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The Vic At The Interpose: Multifamily At 1111 Shepherd Dr.


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17 hours ago, SkylineView said:

What the hell are micro apartment homes?


Depends on the city and how hard it is to get ample amount of space / sqft. To clasify as a "micro" apartment its around 50-350sqft. I would image for the Houston market it might be 250ish? Pretty new concept here. So think of Studio size, but a tad smaller than that. I imagine this will be targeted to young professional transplants or expats from other countries who are working in Houston companies for maybe a year or two. Its actually a good idea. It will help free up the market for more locals to get other places that might go to these other kinds of people when they really don't need a place with a lot of sqft.

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Next month we will start work on The Interpose, a mixed-use multi-tenant retail center (with 25,000 SF) and frontage on Shepherd and Durham Drive and a four-story, micro-unit multifamily component.


A micro-unit is an average of 450 SF. This concept has repeatedly proven to attract renters in markets comparable to the Washington/Heights area. With less than 200 units in a four story complex The Interpose will have a boutique residential setting.  The efficiency of a micro-unit allows renters to retain approximately 20% of their monthly housing budget. The Interpose will have amenities including clubroom, fitness facility, pool, dog park, summer kitchen and unobstructed views of Greater Houston. The idea of an all micro-unit complex came from researching various markets as well as observing the recently developed multifamily complexes in the Greater Houston Inner Loop market. Several new neighboring four and five story multifamily complexes have the traditional 1, 2, and 3-bedroom mix plus a limited number of studio units with 550 SF plus. These studio units were the first to pre-lease and had a waiting list of potential residents.


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Now on the HAIF Development Map under the layer "Proposed" until they begin construction. With how many times we have gotten burned by full demos but no work, I won't classify it as under construction until we see boots on the ground working. For any updates on the status of this project. Please DM me.

Things to keep an eye on include (but not limited to):

-updated renders (will be adding pics to all projects later)
-project name changes

-changes in use or additions of uses

-changes in number of stories

-changes to Developer or additional Developers

-changes to Architect or additional Architects/Designers

-announcements or changes to construction dates / finish dates

If any of the above is missing in the project info already then please assist clarifying any missing info to me.

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