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    The lit up clock tower looks really amazing, especially with the city skyline in the background. I'll have to wait until my next camera comes in until I get good night shots again... Here's what I got for now: Hardy Yards Downtown Houston at Night by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    The Founders District - Phase II to The Cannon - multifamily, office, hotel & retail https://www.foundersdistrict.com/
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    Rice University awarded grant for 'mass timber' building on campus "Rice's proposal is for a five-story, 50,000-square-foot student housing building on its campus."
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    It looks like Oui Eats is going in on the Travis Street side of the One Market Square garage.
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    But this website hasn't. Rosewood 2023! https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/houston
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    donations can be tipped to go wherever the person doing the donating stipulates. if I were a law student alum, and I had ambulance chasing money, I'd donate a few million to get my name on the building and also to get a better looking building. The Samagon Law Building. it would be a mix of Gaudi and the Disney Music Hall.
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    Website is up: https://www.novelriveroaks.com/
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    Website for this 3200 Post Oak has expired. But the website for McNair Interests has been updated. https://www.mcnair.com/
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    (If others think this should go to a different subforum, I totally understand... just let me know) https://www.renewableenergyworld.com/articles/2019/09/houston-mayor-selects-developer-for-70mw-urban-solar-array-in-revitalization-plan.html
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    its not like Iah77 doesn't have a point, but the foundation of the argument is really really bad. This person started with a conspiracy, and its only within the past few comments that this person brings up gentrification and low-income families. If this person cared about these things then that is what would be led with. Those are just very vague buzzwords just like when nimbys talk about general vague terms such as parking, traffic, etc... This person is not initiating this counter-point in good faith. I mean this thread is 18 pages long! NOW this person has a problem? I don't buy it. Neither should anyone else. Yet again, the same with those opposed to the reroute, what is the alternative? I have ideas too, and I'm sure we all have ideas for what could be possible here, but what is on the boards right now is the best possible that someone has put time and money to achieve.
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    Well it looks like my drone landing pad has been over engineered just a bit but it's better to be safe than sorry!
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    The new Sid Richardson replaces this building. Don't hate me Aggies it's part of Sid history.
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    That’s correct. No new information comes from the Chronicle article, just late on reporting the story (as always).
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    FWIW, that entire complex of townhomes is for sale... https://www.har.com/homedetail/1117-saint-agnes-st-a-houston-tx-77030/8668808
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    good. More banh mi downtown is desperately needed.
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    Rice approves new visual and dramatic arts building So, Visual and Dramatic Arts will get a new building, but it seems pretty clear that they intend to remove the Media Center before construction of the new building has even been funded. Temporary relocations of the affected departments and faculty are inevitable if they opt to erect the new building on the same plot of land the Media Center currently occupies, but there's no reason to fast-track the demo until the plans are a lot farther along.
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    certainly, and my point 2 posts above that one was basically, the area around the KBR site is already being gentrified. there's townhomes that have been going up near Jensen and BB for years now. it isn't Midways fault. Midway buying the KBR site is not a catalyst for gentrification, it could be considered an accelerant for this area of the east end, but the entirety of the east end has been speeding up the gentrification process that has been happening for well over 10 years and that sure as heck isn't Midway's doing. my response in the post you quoted was specifically regarding 3rd ward and midtown tirz. a lot of the property changing hands in 3rd ward is being bought by the midtown tirz, which I think is far more dirty (in an almost redlining kind of way) than anything Midway and BBP are doing, but again, different thread.
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    Will be the 5th tallest in Texas when complete. https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2019/09/03/demolition-right-around-the-corner-to-build-6-x.html?iana=hpmvp_aus_news_headline
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    I'm loving the contrast and all the colors added to downtown's night skyline, and very visible, even from this distance. Thanks for the cool photo !
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    Redirected here @Houston19514 as it appears to be unrelated to the Hines proposal.
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    How do you think all the lower and middle class people in Montrose that were displaced in this last wave of old apartment demo's to make way for new high priced rent condo's and apartments. It happens everywhere and that just an unfortunate situation. Its happening in third ward now.
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    They are not currently planning to demolish old Sid - as of the beginning of this year, the thinking was that it would be repurposed as graduate student housing. New Sid Rich building on track for 2021 completion
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    From site plan, looks like this building remains... do we know why it would be torn down? Seems odd that both Rice Andy UH could be taking down their old residential towers instead of renovating... i hope it stays and they renovate it.
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    New Sid Richardson College - 160' feet in height https://sidrich.rice.edu/construction-timeline https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=415693139&row=6
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    I stayed here two weeks ago and had a great time. The pool was chill on Friday but Saturday was packed with people having their last pool staycation of the year. This is a picture I took before I went down and it got packed.
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    On my way to work today I drove by this site off of McGowen and Fannin that has been set for the San Jose Clinic. It has been fenced off for awhile, but today it had more permanent fencing and it looked like a tent in the middle of the site for a groundbreaking ceremony. ...and more info with a rendering. http://www.sanjoseclinic.org/pdf/Current%2...5%2028%2008.pdf
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    This is now open. Article about it in the Architects Newspaper: https://archpaper.com/2019/08/rock-star-energy-bike-park-houston-ojb/ Images from the article: By the way. This is an OJB landscape project. If you ever see these guys on a project team around here, just know whatever you see in their renderings they actually do! Near side by side comparisons with the original renders is pretty on point. Great work here. EDIT: This is now called "Rock Star Energy Skate Park". Can a mod fix the title please? @Triton @Urbannizer @Subdude @editor
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    Obviously there is, but that's also true inside the loop and outside the beltway. I don't think the issue is "in Houston" vs. "in some other city." I think the issue is that specific localities within those cities are going to develop faster due to immediate existing conditions. There are other examples between the loop and the beltway, but I have a feeling that you'll argue that they don't count because they're too close to Uptown or Bellaire or the Loop itself. Anyway, I also don't actually think this development is all that impressive. It's *fine*, but it's it's still a pretty low density- suburban oriented development where the "mixed" uses are mostly actually separated. Edit: What I'm basically trying to say is: it makes no sense to say that x wouldn't happen in Houston, and then narrow your definition, not just to between 610 and 8, but between 610 and 8 except greater Uptown, greater City Center/ Memorial, Garden Oaks/Oak Forest, and any other neighborhoods that are seeing development don't count.
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    Last I saw, they hadn't started on the Heights one either at the old Jack in the Box, I'm not sure what the hold up is because I'd also like to see both buildings gone
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    There will probably be much less resistance within the MPNA by then. The organization seems to be mostly made up of retirees.
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    I have a nephew who graduated as a Sea Aggie and a niece who is currently a junior at TAMU so I don't dislike the Aggies, except when it comes to football then I'm a UT fan.
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    From HCC parking garage, crane is flying up trees for the pool deck, fence around future buildings.
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    It is. You can see Bayou Bend Towers to its left, which would make that the Driscoll.
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    Welcome committees on every single entrance for the students. Students and parents helping to move this years students into their dorms. The roads around the new music hall are being revamped.
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    A really nice well designed hotel/residential tower would be nice there, especially with the park and the three other residential towers in the immediate neighborhood with the addition of the Hines residential going up on the Hogg parking garage site. I don't think it's slowed as much as they're just catching their breath. I'm dizzy just trying to keep up with all that's just happened over the last three years. The city has definitely shed its old skin and it's looking quite smart with all of the new buildings, parks, trails, hospitals, museums, infrastructure, residential developments and the list goes on. Thats a lot too digest, and I think it would be interesting to compare the two major growth spurts in Houston, over the last 40 years. The present one , and the late 70's early 80's spurt that added so much to our downtown skyscraper count. I actually think the current growth has been more helpful to the public realm and has had a much more dynamic result in framing the city in a positive way.
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    The Chronicle recently had an extensive article about mass timber, focusing on the potential economic benefits to East Texas. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/East-Texas-nation-s-wood-basket-13707045.php The article claims that the International Building Code now allows 18-story buildings, and local building codes are expected to be adjusted to allow 18 floors.
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    Subdivision plat filed for "Redline Station" SubdivisionPlatPDF_Red Line Station-Sheet 1.pdf
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    Hardy Yards by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    5 stories. http://swamplot.com/the-glittering-5-story-affordable-housing-thinktank-bubble-that-could-rise-by-emancipation-park/2016-07-19/
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