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Northwest Mall Developments


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1 hour ago, nate4l1f3 said:

Did they say how exactly they’re connecting this to Downtown? A 90 minute ride turns into a 120 minute ride if you have to hope on a bus or Uber to DT.  I’m just really bitter this doesn’t go directly DT.

The link to Downtown is another billion or more dollars with very little benefit. There's also no real route to go to Downtown without having to impact a neighborhood. There oculd be a connector running down I-10, but it wouldn't be suitable for HSR given the number of turns required.

30 minutes ago, EllenOlenska said:

I live in on 18th Street, so I have a little dream about a LTR going up 18th to the center of the Heights. Maybe it would become a more urban satellite. Some of my neighbors might reject. 


There's not enough room on 18th for rail, especially from TC Jester East to the Heights. I don't think you could reasonably get a single line on it, and it would be a hazard for neighborhood children.

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6 hours ago, SkylineView said:

How does this process work?  They don't own these properties.  Some of the warehouses along 610 in option 3 already got cut in half by the 610/290/10 work... and just rebuilt.


I suspect that they will throw money at all 3, and see which one they can actually buy for the least amount of cash.

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  • The title was changed to Post Oak Market: Mixed-Use Proposed For NW Mall (Potential High-Speed Rail) Site
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  • The title was changed to Northwest Mall Up For Sale, 51 Acres
  • The title was changed to Northwest Mall Up For Sale, 51-Acres
11 hours ago, Urbannizer said:

Levcor now selling NW Mall


If Levcor wants credibility, they should update the text of that page. It is at least 5 years out of date.


The 290/I-10/I-610 interchange, at which Northwest Mall is located, is undergoing a massive ~$3B redevelopment plan to improve connectivity and traffic flow, and will be completed in late 2017.


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21 hours ago, houstontexasjack said:

I think it’s safe to say Texas Central is dead, despite their pronouncements to the contrary.

With this news, it has to be dead right? This is where the station was going in. Damn!

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On 6/24/2022 at 4:54 PM, Triton said:

But is it too late?

Happily, it looks like Levcor hasn’t updated its website. The parcel appears to have been sold by an entity affiliated with Levcor back in 2020:


Edit: I do see vendor’s lien language in this warranty deed. Financing to the entity affiliated with Texas Central was provided by Frost Bank judging by a deed of trust from November 2021.

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  • The title was changed to Northwest Mall Developments
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