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  1. FWIW, we already have a St Regis Hotel - since 2000.
  2. It's perhaps even more common here in Houston. https://www.willowwaterhole.org/ https://www.explorationgreen.org/ https://www.engagehouston.org/inwood-forest-regional-detention And there are more...
  3. Possibly for rain water detention/retention (I can never remember the difference)?
  4. What makes you think they are bringing it back to life?
  5. The stop you referenced remains closed, I.e., inactive. As do all the other stops at the right turn locations that were closed when the transit lanes weee installed. Genuinely curious what caused you (and others in this thread) to say otherwise.
  6. https://www.arch-con.com/divisions/hospitality/jw-marriott-houston-downtown-expansion/ 72,382-square-foot building conversion to add 56 rooms as well as the demolition and renovation of the storefront, entry vestibule, elevators, ballroom and restrooms on the first floor and meeting rooms on the second floor.
  7. Census Bureau released July 1, 2023 metro area population estimates today: July 1, 2020: 7,168,723 July 1, 2021: 7,245,134 (1.1%) July 1, 2022: 7,370,464 (1.7%) July 1, 2023: 7,510,253 (1.9% in 1 year; 4.8% in 3 years) Someone on this board last year told us Houston's days of adding more people per year than Austin were coming to an end. There is still no evidence that day is in sight. Houston metro growth per year: '20-'21: 76,411 '21-'22: 125,330 '22-'23; 139,789 Austin metro growth per year: '20-'21: 58,499 '21-'22: 64,536 '22-'23: 50,105 Austin Metro estimates: July 1, 2020: 2,300,135 July 1, 2021: 2,358,634 (2.5%) July 1, 2022: 2,424,170 (2.7%) July 1, 2023: 2,473,275 (2.1% in 1 year; 7.5% in 3 years) DFW metro estimates: July 1, 2020: 7,666,418 July 1, 2021: 7,774,647 (1.4%) July 1, 2022: 7,947,439 (2.2%) July 1, 2023: 8,100,037 (1.9% in 1 year; 5.7% in 3 years)
  8. Shell has also been putting more emphasis on gaining revenue from non-fuel sales. Several years ago, they said they were aiming to get 50% of their revenue from non-fuel by 2025. And they have at least tested a "Shell Select" c-store model with a heavy focus on food.
  9. It makes me a bit sad (for you) that your disdain for the city to which you have chosen to return causes you to take that from what 004n063 wrote. He/She didn't say or imply any such thing.
  10. Per HCAD, there are 101 units. AMREIT already owns at least 22 of them. Another entity owns at least 6. AMREIT was purchased by Edens, the company that now also owns Uptown Park. It looks like AMREIT/Edens aims to buy the complex. (Typically, a majority vote can require all owners to sell.) On the other hand, it seems they haven't bought recently, so they (AMREIT) may have changed their mind. Seven units have sold in the past 2 years; AMREIT bought none of them.
  11. CultureMap/InnovationMap story from Friday reports on a study ranking the top tech cities in the US. The headline: "Houston Falls Behind Other Texas Cities In Report Ranking Best Tech Hubs". First sentence: " . . . Houston failed to crack the top 20 — unlike a few other Texas cities." Total focus on the negative. What is with Houston media (and Houstonians, in general)? One has to study the article and attached graphic pretty hard to discover that this report ranks Houston among the top 25 tech cities in the country (#22). I can't imagine media in any other city reporting it this way.
  12. The project described in the linked Instagram post is not part of the Texas Central project.
  13. I presume you meant across the street from JPMorgan Chase Tower on Travis.
  14. . I noted that too! This guy must be new here.
  15. Cool. But where are the restaurants and shops they say they are making space for? And is there a plan to relocate the Family Law Center?
  16. Renderings of work being done at Hobby
  17. And are they really reactivating bus stops? I noticed one of the deactivated stops last night. It still had the shelter and a sign, but the sign said the bus stop was closed.
  18. I'm guessing you have it correct. FWIW, public officials VERY rarely make any comment at all in response to public comments (i.e., the board's silence tells us absolutely nothing). Those "pro-transit" Reddit commenters do not reflect well on the pro-transit community.
  19. International Traffic Report: DECEMBER 2023: Bush Intercontinental: 1,048,813 (up 12.9% from 2022) Hobby International: 76,903 (up 2.9% from 2022) Houston Total: 1,125,716 (up 12.2% from 2022) DFW: 1,034,614 (up 12.4% from 2022) San Antonio: 68,190 (up 25.9% from 2022) CY 2023: Bush Intercontinental: 11,589,918 (up 21.5% from 2022) Hobby International: 974,099 (up 6.6% from 2022) Houston Total: 12,564,017 (up 20.2% from 2022) DFW: 11,156,658 (up 14.0% from 2022) San Antonio: 621,321 (up 11.8% from 2022)
  20. New D West Pier, posted by Bush Airport on their Facebook page.
  21. I've always loved this building. The salon is not the best use of the property, in my opinion. It could make a very lovely cafe.
  22. It was the opposite. What is now called Corebridge was formerly a division of AIG and was spun off into a separate stand-alone company (headquartered in Houston).
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