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  1. Westheimer being TXDoT controlled ROW should not eliminate the possibility of rail or other high-capacity transit in the corridor, and I doubt there is any "prohibition" that needs to be amended. TXDoT also controls the freeway ROWs and Metro has worked with them and is working with them to build HOV lanes and BRT structures.
  2. Recent aerial images of new D-West pier posted by HAS on George Bush Intercontinental Airport's Facebook page.
  3. I agree, it can be slow loading, especially when using a mobile device. I too would like to see fewer posts per page.
  4. I think the FM designation on Westheimer is only the portion outside the Loop.
  5. Fun! It just happens that I walked by the pool Sunday afternoon and noticed people swimming laps. Just curious at what temperature they keep the pool water.
  6. Oh no!!!! The feeder will be shut down for SEVERAL WEEKS!! How will we get through this nightmare? (And does it actually have anything to do with the I-45 project? I thought nothing was starting on that until later this year.)
  7. We're going to have rail west of I-45. But we're getting it by moving I-45 to the east; not by building rail to the west.
  8. I found a couple more renderings and a little clarification on United's plans for Terminal B; thanks to Page (architects of the Central Process additions and rebuild). https://www.pagethink.com/publication/2024/airport-terminal-modernization-designing-united-airlines-terminal-b-houston There will be a 250,000 square foot addition to the central processor building (the addition is to the east of the existing central processor building, on what is currently a surface parking lot; work is supposed to start in this area next week, I believe.) The addition will contain a new ticketing hall on the ground level with 48 check-in counters, up from the current 12. TSA will be on the second level of the addition, with 14 security lanes (up from the current 4 in Terminal B). The original 275,000 square foot Terminal B central processor building will contain a "post-security central square, providing access to adjacent concourses" on the second level (where the ticketing hall is currently located), and a redesigned bag claim hall on the ground level. They say Terminal B will have the capacity to handle up to 90,000 passengers per day. There will be roadway access on all four sides central processor building, using "innovative, dynamic signage for curbside flexibility." That will be interesting to see. Southeast curbside view of the ticketing lobby (ground level of the addition). Security screening - Second level of the addition.
  9. Jet bridges are being installed on Terminal B South gates.
  10. As I said upthread, I wish we could get the love from United that DFW gets from American.
  11. Shocking. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)
  12. Actually, the point is you told us AI service to DFW had been announced. That is false. Full stop. With or without context. No announcement had been made when you reported this falsehood to us. No announcement has been made as of this moment.
  13. Demolition of Terminal B North has begun (at last report, they had started with the demolition of jet bridges).
  14. I'd rather have actual growth than imagined or projected growth. If and when the future faster growth at DFW materializes and they overtake Houston in international traffic, I'll post it. But at this time, the record shows (contrary to some earlier predictions posted on this very forum) that Bush Intercontinental has more international traffic than DFW and is growing faster. "Announce intentions." I read that article earlier this month too. Mostly just reporting on various message board rumors. There has been no "announcement" of service to DFW by Air India. (And LAX, SEA, and DFW are not shown on Air India's route map.) https://www.airindia.com/in/en/destinations/route-map.html
  15. I read that review too. He kinda shortchanged the review of the symphony by spending so much time denigrating the hall. But I really wondered how he, as an audience member, could tell how it sounds to the performers? And aren't "must be like singing or playing into a mattress" and "There’s no hiding the tiniest slip in timing or tuning" contradictory?
  16. Well, I guess you make a good case for elevating freeways...
  17. They are a block to the east (at least they were last week -- in greater numbers than had recently been the case).
  18. New HAS video of International Terminal construction: https://www.facebook.com/BushAirport/videos/755935449792391
  19. Also, Turkish started their DFW service in 2021. There doesn't seem to be anyone from DFW Airport on the India economic development mission. And I don't know of any announcement of DFW service by Air India. (DFW being DFW, there is zero chance that an announcement was made without it showing up on DFW's website and in the Dallas Morning News; searches of each turn up nothing.) (Just realized I slightly misstated the growth numbers in my prior post, and I missed the edit window. Those growth rates were for the calendar year 2023 through November, not the full year. I'll post the full year as soon as DFW posts their numbers.)
  20. I wish we'd get the love from United that DFW gets from American. But I'd rather have Bush IAH's international traffic growth of 22.4% for 2023 than DFW's 14.3% growth. (By the way, I think Finnair and Iberia have both been at DFW since 2022; good for them that they finally joined Houston in having service from Turkish.)
  21. I’ve said Greyhound will replace their Dallas station. You’ve now told us Greyhound is in fact working on replacing the station. Thanks for the confirmation.
  22. I’m pretty sure that pic of Southwest Freeway was taken before the project was completed and that is has not flooded since.
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