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MD Anderson TMC Master Facilities Framework 2030

Highrise Tower

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Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Capital Expenditure Plan Report
Fiscal Years 2019-2023

January 2019

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

A few things that caught my eye for the TMC campus:

Proton Therapy Center Expansion- $165,000,000
Information Technology Projects- $509,860,000
CRR Renovation Budget- $110,000,000
Land Acquisition No. 2- $35,000,000
Land Acquisition No. 3- $30,000,000
Inpatient Bed Tower- $600,000,000
Research Building No. 1- $375,000,000
Research Building No. 2- $375,000,000






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I believe hospitals are one of the most expensive types of projects, due to all of the medical equipment, extra electrical buildout,  finishes and special needs built in.

Look at your next hospital bill. You don't pay those kind of prices for a night at the most expensive hotel in the world.

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Austin (Travis County) — The University of Texas System Board of Regents have teed up six construction projects on five campuses and are expected to authorize expenditures totaling $159 million.

$14.5 million to UT MD Anderson Cancer Care to renovate the Alkek Hospital Main Building.

The project involves general renovations throughout Floor 12 of the Alkek Hospital to renew finishes and infrastructure systems, to restore patient rooms that had been partially removed from service to full service, to renovate the nurse stations, and to enclose medicine preparation areas. Floor 11 will be impacted as hard ceilings on that floor will need to be removed and replaced. The renovations are needed to increase clinical capacity, improve the overall patient experience, and bring the sterile processing area into compliance with accreditation requirements.

Of the $14.5 million allocated, $10,200,000 goes to building cost.

This is also a CMAR delivery project. Design development is being approved this week and the Notice to Proceed to construction is scheduled for April 2020.

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  • The title was changed to MD Anderson Master Plan 2030
  • The title was changed to MD Anderson TMC Master Plan 2030
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On 10/27/2021 at 9:59 AM, bobruss said:

What do they do with all of those buildings when they find the cure?

Do not claim to be an expert on cancer. I believe there are over 100 different types of cancers. The cell has a mind-boggling complexity and amount of information within it. They are the basic units of all life and they are very adaptable. The book "Emperor of All Maladies". gives some idea.  I hope I'm very wrong, but I think this fight is going to go on for some time.

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  • The title was changed to MD Anderson TMC Master Facilities Framework 2030
9 hours ago, Highrise Tower said:

May 4-5, 2022 Meeting of the UT System Board of Regents


MD Anderson TMC Projects that were approved:

  • Ambulatory Clinical Buildings 2/3
  • Bed Tower Mobilization
  • Renovate T. Boone Pickens Academic Tower - Floors 20 and 21
  • Finish Out Mid Campus Building 1 - Floors 23 and 24
  • Replace UPS Systems - CPB Data Center

2/3 ACB:

Consistent with the institution's Master Facilities Framework 2030, U. T. M. D. Anderson Cancer
Center is proposing to construct two new buildings, Ambulatory Clinical Building 2 (2ACB) and
Ambulatory Clinical Building 3 (3ACB). These new buildings are to be located on the institution's
Texas Medical Center campus (TMC Campus), south of Holcombe Boulevard and bounded by
Pressler Street on the south, Richard J.V. Johnson Avenue on the east, and Fannin Street on
the west.

While the project includes two separate buildings with integrated parking garages, 2ACB and
3ACB are expected to be joined at the podium level to form one contiguous ambulatory
treatment facility (2/3 ACB) that is proximate to and interconnected with the existing Lowry and
Peggy Mays Clinic and the Dan L. Duncan Building. Overall, the 2/3 ACB facility is anticipated to
consist of approximately 3,300,000 gross square feet (GSF).

2ACB will consist of 950,000 GSF of clinical and departmental program space located on
seventeen floors above grade and 550,000 GSF of parking located on three floors below grade
as well as a central parking structure. In total, there will be 1,500 parking spaces added on five
levels. 3ACB will consist of 1,500,000 GSF of clinical and departmental program space located
on nineteen floors above grade and 300,000 GSF of below-grade parking adding another 785
parking spaces.

The project is also expected to include the construction of two seven-story connectors that will
complete a circulation route between 2/3 ACB, the Mays Clinic, and the Duncan Building,
forming a complete quadrangle around the central parking structure. The top of the parking
structure will align with the existing exterior plaza decks of the Mays Clinic and the Duncan
Building to form a raised exterior garden.

If this recommendation is approved, the project is expected to proceed with requested inclusion
in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in August 2023, design development approval in
May 2024, construction start in November 2024, and substantial completion in December 2027.

Inpatient Bed Tower:

U. T. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center is preparing to construct a new inpatient bed tower to be
located proximate to and interconnected with the institution's Main Building complex, on a site
currently occupied by the Percy and Ruth Leggett Jones Basic Research Building, the Bates-
Freeman research building, and the Anderson Central Building. The proposed Bed Tower
Mobilization project will involve a multi-step approach to include the vacating of approximately
527,100 square feet of existing buildings and preparations for demolition. To consolidate
science research laboratories and clinical support functions currently housed in the buildings to
be demolished, approximately 400,000 gross square feet of space will be renovated in other
facilities proximate to existing inpatient services and associated clinical science laboratories.
The project will also include abating vacated spaces, facility modifications to accept connections
for temporary bridges installed around the site for the future inpatient bed tower, and detailed
analysis and planning to facilitate the decoupling of utility infrastructure in anticipation of future
building demolition.





Looks like this site plan and cutaway includes the new ACBs from when Duncan and Mays were built. I would assume it's still mostly accurate? Mays at right and Duncan at bottom.




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