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Donald Trump's is more popular than Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump has become the God for his base. No matter what he says or does, his voting block continue to support him. 

Donald Trump is neither a Democract or a Republican. Well, he was a Democract just few years ago. 
But he became a Republican to run for the office. 
While Trump may not be the most popular guy, he does not need to be. His competitors are much less than popular than Trump.

Data shows clear indication that he would win again and his base would not vote for anyone in the future if he or she is not a Donald Trump supporter.

You think McCain would ever win again? 

Here is how Trump and Hillary compare:

Here is Callitme.com review for Hillary


Here is Callitme review for Trump



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That's only half of the story. Where's the picture of the mob, running at the white people, yielding sticks and screaming pure vile & hatred, which incited this lunatic to hop in his car and do the unthinkable?


But that's not what "reporters" are paid for these days, is it?


There's only one way for a foreign power to ever take out the United States, and that is to divide it and conquer it. This, dear sir, is the dividing. The conquering is forthcoming.

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