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Office Tower At 1111 Travis St.


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Or an efficient use of limited resources. I had a hard hat on for the concrete pour here and can tell you the guys in charge of this developement are complete proffesionals.


I'll leave you with this "You can pay 130 guys full figure "boomtown salaries" to get the job done right. Or you could pay 300 guys a little over minimum wage and throw floors up.


Lastly, you throw apartments and pre-fabbed concrete buildings up. This baby is trying to emulate it's mother and make it a damn pain in the ass to demolish.


Be patient and encourage Pearls to rush not our larger CBD TOWERS

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I think everyone is being a little critical of this building and I don't understand why.

It will be a nice new shape on the skyline probably from the southeast and south views.

No its not a supertall and it doesn't fill up the block to the sidewalks, but its interesting shape will be a nice fit for downtown and break up the monotony of boxes and rectangles. All buildings built downtown don't need to be supertalls or even 50 story building to have an impact. Look at the Pennzoil.

It's 13 stories taller than the building it replaced so that's a positive gain. hopefully they will come up with an engaging plaza that will work well in creating a nice public space.

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What's amazing to me is how some projects, with three tower cranes in a small footprint no less, can only muster up one floor every couple of months, while other projects in Houston seem to rocket skyward overnight.


This is solely tied to the types of floors being poured.  The floors being poured now are garage floors, which are much slower due to ramps, slopes, etc.  Tower floors, which are much simpler, take 5-7 days per floor.

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I think the view from one or two angles ten miles away is a crappy way of judging a building. For me it is the look and feel up close.

Pennzoil is also a bad example to use to boost this building. For one Pennzoil is a master piece. It has a large footprint relative to the lot and its worth is judged on it own merits not how it looks among a cluster of building miles away. In my opinion, Pennzoil isn't particularly attractive once you get done distance away from it, and the only thing it adds to the skyline is filler. Up close though...

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