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Aris At Market Square: 32-Story High-Rise At 409 Travis St.


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As Swamplot noted, it seems like they've taken out the ground floor retail that appeared to be on Preston Street in the initial renderings.


A propos of this, I want to make some negative comments about this project, since all we've done so far is shower gratitude on Hines:


1. Looks kind of stumpy.

2. The glass treatment on the facade gives it a sleek, yuppie feel more appropriate for Uptown. The historic district ideally deserves a full masonry treatment, something classy like the Museum Tower.

3. The horizontal bands on the upper floors remind me of those scrolling thin green lines on old tv's, pre-1990. The vertical brick pilasters on the lower floors look nice; why not something more like this further up?

4. If the corner entrance area is a grand residents' entrance and not retail as I suspect, it's a wasted opportunity. Prominent corner retail and side retail with potential for outdoor restaurant seating would be fantastic here. Residents do not need a giant lobby to come into. If you're going to do ground floor retail, might as well go all the way and do something amazing.


One Park Place already looks like Museum Tower.


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1) any idea for a time table on this?


2) I would put retail on the bottom floor, on Travis St



I walked around downtown tonight. I visited Frank's pizzeria (mmmmmmmm) after stopping y the Red Cat to see a dear friend perform. Frank's was busy, even at midnight., so retail would work here  :)

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So, since they've already closed the parking lot does that mean they might start a little earlier than originally suggested.

I'm looking forward to this project and the long term changes  it will present for future residential projects in the

neighborhood. It just goes to show you what a park will do if they utilize it and create an interest in people actually using them.

Market Square Park was just a hangout for street people until the redesign and utilization plans were put into place.

The planning firm from Boston who did this park and Discovery Green deserve a lot of the credit for getting the city to create these magnets and growth incubators. Which also makes me think that the Village Association has missed the chance of creating a nice park in the village now that there is so much residential going in. There should be some kind of park in that area.

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I love the shot of Travis looking north.

I didn't like the shot of MS looking south down Travis. I dunno but from that angle it doesn't look like it blends as well as the earlier rendering suggested.

But I love this building.

It is murdering an open scar

It is bringing residential to an up an coming area

It has retail where people can see it.

It is easily the rendering with the least four me to pick at.

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