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  1. The site I thought was well suited for Amazon were the empty lots downtown west of the Hilton. Very urban environment with the Theater district, Sports venues, rail, hotels, dining etc all nearby. Also quick access tho the airport once the Hardy toll road extension was finished. Alas Bezos thought otherwise. I think he finds NYC and DC more sexy and of course Harvey didn't help.
  2. This is Site for the new the Mann Eye Clinic building correct? I therefore assume the Museo Plaza building is kaput.
  3. Quick question which is off topic. Who owns the land the surface parking lot is on? It seems like an ideal spot for a mixed use high rise.
  4. It is complex. The Houston metro appears to have three large ecosystems: The Northern swath north of Beltway 8 is heavily forested to the point it is jungle like especially in the northeast (where I live). It is an especially thick version of the Southern Pinelands. It has much in common with Southern Louisiana. The western metro appears drier and more prairie like, and the southeast region has a wet coastal environment. There are not to many cities with this variety. It is one of the things (among many) which is fascinating about our area. I think this area is gifted with the ability to grow an enormous variety of plants.
  5. I'm sure one can make a list for almost all the President's . FDR ( who I admire) would most certainly make a very long list using current standards.
  6. Politics brings out hysteria at times: I have heard it for years. Here are a few: Kennedy was a secret communist ( you can see the hammer and sickle in the half dollar ( I never could). Reagan was a warmonger ready to start WW III, Obama is really from Kenya, Trump wants to sell Alaska back to Russia, and Russia which has less than half our population, A GDP less than Texas, has NATO within 100 miles of it's second largest city, and couldn't get it's navy out without us smashing it is going to invade us. President's do bend rules and lie (FDR was a master at this). They are not saints. So maybe we should calm down.
  7. Seriously, all joking aside, the scientific literature on the impact early drug use has on psychological development indicates many people develop arrested emotional development. In other words physically mature adults still acting as adolescents. Just thought I'd mention that.
  8. The residence would have a great skyline view, a park, and close access to the Theater district.
  9. I don't understand why these trees were removed. Wouldn't trimming them back have done the job? Anyone know?
  10. It's been approximately 10.5 months since the concrete pouring. Amazing progress.
  11. This is one of the best videos on you tube showing downtown Houston. For those in a hurry check out 7:45 to 8:45. It's from Fritzphoto.
  12. This is not scientifically accurate, but from the content and size I would hypothesize an extremely large bovine. Or a local Texas size Bigfoot.
  13. Great photos, but where are the sky atria? The third photo's is especially good. Love the look of density.
  14. Houston does seem to have a New York fixation in the naming of areas.
  15. Great Job. Starting to extend out like the skyline of Chicago.
  16. Houston is quite unconventional in that sense. In addition all the significant clusters of high rises , downtown, Med Center, Uptown, Greenway Upper Kirby, soon Allen Parkway and Montrose , creates a diffuse urban feeling.
  17. In that category we clean Paris's clock. I believe the Katy freeway is the widest highway in the world. But seriously the Champs Elysees "begins" at the Triumphal Arch in which the remains of a unknown French solider is interred and lit by an eternal flame. The avenue is used for bastille day celebrations. It has been the scene of many historic events: Charles deGaulle and the liberation of Paris, the US 28th infantry division marching through to go to battle. In addition the Tour de France ends there. The avenue ends at the Place de la Concorde, stunningly beautiful and with much historical significance, which leads to the Louvre, the world's largest Art Museum and former palaces of the Kings and Queens of France. I left out gardens and several other things. Duplicating the avenue in our great city is impossible. As switsig previously mentioned we can have a Park ave. or Rodeo dr. That in my opinion is very doable.
  18. Hate to sound like a curmudgeon ( though I am sometimes), but I don't see a "Champs Elysees" anywhere in Houston ever developing. South Post Oak can become like an Avenue Montaigne and Montrose Blvd. a Paseo del Prado in Madrid , but the Champs Elysees is a non duplicating avenue. Too much history and culture.
  19. Me thoughts this was in the grave yard of undone things.
  20. I think so. The "shortest" 50 story building in Houston is Three Allen Center at 685 feet. The restaurant on top is going to have some amazing views.
  21. With all the Gerald Hines buildings in Downtown Houston perhaps it should be named Hineston. Hineston in Houston.
  22. What is this area called? It definitely is coming into it's own as another major Houston Skyline after Downtown, Uptown, and TMC ( don't know if upper Kirby or Greenspoint can be called this yet). Many cities would give up an arm to claim one of these skylines.
  23. I know "sodo" stands for "south of downtown", but what is the difference between that and midtown which is also south of downtown? Is sodo a distinct area of midtown? Is there a wodo and nodo?
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