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Latitude Med Center: Residential Tower And InterContinental Hotel


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The Houston Planning Commission agreed on Thursday to a request to defer the partial replat of a proposed downtown tower building.


Medistar Houston Medical Center Ltd., the developer, still has an incomplete package, according to the city staff report on University Place First.

At present, the site is a 1.4-acre parking lot located at the corner of Old Main Street and Travis Street. The replat process is being handled by Vernon G. Henry & Associates Inc.


At yesterday's meeting, staff requested and was given a two week deferral to allow time for the applicant to provide revised information "before noon next Wednesday." The revisions must include a revised landscape/site plan, elevations and renderings. 


"All submitted pictorial documents must be consistent. Provide information regarding parking count, unit count and mix and floor plans for proposed uses. If tehre is a proposed canopy along Travis Street that encroaches into the 10-foot building line, provide revised variance request."


Architectural designs have been a joint effort of HOKThe Preston PartnershipKimley-Horn, and Kudela & Weinheimer Landscape Architecture.

While the project's case file name is University Place First, it is also known as Greystart Multi-Family Residential|Medistar Hotel.


Medistar Corp. was seeking a variance for the building line of 15 feet from the curb, rather than 25 feet to allow pedestrian canopies at the building entries that would project 10 feet.


This is a proposed high-rise building that would stand immediately across from the Texas Medical Center. It will include a hotel in the eastern portion of the building facing Main Street and an apartment complex in the western portion, adjacent to Travis Street.

A garage entry for both will be on Old Main Street. Parking for each use will be separated within the structure and each use will fully satisfy the parking required for that use individually.

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Was curious about this one, so actually watched the planning commission meeting on HTV.  Everything was approved


The only real item of interest is that the apartment building was stated as 25 floors on top of a 9 floor garage (34 floors) unless the presenter misspoke

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So ignoring spires on a few buildings, would this make the 2nd tallest building in the Medical Center?  Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza is 430'.  If you count the Spires (426') it would make the 3rd tallest.  Either way, not bad at all

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Looking at the final agenda, there's actually 38 floors, and it will stand at 413 feet. Preston Partnership is the architect.

The hotel is 22 floors at 243 feet.

Edit: Elevations and renders added. I wonder if the hotel will still have apartment units on the top levels?







An adjustment to that. Looks like HOK is doing the shorter building while Preston Partner is doing the taller. They are probably coordinating with each other since they are working with the same owner I imagine, but it looks like they are both completely separate projects.

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It was listed on the Medistar website as an Intercontinental at one point under developments - it's no longer on their main site but you can google it and still find it elsewhere.  I think that's the only solid piece of info out there


Not completely sure what they are doing here as they dug a square hole (maybe 4' deep?).  A lot of workers there yesterday, not that many this morning but they were still digging or doing something with that excavator


Still no permits or any sort of announcement that I've seen


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I'm sorry, but this trend of lego-esque residential is getting old fast. The block of a pedestal parking garage with no continuity of vertical lines and BROWN colors; looks clunky, dated, uninspired.

I'd prefer the boring over the Randal Davis Gotham City style any day.
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I'd prefer the boring over the Randal Davis Gotham City style any day.


The pointy thingy (that's a technical term) on the top of the Astoria is pretty nicely visible from my office now and is easily distinguishable from the buildings around it. Boring projects tend to show their age after awhile. The Houstonian Hotel, the Spires, the Parklane, the Huntington, and the Bristol high rise in Uptown all scream generic late 70's/early 80's to me.

Randall Davis' style has grown on me. His buildings have a unique signature that that makes them harder to place in any given development era.

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