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  1. I love the giant gate in front of it .. Can't have the public using our little plaza now.
  2. Car "access" like it's some form of disability to not own a car.
  3. It's just a fact that the average home owner in that area has a much higher disposable income than the average apartment dweller. People with more money to spend are more likely to shop at whole foods. I know plenty of people living in apartments in Midtown. They all shop at Kroger or HEB. If they want something close they go to Randalls. Nobody ever went to Whole Foods except the one richer family I knew that owned a house there. I don't see how this is controversial at all.
  4. It's never actually about the fire department when it comes to street planning. It's always a scapegoat to make people feel bad.
  5. I don't see the closure of those things having a negative effect at all. Those businesses are for home owner level wealth, not apartment dwellers. 90% of future residential growth in Midtown has and will be middle tier apartments.
  6. If you call the police nonemergency line and say someone is blocking access, a tow truck driver will show up very fast. Then the cops will shop up to write a ticket so they can get towed.
  7. If you can't handle people parking on the public street in front of your house, you need to move to the suburbs.
  8. If only street vending was legal here like in Los Angeles.
  9. Yes, its not universal but standard. The Bishops getting moved is more of a promotion though to a bigger diocese. There's also different kinds of non parish Priests.
  10. Walker Street From St Emmanual to the Columbia Tap Trail. There's a really crazy Y shaped crossing over Emancipation that merges the lanes on both sides of the street. These lanes and the 10 or so handicap spots on Walker street get blocked off with concrete barriers whenever there is an event at Shell Energy Stadium so all the cops and friends can use the street as their personal parking lot.
  11. Lidl is way better if you have been to both. It's not on the same level. Lidls have a really nice fresh bakery, where Aldis do not have one at all.
  12. I wonder how many members of that church actually live in or near Downtown.
  13. Imagine a pedestrianish city like Venice. Now let's say we built a few sporatic side roads that kind of connect but don't really connect to anything and they are filled with potholes and trash and are semi-unsafe to use. Would you be surprised if you saw only a few people per hour using those roads? I bet if they started connecting the roads, building branches, and building parking lots the amount of drivers would increase exponentially. Sorry a little unrelated, but I'm a little tipsy :/
  14. Isn't it common policy to transfer newish priests every 2-4 years? That way they can gain more experience in different settings before being "promoted" to a main pastor or other position.
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