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Innovation Tower: Mixed-Use High-Rise At 6700 Main St.


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Thanks for posting that great pic Subdude! I remember I had posted it in the old forum but had since forgotten what website it came from.

I believe the Tidelands and Tides II were torn down during the late 90's to be replaced with surface parking lots for the Med Center :( I always liked those old buildings.

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16 minutes ago, AREJAY said:

Details from the paywall article:

  • roughly 25 story
  • right across the street from the dual hotel-multifamily development the company is currently building (Latitude @ 6750 main)
  • skybridge to Latitude 
  • break ground in Q2-Q3 2018
  • in talks with several healthcare systems, both local and out-of-town to occupy tower
  • retail and restaurant on ground floor 


More height in the TMC!  

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5 minutes ago, Triton said:

This will replace the Best Western?



"The project will take two years to build, Hourani said. It'll sit at the site of the Best Western at 6700 Main St., which Medistar bought around 2006 or so, Hourani said. Medistar will demolish the hotel in the second or third quarter of 2018; the construction will coincide with the tower's groundbreaking."

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10 hours ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

Another rendering of Medistar's New Medical Tower,  located at 6700 Main Street, the home of the old Best Western hotel in the Texas Medical Center. From the press release:


And the site of Medistar's New Medical Tower at Texas Medical Center



There goes their view of downtown but I like the density!

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Having high end hotel and apartment windows 10-15 feet away from office windows. Living in a fishbowl. Not for me. Also, the office tower is going to wipe out northern views... which happen to be TMC/Hermann/Downtown views. Most people who rent top floors a pay premiums tend to do so for the view. In my ideal world, I'd have put the office tower on the Southern lot. Just seems counter-intuitive to build it this way. 

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8 hours ago, Urbannizer said:

I agree and it looks connected. I was just remembering a job foreman for the Latitude telling me they were

going to tear down the best western after the Lat. project and build a 66 story tower. They obviously are designed as a group,

and the transition from Latitude to the office tower is very well done. I guess the side street is going to be part of the transition.

I wish he had been right about the number of floors.

As KincaidAlum said this should be very close to the tallest in the Med center.

If you haven't driven east on Holcombe or Braeswood from Buffalo speedway its a nice view and definitely adds height and scale to the southern end of TMC.

Thats something that gets overlooked sometimes in these discussions. Its not just the height of a building but what it does to the skyline. The infill that adds texture, layering,  density ,

while creating so many interesting juxtapositions.

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3 minutes ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

From Houston Business Journal this morning:

Medistar's planned 550,000-square-foot health care tower in the Texas Medical Center may undergo some design changes.

For now, the building's 25 floor-plates will each contain 25,000 square feet of space. But Medistar officials are mulling reducing the number of floors and instead widening each floor-plate to contain between 32,000 square feet to 35,000 square feet of space. Once the building's design is finalized by the end of 2017, it could contain 20 or 21 floors.

Luckily, there's plenty of room to expand the hotel, said Medistar CEO Monzer Hourani. The street-facing curvature of the building might also be straightened out in the redesign. The new design would better cater to the needs of doctors and health care users, Hourani said.



20 to 21 floors?  ughhh.  Well, I'm sure blocking the northern view had something to do with it...

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