apt..thier is still plenty of available space in the incentives zone.. That area would be better as a pocket park I agree throwing up a tower their makes no sense..it would block alot of people view..if they want a tower apt..thier is still plenty of available space in the incentives zone.. That area would be better as a pocket park
  21. Does anyone know about a mix use project on braswood a few blocks up from the TMC rail line and across MD Anderson Cancer Center..I saw it today it has a rendering and the tag line Live , Work, Play. The best describion I can give was think Mid Main with what looks like apts on top and retail on bottom( but not sure only saw the Rendering for a few seconds).
  22. That is what I have been saying for years if you want to see downtown population exploded start targeting the 40,000 To 50,000 a year crowd..the RN (instead of just doctors) ..the police, fire ,paramedics, etc... Stop trying to be New York with The 2,000 one bedroom.
  23. It does seem a large waste of potential green space..I don't get how people who claimed to study urbanism can constantly get the simple things wrong
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