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  1. We exchanged a few messages 10 years ago about Bastrop on a post I made about the overpass opening on Hwy71 @ 304. a few weeks ago the overpass at 71 and 95 was completed. This means that there are no stops on 71 from I-10 all the way to 1209, the intersection just past Hwy21.

    Also, Hwy183 from Bergstrom to 290 in under construction. They are building a multi lane tollway complete with bike lanes and free lanes. What a mess now, but it sure will be nice when it is completed.

    1. JLWM8609


      I'm just seeing this. Conincidentally, I drove through Bastrop two days after you made this status and got to drive over the overpasses. 

  2. Key Map shows that location to be Fondren Park. Perhaps it has been a park since the '50s, and possibly longer.
  3. I don't know how I missed the discussion of the Fondren location for what appears to be the other end of the monorail. Even though I accepted the Arrowhead location, there was still a persistent memory of seeing it from South Main around the Holmes Road curve. If I now understand this correctly, there were two ends of the rail that were not connected. And I gather there was a coach at both locations? If so, that would explain how the Fondren coach could still be there in the 60s when I rode it at Fair Park in '57. The Arrowhead coach and track must be the one that was dismantled and moved to Dallas. Does this seem right?
  4. Another Toddle House was on W 11th at Durham behind Kroger. It eventually became, and may still be a Papa John's. I used to eat there on my way to my weekend warrior meetings with the Submarine Reserves before I went on active duty, so that was between '67-'69.
  5. It was exactly 50 years ago today while sitting in Mrs. Tillinghast's class at Love Elementary that Jimmy Hulme shouted out, “It's snowing!” No one turned to look because Jimmy was prone to shouting that out as a joke. But he quickly followed with, “No, it really IS snowing!” It was the very first time most of us had ever seen snow. February 12th, 1961 will always be fondly etched in my mind.
  6. I posted a thread a few weeks back about a new book on the Heights. I believe there is a photo of Remmert's station in that book. However, Remmert's is on 16th Street.
  7. I just saw a photo of the gas station yesterday, but I can't find it now. It's a pretty "famous" photo, so it should be easy to find. It's a photo of Squatty Lyons in his football uniform standing on the football field behind the Reagan school building. Behind him is the gas station. I always loved that old station, even though it was past its time of serving gas by the time I got to Reagan. Sorry to hear it's gone.
  8. Hey, it didn't bother me back then. It might today, though, but only because I would think I had lost yet another hair from my own head, and I have precious few left to lose!
  9. Tiko, I was looking directly at the name from the HHA website, yet still manager to get the name wrong in the post. I am long in the tooth, and short in the attention span. I do have photos from in the Heights area, but none that would be "of the Heights", exactly. All of my Heights snapshots are of the mental variety. Lotsa great images there.
  10. Anyone have this book yet? My mom got one for Christmas. It’s pretty interesting, and full if photos, some of which I have never seen before. One in particular is of a young woman who was a dancer, who is in costume and barefoot, lying prone, and looking very seductive. She gave up dancing and went into the family business – banking. You’d never guess who it was. The book was written by Mary Sloan and the Houston Heights Association, and can be purchased from them. I highly recommend the book, especially if you’re an ol’ Heights boy like I am.
  11. I’m not sure if Vallian’s had different sized pizzas or not, but I do remember you could order half a pizza. I always wondered how long they kept the other half around before someone else ordered half a pizza with the same ingredients. I went there once with a date and she got a half pizza. It was memorable because she found a hair in the cheese. I didn’t see what the big deal was, but she freaked out over it. Women! What a bunch of sissies.
  12. Vallian’s was a great “date place” in the mid 60’s, but it wasn’t my favorite place for pizza. That honor went to DePaul’s in the 1600 block of North Shepherd. It was pretty much a family joint, and I always saw people I knew there. Vince DePaul was onboard the (I think) Battleship Tennessee when Pearl Harbor was attacked. He was a brutish looking Italian, but who was very soft-spoken, as nice a fella as you could ever meet. His wife (can’t remember her name) was dynamite in a small package; a real spark plug. The son was a year or two behind me at Reagan. They sold the business and their recipe to the new owners, but it was never as good as when the DePaul’s had it. Their sauce was so good you could drink it. The crust was thin, and the cheese was thick. I have never had as good a pizza since. They also had great lasagna, which they also sold in freezable packages. From my earliest remembrances, Christie’s on South Main had a sign on the Main Street side of the building claiming, “We Serve Pizza Pie”. I don’t know if Vallian’s preceded them or not.
  13. Moni, I have been talking with people from all around the country, and Hatch peppers seem to be readily available just about everywhere. So, I figured that the Greater Hatch Growing Area must have a 200-mile radius. I buy into the Hatch phenomenon and extol their wonder even knowing, or believing that. But, the thing is, and at the least, Hatch (or whatever passes for Hatch) peppers are just as good if not better than Anaheim peppers. And for the cost of “Hatch” peppers, it’s still a great deal no matter what. Actually, at $1.29/pound, Hatch peppers are a bit higher than they were last year due, I’m sure, to their popularity. That’s still a good deal. And you can find then occasionally for 99¢ at some places.
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