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  1. My idea was to share some revenue with only the Texans on game days and only the Rodeo during the three weeks of Rodeo. The retail/hospitality businesses in the Dome would hugely benefit from the Texans/Rodeo traffic and the Texans/Rodeo get a fair cut. Making the businesses work the rest of the year is probably the bigger issue.
  2. I know it's not called Hobby International, but it should be (and this is part of my little campaign to make that happen. ;-) I realize, DFW has made great strides in catching up to IAH in international traffic and in fact passed us in CY 202; I have never suggested otherwise, and in fact posted up-thread regarding 2022. But the numbers I have reported are 100% factual. (I think AA may be adding a bunch of international service at DFW in summer 2024, so our hold on 1st place may not last.)
  3. IAH widened the lead it had held earlier in the year (and has continued to do so through September, because IAH's international traffic again grew faster than DFW's.)
  4. SMH More horrible Houston journalism. Segment 3 absolutely was NOT the portion that was facing serious scrutiny that triggered the FHWA delay and county lawsuit. In fact, Segment 3 was the only portion of the project that was partially released from the hold because it was NOT the focus of the scrutiny.
  5. Quite right. There should totally be a branch from Houston to BCS.
  6. Ahhh, yes the 9:47 mark. Easy to miss, as he kind of said it under his breath. Anyway, after also listening to the 2022 address (again), he tends to invite applause. Also, re the 2022 report, it would have been nice had he given some updates on those items he listed in thee 2022 address, but in fairness, I don't think he suggested they would be completed in one year.
  7. Sept 2023 Airport International Traffic Report: SEPTEMBER Bush Intercontinental: 889,141 (up 21.5% from 2022) Hobby International: 61,279 (up 0.6% from 2022) Houston Total: 950,420 DFW: 840,895 (up 6% from 2022) San Antonio: 43,183 (up 19.6% from 2022) 2023 YTD through September: Bush Intercontinental: 8,706,464 (up 23.9% from 2022) Hobby International: 764,746 (up 8.9% from 2022) Houston Total: 9,471,210 DFW: 8,340,410 (up 15.9% from 2022) San Antonio: 444,271 (up 6.5% from 2022) https://app.powerbigov.us/view?r=eyJrIjoiMDE3ZWI1YmEtOTZiOS00NjZjLWEzZTAtNjRmZmM1NWY2OGU3IiwidCI6IjU3YTg1YTEwLTI1OGItNDViNC1hNTE5LWM5NmM3NzIxMDk0YyJ9 https://flysanantonio.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/2023-SEPT-Stats.pdf https://assets.ctfassets.net/m2p70vmwc019/5aTzmr0CeIWORQNEJJjNWS/6f1680729bfc8f8c8ba997e5534254fb/Sep_2023_Pax_Report.pdf
  8. Not WRONG. What I posted is factually correct and I reported the numbers given by the airports.
  9. Actually, what he said was "Here is where you are going to clap again" and then he said that downtown Houston's 1.4 million square feet of office leasing year-to-date was more than double the activity in Austin and triple that in Dallas (and, yes, the crowd did clap again) The talk did not mention the Astros development. That must have been a different presentation. FWIW, less than 1/3 of the recorded talk was spent talking about the past 40 years (and briefly mentioned (and honored) Bob Eury).
  10. I hope Downtown Houston+ means beyond the I-45/I-10/I-69 loop.
  11. Remind me where these Pickard Chilton towers are in Dallas. Oh, that’s right…. They don’t exist. And most likely never will. Not one, not two, but zero Pickard Chilton buildings I. Downtown Dallas. Meanwhile, there are at least two actual P-C buildings in downtown Houston.
  12. Some people seem to not understand the difference between flashy renderings (many of which will never be built) and actual developments. How pathetic. Here's some more info on the so-call Metropolitan Park: But the fate of Metropolitan Park is still about as secure as a Mets late-inning lead. As the land for the new facility is legally designated as parkland, Cohen would need to get the state legislature and Gov. Kathy Hochul to pass a law allowing commercial development there. Key lawmakers — particularly state Sen. Jessica Ramos whose district includes Willets Point and the neighborhoods around it — have not agreed thus far to support such legislation. Names of legislators were conspicuously missing from a press release showing support from business and community leaders. Senator Ramos, in a statement Tuesday, is still not on board, saying, “I will be hosting another town hall on this proposal at the end of the month. It’s important that my neighbors look carefully at the details and we’ll continue together with our process.” But Queens Borough President Donovan Richards issued a bullish statement saying, I’m encouraged by Steve Cohen’s Metropolitan Park plan and its numerous community-centric proposals.” The Queens Chamber of Commerce, among others, also expressed support The casino [which is what this is] plan also requires approval from state gaming regulators. Under current law, state officials can issue up to three new casino licenses in the downstate region that includes New York City. The surrounding property is home to Flushing Corona Park, the U.S. Open Tennis Center, and a planned soccer stadium for New York City FC, which is backed by Mayor Eric Adams. Another potential stumbling block to a Cohen-owned casino is the state’s requirement of a background disclosure form where applicants attest to their “integrity, honesty, good character and reputation.” In 2014, Cohen’s hedge fund SAC Capital was forced to pay a $1.8 billion penalty to the federal government after pleading guilty to wire fraud and securities fraud. Cohen, who was never charged criminally, was accused of failing to prevent insider trading at the company, which he founded in 1992 and which bears his initials. But the baggage didn’t stop Major League Baseball from allowing Cohen to buy the Mets. There’s a stiff combination of other developers and casino operators who have joined forces with proposals to build a casino in Times Square, Hudson Yards, Coney Island, and possibly Ferry Point in The Bronx, where gaming operator Bally’s replaced the Trump Organization as operator of the golf course. Two existing slots parlor operators — Genting at the Aqueduct race track and Empire Resorts MGM at Yonkers race track — are seeking two of three casino licenses to offer table games. Still, billionaire Cohen and firms controlled by him have put a lot of chips on the table — spending millions of dollars on army lobbyists and delivering campaign donations to elected officials to help make his case to build the casino-entertainment complex. JASON SZENES FOR THE NEW YORK POST
  13. Away; hiding under a desk. . . is there really a difference?
  14. It definitely should not be demolished. It should be saved and used for additional convention/exhibition space, below-grade parking, arena and facilities to replace the Astro-Arena building; any other "year-round" functions would have to be with the cooperation of the Texans and the Rodeo. That does not, in my mind eliminate all other possibilities. If there are restaurants or hotel space, they just have to include the Rodeo and Texans in their plans and probably share a portion of their revenue with them. Even more definitely it's way past time for our county "leaders" to do something. It's an absolute embarrassment that the Dome just sits there with no plan; no idea. The County "leaders" need to stop hiding under their desks and do something.
  15. I think such "talk" was nothing more than HAIFers fantasizing/dreaming/imagining the future.
  16. The subject development is in the Capitol Lofts Building at 711 Main. Flying Saucer is in the St Germain Building at 705 Main.
  17. Contrary to one or more posts up-thread, I don't think there is any reason to presume they will follow on with a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Standalone residences are a fairly new, but growing product being offered by upscale hospitality companies. There are already 22 standalone Ritz-Carlton residences. Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons are doing these as well and Hilton is getting into the game too.
  18. Any follow-up from your source? Per their website, the restaurant still seems to be a restaurant, with no hint of a comedy club.
  19. Uhm we do . . . https://aiahouston.org/v/site-page/2023-Design-Awards/2023-Winners/e0/ https://preservationhouston.org/awards
  20. I have no idea what Chevron's current office space situation is. With the Hess acquisition, and IF they need more space than they currently have in the downtown Chevron buildings, I think by far the three most-likely moves would be: Retain leased space in Hess Tower Lease other vacant space in Allen Center and/or 1600 Smith Build 1600 Louisiana I think retaining the space in Hess Tower is probably the least likely of the three, because it would make team integration more difficult. My hunch is that, in the current market, leasing additional space in Allen Center and/or 1600 Smith is more likely than building 1600 Louisiana. They should be able to get very friendly lease terms right now (and they'll still own the land on which to build later if that becomes more financially attractive down the road).
  21. The good news on the Hess acquisition is that their (Hess's) HQ was still in NYC. I don't know how many people work at HQ, but those central office jobs are pretty likely the most duplicative. Reduces the likely job losses for Houston. I don't think Chevron has ever given any indication that keeping the execs away from the worker bees is part of their strategy.
  22. Pretty sure Shorenstein sold the building (and presumably the garage). EDIT: Confirmed. Shorenstein sold both 800 Bell and 1616 Milam in December 2022.
  23. Well, it's not me. I have nothing to do with it. I just read the linked article and posted the quote. With TIRZ financing, they establish a TIRZ district; the taxes paid to the city general fund are frozen and any increase in taxes (due to higher valuations) are dedicated to the TIRZ District projects. No tax rate increase for existing downtown businesses.
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