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  1. Saint Augustine isn't going to work between these pavers, because of the way that it grows. Zoysia might, but I'm not going to nuke my whole lawn just to replant zoysia for this patio space. But anyway, that's beside the point, which was whether or not building a patio space like this requires a permit. I saw one thing somewhere that said that any man-made modification of the natural environment requires a building permit in City of Houston, and was just wondering if there was any nuance to that. I don't want to build it and then the City somehow finds out and makes me tear it all out and pull a permit.
  2. We want to build a patio like this in the back yard. It would be a few feet from the house. Do we need a permit? I'd dig down 8 inches, fill 4 inches of gravel, top with leveling sands to slope away from house, and then fill in pavers and small rock. We're in Houston city limits, and we are not in a 100 or 500 year floodplain.
  3. This is the former site of Mexican restaurant Casa Grande, and farther back it was Stuart's Drive-In. http://swamplot.com/casa-grande-on-n-main-st-isnt-just-closed-its-bank-closed/2015-03-20/
  4. Morningstar's great, I go often and see them getting plenty of business. Edit: Looks like most of the 2 stars on Yelp are whining about the donuts. They're not my favorite, and they're a little expensive, but I'm not there for that, I'm there for the awesome coffee service. Pssst.... the excellent Shipley Donuts location is only a few blocks away.
  5. The whole thing was a fraudulent scheme, according to a jury today. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Jury-rules-unanimously-against-fraudulent-11254099.php?cmpid=twitter-mobile
  6. I dunno, that sounds odd to me. They've been running concerts in that space since the very beginning, it was no secret. The City saying that they just discovered this doesn't hold water.
  7. $65 for an annual membership, unlimited checkouts for free (while still following the time rules).
  8. I dunno, it's kinda unclear. Pegstar bought a minority ownership. I think they still own that piece?
  9. It's nothing personal, I just know that 5 years from now some rando is going to tell me "someone once fell off tower" because these rumors take on a life of their own. Just wanted to do what I could to set it straight for whoever is reading this thread years later. In other Pegstar news, though, a Woodlands teen has died from tainted ecstasy at FPSF.
  10. In fact, you never did say that it didn't happen. You said there was a rumor, then you stated it as fact in two subsequent posts, then you said that you doubt it happened. I was just setting the record straight for anyone who came to this thread and read those posts.
  11. Here's a map they put out of their parking lots for tonight's M83 show.
  12. That's a lifestyle choice. It's the same as these townhome builders that build driveways so short that the homeowner has no choice but to block the sidewalk when they park in their driveway. Buying a house with a tiny driveway doesn't give the person the right to block a public right of way. Similarly, choosing to buy a house with no garage doesn't give the homeowner the right to banish all cars from public property such as a street. If people want more parking dedicated to their sole use, they should build it on their own property.
  13. I think the noise ordinance is 10 for the entire city, though they may be using special event permits to extend it later. I live about two blocks away from Raven Tower and haven't had any noise problems yet from the Raven Tower concerts. We'll see how that changes when WOMH starts running shows. We have had people parking on our street for the bigger Raven Tower shows, but I view that as the acceptable price I pay for living in a vibrant city.
  14. If it's too loud, especially after 10, you can file a noise complaint.
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