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  1. I don't think it's fair to blame Hines. I know the Chron said it is being developed by Hines, but, you know... the Chron... I'm pretty sure Hines is not the "developer" in the sense of owning it or being responsible for choosing the architecture. I think Hines is managing the project for SCI (one of the many ways Hines makes money). I guess it's too much to expect the local newspaper's business writers to be aware of that.
  2. City requirements: Parking lot trees – each parking space must be within 120 feet of a parking lot tree or street tree. One tree for every 10 spaces is required. At least one-half of the parking lot trees will be large parking lot trees (as listed on the parking lot tree list).
  3. And it also should be stated that until very recently (as in, last month), Houston was way ahead of Dallas and Austin (and for the moment remains ahead of Dallas) with regard to eliminating minimum parking requirements. Houston has not had minimum parking requirements Downtown for many years; both Dallas and Austin did (and Dallas stil does); and Houston expanded that beyond downtown in the last couple years. In a related thought: I hope someone will alert us when they see a significant development in any of these cities that provides fewer parking spaces than would have been required under their prior parking requirements.
  4. Just curious . . . why would there be space for a "visiting team" in a practice facility?
  5. What the crew is working on has little to do with St. Emanuel St's future as a feeder road for the freeways. What they are working on is Package #1 of Segment 3B, the first project to kick NHHIP construction. Package #1 will install a 12' x 12' box culvert beneath St. Emanuel Street, along with a pump station, drainage outfall to Buffalo Bayou and a detention pond; followed by the reconstruction of St. Emanuel Street.
  6. I think that would require mechanical ventilation, which in turn would require more right-of-way.
  7. Indeed, and the funding is being put together for the finishing of the tops of the caps, both the Midtown/Museum District caps and the Downtown/Eado cap.
  8. You misunderstand the picture. Those cap extensions are being incorporated into the plan for construction as the project is done, not put off to the future. They just have to do additional enviro studies to make the changes to the plan.
  9. At the Houston Airports, one has the option of taking a paper ticket or inserting a credit card and then using the same credit card to exit. Personally, I love the credit card option.
  10. Rendering of United’s plans for Terminal B at George Bush Intercontinental.
  11. Facts can be stubborn things: 1) United has made it very clear their use of Terminal D will be focused on the west side of the new West pier. 2) United already has a club situated at that pier. Will they make use of other gates in Terminal D from time to time? I imagine so, but probably a lot less once Terminal B is complete. And probably not with enough frequency for a second club serving Terminal D to make any sense.
  12. I missed the edit window. It occurred to me after typing the above post, that it's very possible the old C-North (D-West) club may not need expansion, once the "largest in the system" club is open in Terminal B. In any event, I think we can count on a big remodel.
  13. However it came about, United indeed has a contractual claim to preferential rights to use those 3 (6) gates, so one imagines those will be the Terminal D gates they primarily use. (It's a little odd to say their preferential rights have nothing to do with the gates in D West, when the preferential rights are specifically for those gates.) There is also little doubt that the bulk of their international arrivals will continue to be run through Terminal E (and as mentioned in our earlier discussion; they may be able to shift purely domestic flights to Terminal B, freeing up additional capacity for international flights in Terminal E). Also, I guarantee they will remodel (and maybe expand) the existing C-North (D West) club. Not sure why THAT is so hard to understand. I AM surprised they haven't undertaken the remodel, but I imagine they are waiting until they have the additional capacity of the "largest in the system" club in Terminal B, to which, by the way, C-North gate passengers will have easy access.
  14. The rendering attached to the linked story is interesting. It appears to show ticketing on the ground floor. The initial renderings and presentation made it look like ticketing was upstairs, as it is now, but that the drop-off area was on the ground level. For sure the departing passenger drop-off lanes are on the ground level, rather than on elevated ramps as they are currently in A, B and C. The central processor building will be about 1/2 new building and 1/2 remodeled building. It's going to be fun watching more details roll out.
  15. It looks like United's use of Terminal D will primarily be in the new D West pier I surmise that because that is the only part of Terminal D for which United has claimed preferential rights -- the three gates on the west side (or 6, depending if you count Wide-Body gates or narrow-body equivalents). There is already a United Club at the base of that new pier (formerly known as the C North Club -- perhaps they will rename it as the Terminal D Club.
  16. Hard to describe in a meaningful way, but you can see it in the interactive map here.
  17. So when you said "That's the current system". . . ??
  18. You can pay on Metro with your Apple Watch?
  19. Major refurbishing and large addition (to the east).
  20. It may have expired. Regardless, it did not restrict everyone and all entities from building a new arena anywhere in Houston. It only restricts the Sports Authority from doing so.
  21. Hopefully, it will work as well as Chicago's Ventra system. Preload money on your electronic "card" and you can pay super-easily via Apple Watch.
  22. So what you really are advocating is to remove the tax on real estate improvements. In order to install such a tax system and maintain government revenue, you'd have to have a very large increase in the tax rate. Then get ready for the protests about a 75-story office building occupying a full block paying roughly the same property tax as a nearby 8-story apartment building. And that's in addition to the very real concerns you already stated.
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