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Hess Tower: Office Skyscraper At 1501 McKinney St.


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It is super spiffy. This building and Mainplace look like they'll make quite an impact. The definitely pop the eye compared to some more recent construction like 1000 Main and 5 Houston.

I agree... although I do love 1000 Main... one of my favorite Downtown buildings. ^_^

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On the Garage

does anybody know if the "vines" on the garage are just an embellishment for this rendering..

or is are they really going to plant them on it.

It would look really cool, and go with the whole "green" thing going on.

From the picture that capture the garage i don't really see the space for this, so

does anybody have any more garage pictures and or know if this is gonna happen.

and the glass is awesome on Disco/Hess Tower!

Nice. But I don't think DG has that many trees as the photo paints it. Maybe that's what it will be in a few years.

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When are they expected to top out?

It's super slick with all that glass.

i know right?! i was worried about it being another block building but it really looks amazing!! the glass is soo freakin cool. and i cant wait to see the turbines go in. this really makes a big impact on the eastern skyline

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Do you work nearby? You are really consistent with photo updates. Thank you.

I am actually the photographer on most of the recent pictures including these that were posted from upupup, and other Houston buildings. I visit downtown twice a month or more because my kids love the Discovery Green park. I take pictures of the high rise construction in the downtown area for the skyscraper page forums. :) You will see my updates there before you see them here.

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Some iPhone photos from my bike ride today.




Since you used your iphone I just found a really good App that lets you stitch together several photo's in your iphone and create panorama photo's will usually require some cropping though.

It's called Autostitch. I'd post a link but I'm new here and not sure if its allowed.

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Not to get too off topic but I did take some panoramas with my iPhone yesterday using a piece of software called Pano.

Some phones like the Samsung Omnia have this as a built-in feature.

Nice pics and thanks for the updates. :)

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