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20 minutes ago, Urbannizer said:

So what's the plan for the western portion of the property (west of Martson)? Besides the one white box. I can't quite place it in the renderings. Thanks for the find Urb. Looks groovy.

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This is extremely well thought out. I like the graphic of the different retail spots - it looks like the largest is roughly 20,000 sf, which is exactly the right size for a small or specialty market. Here's hoping - would be a good spot for one. Not what they have listed as a "muse" for the space, but still.

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Ugh... why do we always get the short end of the stick?! In NYC, these towers would be 200 stories tall! We are getting the Houston treatment again. So bland and monotonous, we never push the envelope. Why can't we ever have nice things? 


Now, for real, this is AMAZING! So elegant, classy, luxurious, without being crazy and over the top with unnecessary design features. I think if built like the renders, this development will be timeless.

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