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  1. You know who should by it that company trying to creaete high speed rail to Houston and dallas
  2. Hey smart ass there [thair; unstressed ther] Show IPA adverb 1. in or at that place (opposed to here ): Since I was talking about a place the spelling( There) applies. See what trying to be a smart ass gets you now we were both wrong ,huh ?
  3. are you could list the number of projects that have sighted the rail as why they are developing there.
  4. And there it is the reason they put it on hold. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2013/12/20/with-an-eye-on-australia-plans-on.html
  5. I am glad to see the infill ,but I agree with someone who said that these self contained designs, no not add to a sense of urban.. If the court yard entrance opend up onto main streert that would have gone a long way
  6. they have frozen all projects in place , except for the mid land one( not just Houston but varies other cities) but They are still going thu with employee tranfers to Houston, and stated they are still bulking of their employee work force in Houston, so the tranfers are still happening. what it sounds like to me is that they may have signed a tenet deal with one of the new towers planned. Why else would they freeze the building , but state they will go ahead witht he employee transfers
  7. You are right the Nov 19 plan from the city still list this project and we knew hines was going thu with their plans in aug
  8. What does hines have to do wit their plans, they knew going in they would be going up against two other buildings.
  9. I do recall hearing something about them building a new bus transit station next to UHD that would funnel people on to the northmain line.
  10. I saw on intinal report from 2009 , that placed ridership at two different numbers, from 7,000 to as high as 15,000 daliy. But then Metro was about to abandon it and place a BRT line down northmain, but then scrapped that plan once federal funding came thru and they had revised the numbers, but they never released the revised numbers so we dont know it they where higher or lower... I have always been confused as to why they did not build the University and uptown line first... They even admitted it would be their highest ridership lines, so why go and build three lines first that you know will have far lower ridership ? To me that that Dallas Dart crap to build and hope the rail sparks economic development in the area ,as oppose to building where theis is the strongest demand.
  11. Does anybody know where I can find information on the projected ridership of the new rail lines ?
  12. The galleria Bar Prohibition is up rooting to move to the McCrory Building downtown.. So add another notch on main st belt I guess http://www.bisnow.com/commercial-real-estate/houston/bisnow-scoop-the-foundry-expands-the-deal-sheet/
  13. Is that a elevated section are an I just looking at it wrong
  14. Didnt this thing start before sky house ??? Long before ??? and skyhouse has already started adding glass
  15. I could see ground floor retail working in this area.. You have a area that is vastly under served ? How many people work in ST. joesph? That have limited dinning options outside of having to get in their car and go to papas ? If they line the bottom with places to eat they coudl conner the south Houston market (well give people on that side more than papas anyway
  16. Yes we are aware that there are boat tours that is not what we are talking about, or rather re-working them as visiable tourist attarction , which they are currenlty not, then again Bufflao bayou does not have a home port, and the coffee house could fill that role actting as restraunat/ launching pad
  17. I agree we should not let a let laundry anywhere near this ..lol
  18. That could work too, a riverboat restraaunt type of thing
  19. Seems the designers are bustinng their ass to keep this alive..but trying to come up with a cheaper design.http://swamplot.com/snohetta-holding-onto-hope-for-a-rainmaking-central-station/2013-11-25/
  20. It was a trade route before, and was used by river boast of about 85 feet during the civil war to ship supplies to galvestion... The river boat was killed in Houston due to politics as galvestion saw it as a treat to their control of the waterways(we still ended up building the port of Houston on them..lol) its actually a intresting bit of history I did not find out till I started looking into the river boat idea.. Anyway they lobbed hard to have Texas divert funding to their ports.. There was never a logical reason to keep the buffalo bayou from becoming a legit port.. it just sort of got screwed over by the politcis of the time( a common Houston story).. The only real issue may be the bridge.. but bridges can be rebult and made taller.. .. still I think a slender class boat would remove the problem of height again I am talking about a access point from the heart of the city , not having to get in a car and drive to place X to see place Y...So tour from the port of Houston is kinda the point, you still have to go almost o baytown to access it.. Naviagting a large port is nothing I was a navy QM .. it looks like chaos but it all well timed.. each ship knows where its suppose to be and when,
  21. It occured to me yesterday Houston downtown server lack of Tourist based attaction all our good stuff is just outside the city.. Hell even the next theme parks will be outside the city...That is when I began to think about allen Landing and the coffee sunset renovations. I remembered that in the 1800 to early 1900.. Houston had a river boat that traveled along buffalo bayou to galvaston.. I was wondering why doubt we restore that and use it to ferry tourist to places like Gavestion ilsand... It would be a hell of alot more intresting a route than telling them, yeah hop in a car and travel about a hr in that direction !!!! In fact steamboats were quite common sights along the bayou back thenhttp://civilwartalk.com/threads/u-s-s-st-clair.77534/ Using the new sunset coffee house as the boarding station/ restrauant/ canoe rental shop.. Of course a shedcule would have to be worked out to prevent the steam boat from being on the bayou the same time as the kayakers and others, but that not to hard....But would,nt having a steam boat parked by the coffee house have both and tourist benifit and a nice visual?
  22. I just want to know how are people not lossing their job in any other org that screwed up this bad people would be shown the door... Second how the hell do you go 19 months before looking at the math ??? How do you award a contract without working out the math even ??? Like I said before this is not new " after the debacle that was buy american .. parker was suppose to have cleaned house.. Instead in the last few months we have learned *. The new trains are running over budget and have not been delivered * The tunnel that is suppose to go under the tracts has not been dug(how much do you want to bet that we will get annocemnet soon that the line will be delayed because of that) *and now a scaled back rail station due to the fact that morons in metro cant count When asked what happend your intrem CEO could only say" we dont know?" WTH you mean you do not know how tax payers money could have been pissed off ? If I was parker my only follow up question would be" what time will your resignation be on my desk? I think parker knew this for a while and had the board sit on it during the lection to avoid giving her oppents ammo
  23. The current design is boring ass hell
  24. These guys cant boil water without finding a way to screw it up !!!! Let us count The trains that were suppose to be buliit and delviered by now are still not ready The tunnel for the east libne has not even been dug yet Now the singature RAIL STATION IS going to be some boring plain rail station !!! How do these people still have jobs !!!! Seriously !!!!! i WANT TO KNOW!!! wHO APPOINTS THESE PEOPLE!! aRE THEY VOTED IN !!! WHAT !!
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