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Memorial Hermann TMC Campus


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I was searching for a rendering on Kirksey's website for the new project over the rail station and came across this. I searched HAIF to see if this article from Texas Construction had been brought up before and didn't find anything. It's a laundry list of Memorial Hermann projects in the works for the greater Houston area, many that we are already aware of. It is construction focused though and has interesting details on some of the projects.

The Making of a Med-Tropolis

Memorial Hermann Building More Than $1 Billion in New Projects

Memorial Hermann is utilizing a variety of financing mechanisms to build dozens of new structures --including the largest commercial project currently under way in Houston--at the same time.

By Rob Patterson

Houston's Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, the largest not-for-profit health-care provider in the state, is actively building to meet the coming needs of its community.


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A friend forwarded this internal email sent to Memorial Hermann TMC employees from the CEO earlier this week.



Over the last year, we have had many discussions about the upcoming Master Plan to renovate and expand the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center Campus.


Today, I’m proud to announce that the Memorial Hermann System Board unanimously approved the project. 

The board’s approval of this $650 million construction venture sets the stage for us to not only upgrade our current infrastructure, but also to enhance our ability to provide the highest-quality and safest health care for our community for many decades to come.    

The focus of the project will be the construction of two new buildings on Campus.  One will be a new, state-of-the-art patient care building and the other will offer additional parking and infrastructure capabilities to support the new growth. The expansion will provide the Campus with:

•       An additional 160 beds;

•       25 operating rooms (19 replacement ORs and 6 new ORs);

•       16 additional emergency room bays;

•       750 new parking spaces; and a

•       333-seat café.

In addition, we recognize that our community will grow and so will its health care needs. To prepare for future growth, we are designing the building with a forward-looking perspective and adding six shelled floors and six shelled operating rooms with the potential of adding 264 beds. As our community continues to expand, this will allow for the continued growth of the service lines on our Campus. 


The approval of this project builds upon the tremendous growth at Memorial Hermann-TMC over the last year. In June 2013, the Board approved $50 million to address short-term capacity projects on our Campus, establishing a new observation unit, expanding the post-acute care unit and building out new inpatient beds, operating rooms and an expansion of imaging capabilities.


We are excited about our growth and future, but I want to assure our patients and the community that we will continue to meet their needs now without disruption as we prepare to meet their needs in the future.

As we work on the upcoming construction plan, please stay tuned for important news and information related to the project in our various publications and throughout the Campus. 


Your invaluable partnership is making a difference and I hope that you feel the same pride I do to be a part of this seminal moment in our hospital and System’s history. Thank you for the great work you are doing here!



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So is this  addition going up on the block just east  of  Herman Hospital on Cambridge between Ben Taub, facing Herman park or will this front the Fannin side?


It will be next to MH Childrens -- Cambridge side overlooking Hermann Park.

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He said reduced reimbursements from government programs such as Medicare and Medcaid and outdated buildings and infrastructure are forcing the health system, Houston's largest, to take on the project, expected to begin this summer. The expansion is to be completed in 2018.



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Memorial Hermann chief facilities office Marshall Heins, speaking at Bisnow's Healthcare Real Estate summit Tuesday, says you have to grow to be competitive in a post-Affordable Care Act world. (Like a football player or a lion.) That explains the absurd amount of development our panelists have up their sleeves. For example, Marshall is up to the construction doc phase of his $700M master plan. It'll be a 4.5-year project, including building a new 1.4M SF tower and refurbishing some of its six older pavilions. Memorial Hermann also just opened its second convenient care center (he says each costs about $40M to build). The first has been an overwhelming success, and is three years ahead of pro forma.


I would imagine by any standard a 1.4 million SF tower will have either substantial height or very massive?

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I would imagine by any standard a 1.4 million SF tower will have either substantial height or very massive?

The latter. TMC Hospitals don't build very tall.


Is this what they're talking about? http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/30100-memorial-hermann-tmc-expansion-master-plan/

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I like this.  In general I like building complexes that grow and morph over time using different architectural styles.  Another great example in Houston is IAH.  No one would ever plan out an airport like that from scratch, but it's cool that there are parts dating from the 1960s - 2000s that more or less work together.  



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