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  1. The problem is only a minority are actually down on there luck..most of the people you see have mental issues, are drug dealer gang members, or just disengage from humanity
  2. But it a matter of rights as it a public space so they can't be ran out ..but according to some rumor I heard the conservicy is in talk to buy the park from the city. That would allow them to have say over who can and can't be there since it would be a private park.
  3. Look I get it I work the parks ..iv lost count of the numbers of time we have to respond to a Over dose at Hermann.I see the look of disgust on people faces when the are riding the park train and they pass by the hermann memorial statue with their kids and see people passed on on the grass from jus hand it not just one or two it 5 and 6 at a time
  4. Ok I'm going to explain to you the difficulty of the problem as it pertains to drugs. The D.A does not want to bring charges because time and resources. To haul someone in on something that just going to ither be dismissed or reduce to time served while they were waiting for there court date. That in turns keeps cops from hauling them in because they know they will probably be right back out in a few days (it gets annoying to keep arresting the same people, I worked with cops before who are assigned to Herman )
  5. You could easy up main street square by allowing street vending, food and retail ,
  6. Can't say they are lying DT has numerous places which feeds the homeless and they offer breakfast ,lunch, dinner 7 days a week. .So more often than not panhandle want money for alcohol or drugs..which attract drug dealers
  7. A new structure would go great , another hotel with GFR or even a residential with gfr
  8. You missed something because I don't ever recall Them saying they were putting this on hold.
  9. in all seriousness is a convert taking place ..I thought I read somewhere they have not decided between convert and demolition for a new structure
  10. You played with my emotions, I thought this was real for a second. .damn you
  11. You want to revitalize main st...start cracking down on, panhandle, lottering.., and other crap that makes it a uncomfortable place to be..
  12. I like it will blend well with the new buildings, was worry it was going to be some bland, office type...this looks like if they ever want to move ,they could sell it to a buyer on converting to loft style
  13. That why the space port and TMC new campus should be a high priority
  14. Never cared for critics food ones being the lowest. .Never understood basing your views off someone else personal taste
  15. Not surprised.. Thursday hotel projection said 2016 would see a dip in due to oil, some companies have already canceled their reservations, the good is they expect 2017 to be a rebound yr
  16. Sadly the people who truly need the service get lump in with these malcontents and people see all homeless as the same.. I remember getting on the rail one Sunday and about 7 different males all probably in their 20,s got on at different points and all on them were on something. ..I felt so embrassed as a Houstonian Listening to the people who you could tell were not from here..they had that strike Houston from our visit again list..The truly tragic part 90%of the Homeless you meet are polite, respectful people who trynot to bother you.
  17. ADR...That is a perfect summary of the state of Homeless in Houston as someone who jobs has me interacting with them on a regular I concur..there are three camps of homeless.The down truted, those with mental illness and the sorry ass mofo who do nothing but hang around smoking kush. waiting for whatever kind hearted services comes to feed them for that day..
  18. I don't like the way they advertise feel to much like some cheesy scam..but I do want to see this built it would be a great bookend to Greenst
  19. Parking towers may become more desirable with space disappearing..which would not be so bad with GFR
  20. I wonder how midtown redevelopment feels , they have a vision for midtown and they have to feel these do good er organization are getting in the way of that....seems like a intresting debate
  21. The Word game changer get thrown around alot on here but if this does come to fruitation the result effects it would have on the area truly could be in terms of residential, retail, etc
  22. I remember when the study report was released and I do recall them mentioning signage height ,and how Houston ordinance was outdated.. it may have been about billboards which would explain why their are almost non in downtown proper
  23. Think one of the recommendation that was part of the Downtown revitalize study was to repeal that ordinance, don't know if it ever came to be
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