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  1. Yes, its not universal but standard. The Bishops getting moved is more of a promotion though to a bigger diocese. There's also different kinds of non parish Priests.
  2. Walker Street From St Emmanual to the Columbia Tap Trail. There's a really crazy Y shaped crossing over Emancipation that merges the lanes on both sides of the street. These lanes and the 10 or so handicap spots on Walker street get blocked off with concrete barriers whenever there is an event at Shell Energy Stadium so all the cops and friends can use the street as their personal parking lot.
  3. Lidl is way better if you have been to both. It's not on the same level. Lidls have a really nice fresh bakery, where Aldis do not have one at all.
  4. I wonder how many members of that church actually live in or near Downtown.
  5. Imagine a pedestrianish city like Venice. Now let's say we built a few sporatic side roads that kind of connect but don't really connect to anything and they are filled with potholes and trash and are semi-unsafe to use. Would you be surprised if you saw only a few people per hour using those roads? I bet if they started connecting the roads, building branches, and building parking lots the amount of drivers would increase exponentially. Sorry a little unrelated, but I'm a little tipsy :/
  6. Isn't it common policy to transfer newish priests every 2-4 years? That way they can gain more experience in different settings before being "promoted" to a main pastor or other position.
  7. If you want these facilities, you should encourage them in your own neighborhood. Concentrating homeless services has been shown to destroy neighborhoods. Share the load.
  8. More people should understand this. It's exactly the same way with apartment buildings.
  9. Nice, I hate driving by that empty lot. Now I just need someone to put a 4 story odd shaped house in that small block to the east.
  10. He actually lives in Greenwich, CT which is as close to NYC as you can get and has a history of growing up in extremely wealthy areas and going to school at the prettiest campuses in the US(Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard, and Yale). So I kind of empathize with his struggle of nowhere being as pretty as where you've been.
  11. It's not just about YOUR property though. People are allowed to make decisions for their property. This is voting for a law(legally enforceable rule) for an entire area. It effects others properties, not just your own. It's not about renters or landlords or who is effected. As a general consensus we, as a country and state, have came to an ethical consensus that the only reasons to restrict voting is by age, citizenship status, mental incapacitation, felony status, and place of residence. That's it. You can't just add other requirements. If we are voting on a law on reproductive rights, it's not only women that get to vote. If we are voting on a law on gun rights, it's not only gun owners that get to vote. If we are voting on driving laws, its not only drivers license holders that get to vote. I can go even further. Here's your neighborhood. One property is half an acre with 30 people living on it. The next property is a quarter acre and has 1 owner living there. The next one is half an acre with ownership split between 30 people. The next one is a storage facility with 3 owners that are non-US citizens living in Argentina that never visit. The next property is a quarter acre lot with a 200 million dollar house on it with 1 owner. Who gets how much vote? Does each property get 1 vote? Does each owner get 1 vote? Does the property tax come into calculation? Does the land size come into calculation? Now as I'm sure you already know they skirt this by not using the words voting or ballots, they are just "collecting response forms". And if the property has more than one owner, they have decided that only 1 needs to give their support. 29 can say no, but as long as 1 says yes it counts as a yes. And yes, residents should and do get a say on things that effect their landlords all the time. It's called voting. Happens all the time. I can go all day on how unethical it is to only allow property owners to vote on a neighborhood law no matter what the law is.
  12. How are non property owners not affected? Do they not live on the properties? HOA's are voluntary non-government entitities. You cannot be forced to join an HOA. Should only property owners get to vote for the city council? Should only property owners get to vote on zoning laws? The last state to abolish property qualification to vote was North Carolina in 1856. That's how long ago this debate was settled.
  13. I'm labelling non owner residents second class because they do not get a vote. Only property owners get a vote.
  14. I know UConn cheer/band/dance was at the Magnolia downtown
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