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  1. I wish we'd get the love from United that DFW gets from American. But I'd rather have Bush IAH's international traffic growth of 22.4% for 2023 than DFW's 14.3% growth. (By the way, I think Finnair and Iberia have both been at DFW since 2022; good for them that they finally joined Houston in having service from Turkish.)
  2. I’ve said Greyhound will replace their Dallas station. You’ve now told us Greyhound is in fact working on replacing the station. Thanks for the confirmation.
  3. I’m pretty sure that pic of Southwest Freeway was taken before the project was completed and that is has not flooded since.
  4. As of this date, and until October, they are still operating where they are. The chances of Greyhound not having a station in the Dallas are similar to the chances of the nation’s tallest building being built in Oklahoma City.
  5. . Another example of how parking minimums are not the evil they are made out to be here on HAIF. I hope someone will point out the first significant development that provides less parking than they would have been required to provide under the previous regulations. Downtown has not had minimum parking requirements for many years, and yet, every hotel, apartment building, condo, and office building has provided parking; in all cases I'm aware, every bit as generously as the regulations would have required.
  6. International Traffic Report: NOVEMBER 2023: Houston: Bush Intercontinental: 913,808 (up 13.4% from 2022) Hobby International: 71,010 (down 3.2% from 2022) Houston Total: 984,818 DFW: 910,223 (up 11% from 2022) San Antonio: 55,701 (up 26.2% from 2022) 2023 YTD through November: Bush Intercontinental: 10,541,105 (up 22.4% from 2022) Hobby International: 897,196 (up 7.0% from 2022) Houston Total: 11,438,301 (up 21% from 2022) DFW: 10,137,803 (up 14.3% from 2022) San Antonio: 553,131 (up 10.3% from 2022)
  7. Even if all that is true, just because there are occasions when freeways have to be closed for construction is not really a good reason to NOT fix flooding of the freeways. Here's an interesting audio on the topic of raising Houston's freeways https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/shows/houston-matters/2019/11/07/351265/when-it-rains-houstons-freeways-flood-one-researcher-wants-to-change-that/
  8. You seem confused. We are speaking of a U-turn lane connecting the west-bound I-10 frontage road to the eastbound frontage road. Zero interference with the Heights Blvd esplanade.
  9. Yeah, I've never understood the lack of a u-turn lane at Heights Blvd.
  10. How much unease is there in the Austin real estate community about the fast-approaching glut of office space and HUGE glut of downtown apartments?
  11. I often wonder why Houstonians, especially HAIFers, are so eager to find failure.
  12. How many of those construction shut-downs (e.g. Elysian) occurred during an evacuation? I'll do the research for you: None. Then consider when the freeway is most likely to be inundated with water; that's right, during an evacuation. FWIW, Metro and TxDoT are closely coordinating their plans.
  13. They are not sinking 45 and 59 “so they can serve as a floodplain “. The below-grade segments will be drained with pumping systems. The section of I-10 being raised runs next to and over a bayou , so sinking it would not be feasible.
  14. On January 9, terminal B north officially closed along with the post-security connector between C and B. The last if the banjos will be demolished soon.
  15. Recent YouTube video of Bush Airport construction:
  16. Agreed, it seems Metro needs to step up the Police presence, but I'm not sure how much police at stations will deter crime ON the train... (FWIW, the entire city of Houston needs to step up police presence; hopefully the new Mayor will follow through on that promise ASAP.) Here's the story. What is not clear (and this is not a criticism of the story; it would be difficult for anyone to know this unless they find the perp), is whether the fighting men knew each other. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/police/2024/01/09/473913/houston-police-offering-5k-for-information-of-man-suspected-in-deadly-metro-stabbing/
  17. I don't know about Dubai, but certainly, in the case of Las Vegas, you are comparing private, for-profit, operations with a city operation. The fountains are a big part of the marketing identity for those casinos and the like. The profit motive is very motivating indeed. Public entities just don't function as well. The last time I was in Rome, the Trevi Fountain wasn't working. The other problem with your post is that none of us are in these other places all the time, monitoring their operations 24/7. All fountains need some maintenance from time to time. It is highly unlikely that the various fountains in Las Vegas, Dubai, etc. are ALWAYS fully operational. But we're all thrilled that you've been to Dubai AND Las Vegas (or at least are able find lovely videos of their animated fountains on the internet).
  18. I had never heard of Bridge of Minor Champions either. It looks like it's another Houston oddity: "This bridge is lovely and mysterious. At one point there were trophies adorning both sides of the bridge. It's minor champions include many birds from near and far including a Night Heron family that returns every year to raise their young. Take a look at Japhet Creek as you cross. If you are lucky you may spot an alligator snapping turtle. Their are some that are up to 150 years old. I love this bridge and all it's wild family. Hope you have an opportunity to enjoy this Houston treasure." https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/business-directory/texas/houston/museum/2024582629-bridge-of-minor-champions
  19. I'm going to presume you meant to quote Shasta (who claimed Hines owns the property), rather than me.
  20. Is Hines the developer or the development manager? I suspect the latter. Either way, correct, SCI, not Hines, owns the property Are you actually thinking that quoting the topic headline (a headline that probably should be edited) proves something? .
  21. The plans for the new Northline Transit Center include potential retail onsite.
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