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Hotel Saint Augustine At 4110 Loretto Dr.


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On 6/21/2022 at 3:21 PM, crock said:

wow this is much bigger than I thought, surprised they're not bothering to incorporate any of the houses currently on that block.  also a bummer that the menil is just... ethically ok with the fact they'll have taken out like 100+ affordable apartments from the center of the city at this point?  those two small apartment complxes on the southwestern corner of this lot are the type that was the lifeblood of the Montrose, sad. 

but this will be incredible, possibly the first Hotel in the city that's not embarrassing to recommend to out of towners?! 

 Since when has the fine art community actually cared for the poor and working class? All their sympathy flys out the window when money is to be made. 

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3 hours ago, MontroseFan said:

Everything you're naming is downtown, except La Colombe d’Or, which starts at 500 a night. I'm happy to have a place for my parents to stay nearby, Montrose needed something like this!

Pretty sure St. Augustine will also be close to $500/night. It’s not exactly a Sheraton.

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8 hours ago, MontroseFan said:

The look and layout is pretty close to Hotel San Jose, which is 200-250 typically, so not that bad! Look forward to having it nearby.

I highly doubt this is going to cost the same as St.Jose whish is an old refurbished motel...

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19 hours ago, H-Town Man said:

I like Lake Flato, but this architecture is just too horizontal, too compressed. I know, I know, the University of St. Thomas campus is similarly horizontal and compressed, as is the Menil. Why do I love UST but am not excited about this? I don't know. Maybe it's the brick. A traditional material should have a more traditional design. This reminds me of those buildings from the 50's that you used to see on your college campus and think, "When are they going to tear that stuff down?"

I think this was also my first reaction, but its moreso because I couldn't visualize what it would look like when done. Particularly the materials. The menil's most recent construction showed that they know what they are doing, the structures are muted but look great and obviously they used quality materials. Plus, the newer landscaping by the Rothko is starting to look great. Their portfolio of the houses, since the Menil design looks closer to their houses than their hospitality stuff which is interesting, Flato designed gives me a lot of hope that this rises above the 50s-style buildings that plagued our college campuses 😚https://www.lakeflato.com/projects/houses 

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2 hours ago, clutchcity94 said:

Exactly. St. Augustine will be closer to $400-$500.

the design and size of this hotel suggests it should be closer to the price point of The Carpenter in Austin, which is 200-400. 

and to repeat, none of the hotels y'all suggested are ones I could in good conscience recommend to other millennial travellers.  The Heights House is a trashy uncool embarrassment, and the others are very much expense account/business traveler-driven.   


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  • The title was changed to Hotel Saint Augustine In Montrose
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The same crew that did the asbestos abatement at 3615 Montrose UsLiving buildings is now doing the abatement at the apartments and houses here.





I talked with a Menil Museum employee who said they can no longer park here and have to park at the Flavin lot, maintenance lot or wherever they can find a spot on the street.


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35th Anniversary Gala tents are coming down. Just as I suspected the work has started on the Hotel, I figured they would wait till after the Gala was finished. Don't want those high dollar donors looking at a giant heap of ruble when asking for donations.

Forney Construction worker I talked with said a plumbing company is doing the demo for water sewer disconnects today and a demo company ( sounded like he said American Demo) will get the building demo permits this week. Loading out the material from the abatement company.





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