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  2. @TimoricThere was once a place on Richmond Avenue that was called the Trail Dust Steakhouse. They'd cut off your tie and nail it to the wall if you wore one inside.
  3. Given what I remember of the café and waterfalls, I'd be pretty certain it was all demo'ed when management renovated the mall in the late 80's. That's when the ficus and all of the cool sculptures were removed from the corridors, and my favorite water feature in front of Montgomery Ward's met its demise. It used to fill up with water on one end, dump the water when full, and raise up on the other end striking a brass pipe that let out the most beautiful gong. The walled up area near the skylights would be too high to conceal the stairs. The skylights were there from the beginning, and cascaded sunlight down onto the center court and subsequent café area. Ah, yes. The days when Greenspoint was still classy. What predated Target at Memorial City Mall was Montgomery Ward's. It was an old dookie brown colored building that simply screamed 1970. Indeed, it too had a second floor. Sat right across the mall corridor from the recruitment offices for the Armed Forces, and oh yeah, the best Whataburger that Memorial has ever known.
  4. The mall itself was only 1 level, Tiger. There once was a second floor in the center court, which was originally a café. Each of the department stores had a second floor, i.e. Lord & Taylor, Montgomery Ward's, J.C. Penney's, Joske's, Foley's, and Sears. Sears & Joske's closed off their second floors off first. As of today, there isn't a second floor open to the public anywhere within the entirety of Greenspoint.
  5. Well, if it ultimately turns into a bar, the old church will surely make for some fantastic photo opportunities of lightning strikes.
  6. That's only half of the story. Where's the picture of the mob, running at the white people, yielding sticks and screaming pure vile & hatred, which incited this lunatic to hop in his car and do the unthinkable? But that's not what "reporters" are paid for these days, is it? There's only one way for a foreign power to ever take out the United States, and that is to divide it and conquer it. This, dear sir, is the dividing. The conquering is forthcoming.
  7. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=hzAu%2fyON&id=1BFA6E503748054DBF6A2D7A6B2631E9D26FE008&thid=OIP.hzAu_yONJ_TPPDufh8j81QEyDM&q=picture+of+hostage+about+to+be+beheaded&simid=608020435672892823&selectedIndex=26 No place for hate? Look across the ocean. Plenty of it over there.
  8. It was off of Mesa Drive. They used two out of service sidings to house the cars for several years. This was around the time they restored the M-K-T and Southern Pacific cabeese. I don't recall a turntable there, cloud. Only turntable that I vividly recollect in East End is the one at the Milby St. shops at York and Milby. This is the video of the museum equipment being moved onto the Canal St. spur. The spur doesn't see a lot of activity, as you will see below.
  9. A nice one, too. http://www.kingswayrc.com/gcst/ They have a restored M-K-T passenger car, caboose (MKT 6), SP caboose (4696), a couple of old switchers (one of which is an old HB&T unit), and a helium tank car. Weird, weird looking car to say the least. Last I saw these pieces of equipment, they were being stored off of Navigation, just west of Sampson/York, on an old rail spur. I believe the museum is moving, but have heard nothing recently concerning its venue change.
  10. I gotta say, s3mh, I couldn't agree with you more. Now, if I could just get those stupid commercials of him and his family doing the "blooper takes" off of my TV screen, I'd be ever so grateful. I like Dikembe Mutombo, I really do. But even his C&D commercial really grated my nerves. His own "no, no, no" tagline with the finger waggle, and the dolts that make those commercials couldn't even get the timing right on it. Guess you won't be seeing the monster truck tearing up the roads around Durham anymore, either. Bless you for posting this, s3. You honestly made my day.
  11. The donut shop, I'm almost certain, was a Mrs. Baker's. Interesting story, from an old radio nerd, our Contemporary Hit Radio 104 KRBE facility wouldn't exist today had it not been for Edith Baker and her donut shops. She indeed only served glazed and jelly filled for the most of its existence. My mother worked at her location on Canal many, many years ago.
  12. Because usually the avatar are images are so tiny, I usually interpret your avatar as being a strange creature with big purple shades. For a few weeks I thought it was deliberate until I finally realized it was supposed to be a dragon (the "purple shades" actually being the mane)

  13. Well sure there's money to be made. There's a sucker born every minute, stuu, and I'm sure you'll find your fair share. I'm just here to provide the reality of the situation that is Independence Heights. By all means, if you find enough dopes to rope, go right on ahead. But for those of you who DO get suckered into the hyperbole, don't say that the purpledevil didn't warn you. Not everyone has the cajones to live in this area, Good luck...and make sure to keep it loaded and within reach.
  14. Sorry, mkultra, but you have forgotten an incarnation of the building. Before Zone d'Erotica it was a head shop named the Houston 420. The 420 is what replaced Luke's, after sitting dormant for several years.
  15. Hey look, now we have a general idea of what it will look like sans Pierce Elevated. Man, give me a jackhammer. I'll take it down myself after seeing this pic. Sooooo much better.
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