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new bike paths around town

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A few days ago, Chronicle posted an article about a new bike trail planned in Sharpstown. Here is the link: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/sharpstown-centerpoint-trail-easement-brays-bayou-18684891.php

The project will be 1.8 miles of new trail along the current center point easement. The agencies involved appear to be TIRZ 20, Southwest Management District, and Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Lesley Briones’ office. Proposed budget will be around $3.1 million. 

Proposed map showing the crossing improvements too: image.png.3399e0cab005b04476ff9aff5ee63e03.png

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So this is where the trial is supposed to be north of Sands Point (that would eventually connect the Westpark Trail). This issue is also prevalent South of Beechnut (that is supposed to connect to the bayou trail). Is this something that can be fixed? Are  those companies just "borrowing" the area under CenterPoint or is it bought out? Can anyone provide any clarity? 



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Some good news! Houston 311 website (linked here: Home  · Customer Self-Service (powerappsportals.us)) finally has a bike lane maintenance tab!!! Previously, you would have to submit to "other" or "pavement markings" (depending on the issue) and public works would transfer it to bike lane maintenance. Now, any issues with bike lanes that you see can be placed under this tab. 

How to reach it: 


Step 1 - Click on Report a Problem

Step 2 - Click on "Streets - Bridges - Drainage"

Step 3 - Click on "Bike Lane Maintenance"

Step 4 - Select the issue with the bike lane: debris removal, bike lane pothole, damaged bike lane barrier

Step 5 - fill out the address and click the link provided to submit your request

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