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  1. Missed the space bar while I was typing ... my bad. 😏
  2. Was hoping the block with the old Kim Hung Market would be apart of this development... i guess next to it and behind it will have to do.
  3. Parts of this literally surround my building ... it's going to be crazy watching all of this get developed. 😮😍
  4. Heard from a neighbor (who spoke to the owner) that King's Court is opening back up in a few weeks. The place has been closed for weeks so Tulum is definitely gone.. there's been activity the past several days so assuming that's for King's Court reopening.
  5. Stopped by on my way home this evening... nice place. Very bright and clean (obviously clean since they literally just opened) ... looks like they will be adding a food service area inside at some point. The lights definitely brighten up that part of McKinney at night.
  6. I live up the road and pass by all of the time and this is the first time I've actually seen cars in the parking lot. Must be opening soon.
  7. Wow ... live along this trail and bike it all of the time from EaDo down to the Hermann Park / Med Center area ... and i'm almost always alone. It always seems so safe I'll be stopping that for now.
  8. I live a few blocks from here ... on weekends it can be very busy, especially at night and especially when there are soccer / baseball games. There are free street parking options a few blocks away on the other side of Emancipation, but Houston folk are too lazy to walk a few blocks.
  9. While I obviously agree Downtown Houston has a long way to go, it is important to focus on how far Downtown has come over the past several years. Also, as someone who grew up in the Northeast (Northeast Pennsylvania), I wouldn't pay much mind to what the Governor of Connecticut thinks ..... while Connecticut is a nice state, the only thing they (the entire state) are known for is being a suburb of NYC. Unless you have friends/family there, there is literally no reason to visit. Also, as a supporter of Lina Hidalgo, her response was unbelievably sad. I support her and Downtown but literally cringed when I read that.
  10. There is a sign out front confirming Little Woodrow's is moving there.
  11. It's pretty amazing how just building an urban park can transform an entire neighborhood. I moved to Houston in 2002 when the Hilton was under construction. There was no reason to go to that part of Downtown unless you were going to the GRB. I always tell people you couldn't have paid me to walk into East Downtown at night (or even during the day) and now I live there.
  12. Another amazing addition to Downtown! 🙂
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if that happens in the future. The businesses along Main where it's happened are all for it which means other businesses along Main would like it. Combine that with the fact that drivers just don't use Main Street that much... it's not like they would be displacing a ton of vehicle traffic.
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