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  1. That was it. My Mom used to work there when I was a kid. Knew Leonard Wells from there. Later opened his own men's store in the Galleria area (Fowler and Wells).
  2. Ha. Although that would be nice I'm sure the last thing developers are worried about is keeping your car dry.
  3. I agree with you about Austin although none of that has stopped other tech companies from locating there. If they build out in the suburbs of a city then I don't see how mass transit or traffic is relevant.
  4. Not sure about this. That would place it less than 5 minutes from their Bellaire store. Traffic around Meyerland plaza is already bad. This would just make it worse.
  5. Perhaps they will build on whats left of the old Westbury Square. That area could use a nice grocery store.
  6. Same problem here. I thought it was just me but I've tried four different browsers and still get the same error message.
  7. Wonder how many people will just walk away from their mortgages if it's more that lot value?
  8. Very few musicians can afford to live in Austin these days. Heck, very few people can afford to live in Austin these days.
  9. Bumping an old thread since HCAD raised the appraisal of my Houston house by around 30%. Tried the online appeal but they only knocked off a couple of thousand dollars. Anyone have any new suggestions on a property tax appeal company? Anyone try Jubally with sucess?
  10. Saw Quicksilver at the Coliseum Feb 23, 1970 and June 6, 1971. Saw Jethro Tull at the Village Catacombs, I believe in 1970.
  11. Followed his twitter account to this explanation: http://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/05-15-17-why-ken-hoffman-left-the-chron-for-culturemap-in-his-own-words/
  12. http://www.chron.com/life/article/Farewell-to-longtime-columnist-Ken-Hoffman-11146738.php That was kind of out of nowhere. No farewell column?
  13. Auntie Pasto's is supposedly in the works of building a new restaurant directly behind the existing one.
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