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Le Palais Apartments At 1916 West Gray St.


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...proposed on the site of the old Houston Ballet building on West Gray near Dunlavy. The ballet recently

moved downtown.

The project is referred to as "Graybelle" and Richdale Group is listed as the developer. A site plan is at the end of this blog post.

Both variance requests will be presented Thursday at the city's Planning Commission where there likely will be public testimony from residents who live in the area.

The meeting will take place at 2:30 p.m. at the City Hall annex building at 900 Bagby.



Developer website: http://www.richdale.com/

Architect website (edi): http://www.ediarchitecture.com/?id=262

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The comments in the chron article are hilarious

You must be GlenW on the chron comments, haha. There was not one single positive comment. It's funny that most of us like news like this, but hardly anyone else does. I mean, they're reading the real estate section, you'd think they'd have a positive outlook on this.

I really don't understand the comments that traffic will get worse and things like this shouldn't be built two miles from downtown. They want it to be built somewhere else, but seriously, where else do they expect it to?

I think Houston is just in a funny situation b/c it's been a suburban city for so long, even inside the loop, and now that it's finally turning into a dense city, the people that have been there so long don't know how to take it. People who lived in the "city suburbs" have been really spoiled for a long time with having a house, a yard, not having to deal with traffic and living near so much great stuff. Times in Houston are a changin'.

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I was googling after somebody opened a new thread on the project.




This 2 year old swamplot article says it will have groundfloor retail. And had this to add:



Am I reading the article correctly? Says the only retail is a leasing office.  "1916 West Gray will indeed have retail space on the ground floor — if you count the facility’s leasing office, that is."

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Maybe deliveries are slow. There appear to be shortages everywhere.


It seems there is more to it than that.  I see a handful of workers there during the week (less than 6), but  not much progress is being made.  This seems like a prime location for multifamily, so the incentive would be to hurry up and finish.


I wonder if they are having cash flow issues - perhaps their construction financing fell through or they are way over budget.  Am hoping someone on this board knows the story.  I live nearby and hate to see this site sit idle.

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Oh yeah look at that low quality Sketchup Model which was obviously switched to a line sketch style mode. Quickly cropped from a jpeg in photoshop and then oh lets put a plain green ground with a thrown in sky someone googled.


Yes ladies and gentlemen truely the mark of quality!


Expect the finished product to be the same...

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