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  1. Doesn't that seem like a long time, when it appears the superstructure is already in place?
  2. Ah, Yes. My apologies. But let's hope they don't actually plan to call it the "South of Holcombe Campus". (1) it's unwieldy and (2) it's not sufficiently descriptive -- They would then have the South Campus, the Mid Campus, and the South of Holcombe Campus, all literally South of Holcombe. By the way, could you provide a link to the master plan?
  3. Not really. There have been zero proposals from private developers that have come anywhere near having the necessary financial backing. Having said that, yes, any proposed use of the Astrodome has to account for and involve the Texans and the Rodeo. Of course it must. As you said, they are the primary tenants and without them, neither NRG Stadium nor NRG Center (and therefore, NRG Park) would exist.
  4. "Boone said the city plans to use as many economic development tools as possible to complete the project, with a large percentage of the funding made available by a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, commonly known as TIRZ, which the city expects to designate by the end of the year."
  5. Yeah, posting a bunch of pictures with the Star of David photoshopped in behind the people really proves your grand conspiracy. You probably should have taken a moment to verify, but since you seem to be immune to contrary facts, I guess it would have been a waste of time. In addition to including a lot of not-Jewish people, these companies have tens of thousands of employees. Even if all of the couple hundred pictured people were Jewish (and they aren't), it hardly proves a grand conspiracy. OMG, 1% of NBC/Comcast's employees are Jewish!!!!! Just a few examples from the false meme you posted: Greg Gutfeld. Not Jewish. David Asman. Not Jewish. Rupert Murdoch. Not Jewish. Rachel Maddow. Not Jewish. Matt Lauer. Kinda calls the whole list into question since left NBC News 6 years ago. There are also others in the meme who have long since left there posts. And Lauer is not Jewish (father was Jewish but he was not raised Jewish) Seth Meyers. Not Jewish. The meme tells us Phi Griffin is President of MSNBC. He is not Jewish (and hasn't been president of MSNBC since 2021. Hoda Kotb. Not known to be Jewish. Her roots are Egyptian Muslim.
  6. . I am talking about your lies. You told us there was no media coverage of last weekend's downtown protest and moments later you provided a link of media coverage of last weekend's downtown protest. (and I provided links to three other media reports of last weekend's downtown protest. You told us "the numbers are heavily under reported not just with Chron, but with the entire western media", but for most of the media reports you and I have linked regarding the downtown and Greenway Plaza protests, there is no case whatsoever to be made that the media underreported the numbers. You are claiming a grand conspiracy, but for some reason you are not allowing yourself to see the contrary facts.
  7. Oh, in a different article about a different protest, one reporter may have underreported (and note they were reporting on a protest which, just a few moments ago, you told us got no media coverage. Anyway, I thought you were talking about the same thing I was talking about. One of the other reports, actually 2 of the other reports, of the downtown protest (the one that got no media coverage) reported there were thousands of protestors. Your imagined conspiracy is kinda falling apart.
  8. So in what way did the Chronicle underreport the numbers, as you claimed? They said there were thousands of people there. and by the way, the downtown protest last weekend did indeed get some media coverage, contrary to your claim. https://news.yahoo.com/palestinians-houston-protest-war-escalates-023130734.html?fr=yhssrp_catchall https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2023/10/14/pro-palestinian-demonstrators-rally-in-downtown-houston/ https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/rally-for-palestine-houston/285-0bc364c4-3ef2-48d3-a383-af7f9d36adb3
  9. and you counted the people, did you? the aerial photos of the crowd do not appear to show there to be thousands of people in that crowd. In any event, there is certainly no basis on which to claim the Chronicle underreported the numbers.
  10. The Chron didn't underreport the number, it overreported the number. There were not thousands of people at the protest.
  11. Apologies, I reversed the occupancies of Buildings II and III in my prior post. Since we are inexplicably no longer able to edit our posts after a few minutes, here are the correct numbers; More weirdness: Per their website, Post Oak Central I remains 100% empty. Post Oak Central II is about 71% occupied. Post Oak Central III is about 66% occupied.
  12. The news keeps getting worse for downtown Austin. It appears that the horrible occupancy/vacancy numbers we're seeing probably don't even include the Block 185 Building. Google leased the entire building, which was completed early last year, but it seems they have not and are not moving in. It's leased, and it seems Google is not even marketing it for sublease, so it wouldn't show up in the occupancy/vacancy/availability stats, but it nevertheless is another almost 800,000 square feet of office space sitting empty. (Subtract another 4.71 percentage points from their occupancy percentage.)
  13. Houston Chronicle continues its mission of spreading ignorance: "Thousands protest attacks on Gaza outside Houston's Israeli embassy" Israel (and every other country has only one embassy in the United States. There are zero embassies in Houston. Israel has a Consulate General in Houston, NOT an embassy. The headline tells us that "thousands" protested. The first line in the article says "more than 1,000", and the accompanying picture comports with the "more than 1,000" estimate but not the "thousands" screamed in the headline.
  14. More weirdness: Per their website, Post Oak Central I remains 100% empty. Post Oak Central II is about 66% occupied. Post Oak Central III is about 71% occupied.
  15. I'm not seeing the over-sized service core you are seeing. A new-build residential building will also have elevator shafts and stairways. Presumably, the service core bathrooms would be taken out and the space converted to leasable space.
  16. Of course the actual depth of the floor plate matters. Again, this building has small floor plates, hence the depths are also relatively small. Take a look at the floor plate layout in the attached (and this is one of the largest floors). It looks pretty ideal for residential or hotel conversion. https://www.postoakcentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/POC3-Suite-950-10992-SF.pdf
  17. That’s actually one of the things that makes this building a strong candidate for conversion. Its floor plates are relatively small. Their website says their “typical floor plate” is only 18,183 RSF (which appears to be the measure of the size of the lowest bank of floors.) The uppermost floor(s) are only 12,795 RSF. The next group of floors going down are one 15,279 square feet.
  18. I remain skeptical of this plan. I feel like a semi-creative architect could incorporate the lower levels of building 3 in to a City Centre-type development, converting the upper floors into hotel and/residential. A City Centre-type development will require some hotel/residential space anyway.
  19. Nope. The Episcopal Health Foundation building is at Prairie and Fannin. No meals are served there, but they let the sidewalks be a campground at night. The Beacon is two blocks further east. The Episcopal Health Foundation is kinda like a big middle finger to the downtown community, IMO. (Part of the reason I no longer go to church there)
  20. And another 699,000 square feet of available office space is scheduled to be completed this quarter. That will take Austin's downtown down to 69.9% occupied.
  21. Yikes. Subtract another 6/10th percent from downtown Austin's office occupancy rate -- per Transwestern, that would take them down to 72.8% occupied, with a huge amount of space scheduled to be added to the market over the next several years.
  22. Wow. Not too surprising and overdue. Anyone who has toured much of China has seen multiple HUGE high-rise projects that were never completed. It was CRAZY!
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