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  1. I wonder if the Marriott will ever get sweet revenge on the Parkside for stealing their view. All they have to do is to build something 43 floors high on the lot just to the west and they can box them in forever as payback. All to the benefit of the downtown skyline.
  2. That Centerpoint substation has got to go! ...and it's holding the Embassy Suites so you can't see it.
  3. So we are all in agreement. People with good taste in architecture love this building. No exceptions.
  4. What a great FU to Dallas. Thanks Exxon! You too San Fran 49er's! 😁
  5. But to be fair, nothing will ever be good enough for that intersection by the internet.
  6. Worse than a rusty old lumber yard, sea of warehouses, chemical plant, storage facility, giant parking lot with a CVS in the middle or suburban style strip center? Do you know where you are? I understand why a touristy themed restaurant wouldn't be someone's first choice, but believe me, a Tillman themed anything is not the worst case scenario for that neighborhood.
  7. Those shots make Texas Tower look better than the renderings. Usually works the opposite way. Refreshing to see reality surpass dreams for a change.
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