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Watermark Heights: Senior Living At 1245 W. 18th St.


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1 hour ago, lockmat said:

Awesome, reminds me of an urban Public Storage.


From looking at the agendas the past few weeks I've come to understand that there is a substantially low bar when it comes to visuals when submitting to the committee. Pretty much what the committee cares about is if you are following code/variances/deed restrictions. My guess is that Munoz + Albin will release "marketing images" later. Speaking off M+A, they are really on a roll lately.


My guess is the building will be a combination of these two images:


this (double glazed glass paneling)




plus this (contemporary use of concrete and metal panel)




All from looking at the textures in these stills from the sketchup model they produced.


If thats the case it could look really slick. I've come to trust Munoz+Albin at this point. They are quickly becoming the mainstay of solid Houston work. Not super amazing, but consistent and competent.

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17 hours ago, BigFootsSocks said:

All those retirees are gonna break their surgerically replaced hips on that terrible stretch of road 18th from TC Jester (one of the worst intersections in Houston) to Shepard. 19th and 20th are terrible too

The 18th/TC Jester intersection is a complete embarrassment pavement wise and definitely needs a stop light.

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2 hours ago, marstrose said:

What else is M&A up to? I know they are doing the senior living with Hines off of Kirby, this is the second I've heard of. 


as @Houston19514 pointed out, The Preston


The Senior Living Residential building and now this senior living building


The Lyric Center Garage


The Grove at Levy Park and Avenue Grove


The La Colombe d'Or Hotel Highrise


The Southmore


They've done a bunch of City Centre Buildings.


Most of these have been within the past 5-10 years.



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This looks like it includes the property to the West at 1245 W 18th, which is owned by the same entity, Hines HSL Bridge LP,  as the lots that used to be 1231 W 18th, which appears to have been replatted into 24 lots for Talia Court Village in 2014. 


After some more research, the Talia Court Village properties and 1245 W 18th were replatted together into a single subdivision in April, 2019. 


That all makes sense, as the building in the rendering would not fit on the 1231 property.

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  • 2 months later...
  • The title was changed to 1245 W 18th and Bevis (Heights) Retirement Midrise

I really like this development. I think opening bars around this area would actually create a cool synergy between the young urban populace and the older folks moving into this/these developments. Lord knows we as a society need to pay better attention to our older population. Here's to hoping that they can in some way make attractions that keep the elders in mind. (Not that I think even a fraction of them would actually go out to bars, but I'm sure there's a sizable group)

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Interesting they are putting senior living there. I drove by the site yesterday and noticed the 2.5 acre lot across the street is fenced off with construction workers parking there. 


Is that temporary parking for 1245 W 18th or is a project planned for that site as well? I can’t find anything on it and it is still listed for sale online (1205 W 17th St).

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