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The McKinley Residential High-Rise & 9753 Katy Fwy Office Building, Memorial City


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I like Memorial City at night when you can't see the beige stucco buildings but only see the blue roof lights on the buildings. They should try coordinating colors with the high rises in City Center, it would look like a decently big skyline at night from far away. 


BTW, I like this bunker hill proposal. Are there any legs and timelines to it available?

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I really like what this area has turned into. It is crazy to think that I moved to Houston almost 10 years ago and they were wrapping up the giant hospital at Gessner and pretty much nothing else had been built. It has been pretty neat to see that development there, at Eldridge, and Highway 6. 

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There are around 530 multifamily units in Memorial City and over the next two years, that figure will nearly double, Johnson said. MetroNational is developing a 133-unit luxury apartment concept, dubbed The McCarthy, above the Hotel ZaZa Memorial City that should be completed in February 2018. The apartments should open in the fourth quarter of 2019. The hotel will officially open Dec. 1.


MetroNational is also developing a 327-unit luxury midrise adjacent to Memorial City Mall. In the past 12 months, the company has added two green spaces to Memorial City Mall's grounds and has several tracts of land poised for more development, Johnson said.



"I’d say we’re still under-allocated on the multifamily side, and we could potentially do more," Johnson said.'


Bringing residents to Memorial City is critical for the massive mixed-use development's long-term success, Johnson said, and much of the company's future developments will include a residential component.


Over the last 10 years, we’ve been moving toward an urban environment … (west Houston) has become the center of Houston, so there’s a lot of mixed-use opportunities – more hotels, more multifamily, more restaurants. We have about five acres of land on Bunker Hill and Interstate 10 that’s a new development opportunity. We just delivered the Cemex building, a tilt-wall office building on four acres, and we have another 12 acres left for new development. We think either hospitality, multifamily or retail would be well-suited for that land.

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I'm so old, I remember our family moving into a house on Barryknoll right off Gessner...except Gessner wasn't even there yet. There was a big mud puddle in what would later be the intersection. Memorial City Mall was a big vacant parcel of land that I got in trouble for searching for wild blackberries on. The Katy Freeway was nothing but feeder roads. Then Gessner was opened, but it would be years before it went all the way south to Westheimer.. Then Sears and Weingarten's (grocery store) opened in what would someday be the mall. Jack-in-the-Box opened up on Kingsride. You could order a burger, or a cheeseburger. That was it. Oh yeah, I went to Bunker Hill Elementary School.

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