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UH-D Proposes Name Change


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Anyone who doesn't understand the one is in downtown and the other is not should be deported. For chrissakes it's painfully obvious... Can we say the Astrodome is also in downtown? What about the med center? Is that downtown also? How about the galleria? Or the woodlands? Come on... give me a break.

You're always this surly aren't you?

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I believe from the UHD standpoint there is something to gain.....most on this forum are educated well above the average first time college student and many were probably not first generation college students....and yet many on here have expressed that THEY were confused and others they interact with were confused by the association

if a first generation college student applies to UH and barely misses being accepted I feel there is a good chance they will assume like many on this forum and elsewhere that UHD is exactly the same as UH and therefor they will assume they will not be able to go to UHD as well when UHD is exactly where they belong

by making a distinction it will allow people (especially first gen students) to understand they need to apply to BOTH because they WILL be accepted to UHD even if declined at UH.....anyone that does not feel it is important to let first gen students know there are multiple opportunities out there for them (especially when many on here have told of their confusion) is crazy

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UH-Downtown moves ahead with renaming


School leaders are going ahead with plans to rename the University of

Houston-Downtown, despite opposition from students, alumni and some

faculty members.

If it has its own distinctive name, it can move forward (and) be

known, said Welcome Wilson Sr., chairman of the board that governs

UH-Downtown and other schools in the UH System.

He and university president Max Castillo said Tuesday they believe the

benefits of a new name would outweigh the disapproval of those who

dont want it to change.

Any new name would have to be approved by the Legislature, and Castillo

said a new name could be in place by fall. He and Wilson met with the

Chronicle editorial board Tuesday to explain their reasoning.

Regents voted last month to support the change but stopped short of

recommending the name Castillo proposed: Houston Metropolitan


Thats still under consideration, however, along with University of

South Texas, University of Southeast Texas, Gulf Coast State University

and other options. Faculty, staff and students will vote on their top

five choices; the vote ends Tuesday.

Regents will select a new name in February.

Michelle Moosally, an associate professor of English and president of

the faculty Senate, said its been hard to gauge reaction, partially

because classes just resumed after the holiday break.

Some people dont want the name changed, she said. Others support a

change, but dont like any of the proposed names. And some feel rushed

into making a decision.

Castillo acknowledged that the idea is not universally popular. Right

now, Im the kiss of death on campus, he said.

But he and Wilson said a new name is important if UH-Downtown is to

establish its own identity. Too many people think it is a satellite

campus of the flagship UH campus, they said.

Not everyone thinks a new name is the solution.

Ive yet to find a person that thinks the name change is a good idea,

said Chris Lewis, 26, a senior business major who will graduate in May.

Something should have been said on our application, that theres a

possibility UH-D would change its name.

Lewis started one of several Facebook groups opposed to the change.

Castillo said alumni and students who graduate before the name is

changed could request another diploma with the new name.

Those who enroll before the name is changed but graduate after could

choose either name for their diploma.

Moosally said the uncertainty -- what name regents will select, whether

the Legislature will approve the change -- is causing angst among some

students and faculty.

We hope that everybody will come to terms with whatever happens, but

we dont know what that will be, she said.


Brought to you by the HoustonChronicle.com

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I personally know Dr. Moosally and I know she's opposed to this useless change. I'm sure someone must have Castillo in their pocket.

Castillo is leaving UHD soon. Maybe he wants a "legacy", to be known as the President who "gave UHD it's new, fresh identity".

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It is expected that many angry UHD students, alumni, staff, and faculty will transcend on the UH campus that day for the meeting to voice opposition of the name change.

Watching angry people "transcend" themselves sounds like an event not to be missed. In fact, UH Central grads should take a cue from these angry UHD students and alumni, and do the same.

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We will find out Tuesday, February 3 or early Wednesday, February 4 at the latest on the final name selection submitted to the UHS Board of Regents by Chancellor Khator.

In the mean time, voting results of the top five name recommendations for UHD per the online survey last week attached below.

Top Five New Name Recommendations

For the University of Houston-Downtown

Submitted by the Name Selection Leadership Group at the University of Houston

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Hah...being confused with TSU is a "serious" concern but being confused with UST is not? I think they should go back to being confused with U of H main campus.

No kidding. I hope FordGuyHTX brings us better news than this next time he gets on.

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All those names sound so boring and lame.

There plenty of schools with the name Texas or south in it.

Houston Metro or Cullen or Gulfcoast State were much better imo.

I know Houston is a Southern City, but is Houston more Gulfcoast Texas than South Texas?

Houston is not in South Texas. All of these names are ridiculous, but none of this matters, because Empress Khatour will make a unilateral decision, despite the fact the she doesn't run UHD. Just like she did for provost, despite overwhelming faculty dissent.

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Houston is not in South Texas. All of these names are ridiculous, but none of this matters, because Empress Khatour will make a unilateral decision, despite the fact the she doesn't run UHD. Just like she did for provost, despite overwhelming faculty dissent.

She does run UHD in the sense that she's chancellor of the entire UH system. And as someone who works on campus, I didn't hear much "dissent" over Antel's appointment. That said, the proposed names are terrible.

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I wrote in and suggested other names, but I think HMU works. Other cities like NYC, SF, and Denver have a Metropolitan College or City University. I think these names accurately reflect the institutions' mission statements and their respective student bodies.

Oh wait, I thought I read here they changed it to Houston Metropolitan U, but then reading again it doesn't seem like it?

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It's laughable that they are willing to consider names or acronyms that will confuse them with 1 of 3 possible other local schools when their entire reason for changing names was to eliminate confusion.

I go to South Texas...

Which one...

The one downtown...

Uhh, Which one...

What a joke.

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True, it seems like they missed out on a few more confusing options like;

Ricer University

Houston Baptized University

DeWry Tech

Visible Changed University (for my all time fave on US 59 South)

It cracks me up that they are considering anything with "South" in the name. I'd hate to think they'd offer a geography major.

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Well, now people won't associate it with UH, but maybe the University of North Texas :rolleyes:

Yes... instead of confusing it with a school that its 2 miles away, people will now confuse it with a school that is 1 mile away.

Bravo, University of South Texas.. Bravo.

Hey wait... South Texas College of Law should now sue the University of South Texas for copyright violations and devaluing their good name.

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You know what this means, right? They're gonna have to move Houston to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas by the start of the new semester so that the name will be geographically correct. I hope they have enough helicopters and enough fuel to lift this city. :rolleyes:

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South Texas is a region of the U.S. state of Texas that lies roughly south of, or beginning at, San Antonio. The southern and western boundary is the Rio Grande River, and to the east it is the Gulf of Mexico. The population of this region is about 3.7 million. The southern portion of this region is often referred to as the Rio Grande Valley. The eastern portion along the Gulf of Mexico is also referred to as the Coastal Bend.

There is no defined northern boundary, although it is believed to be at the city of San Antonio and from an east to west line extending from the Rio Grande near Maverick County to the Gulf of Mexico, but turning southeast at or near Lavaca County, and continuing towards the Gulf of Mexico to separate it from East Texas and Southeast Texas. The Rio Grande serves as the western and southern boundaries and separates Texas from Mexico. The eastern portion of South Texas is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico.

Some people consider Houston to be in South Texas for several reasons. Numerous businesses in the Houston region contain 'South Texas' in their titles.[2] The South Texas College of Law is located in downtown Houston. The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas includes the Houston division. And like South Texas, the city has a large Hispanic population. However, Houston is most accurately classified as being within Southeast Texas, a subregion of East Texas.

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Hallelujah !! Thank God the decision makers at the System level have brains and veto power.

University of Houston System regents Friday decided to wait for more suggestions before choosing a new moniker for UH-Downtown, concerned that
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A new nomination process begins;


or, have some fun with


or, play off of Houston's lame image campaigns...






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Judging by the quotes in the article, its obvious the regents are avid HAIF readers and were well aware of our dislike of the chosen name and the reasons why.

Thank you regents.

At ths time I would like to submit Craig Biggio University for consideration.

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