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  1. The very ugly Chronicle garage was knocked down and nearby a less hideous but still ugly garage took its place. Improvement of sorts. Just hope you all are correct and a building is placed there and the garage appearance is ameliorated somehow. It will then look more complete and more pleasing.
  2. Your photos are splendid. Should be used on postcards or other advertisements of our city. Many views shown of our metropolis are pathetic. Thank you for your postings.
  3. I have not spoken to anyone who lives in the area. I suspect they feel an invasion of privacy and a dislike in standing on ones land and staring up at a highrise. I believe the neighborhood is called Broadacres. It is quiet, leafy, peaceful,and very beautiful. I do not live anywhere to it, I do not have a dog in this fight and do not care either way, but I do understand their annoyance. Fortunately, it is quite an elegant highrise, so they could have done much worse.
  4. Houston is massive and has impressive regions: The Texas Medical center, the gigantic petrochemical complex and shipping channel, Downtown and Uptown with gleaming skyscrapers, and NASA. These are all serious economic engines. Regardless, they are not fun or "sexy" areas tourists like to visit (except for NASA). Until a few years back Houston did not even consider its downtown anything but a work place destination which vacated after 6:00 pm (except for the Theater district). Progress has been made in making the city more fun, but not at the level of NYC, Nola, or Miami. Most probable we will never reach that level of attraction. I must admit I am stumped regarding DFW. I would give DFW the same attributes of impressiveness as Houston but do not understand the attraction tourist have for it. Perhaps someone in this forum knows.
  5. 4718 Hallamrk places it near the Wille G's seafood restaurant, correct? Confused because the plat places it in a location which should have a higher address number than 4718.
  6. Thank you for that information. Very sensible approach as long as it does not impede greatly the ability to flee during a major hurricane. Tokyo has an amazing approach to deal with its flooding problems which I do not know whether it would be applicable in Houston.
  7. As much as elevated freeways are an eyesore, how does sinking roadways in Houston ( or anywhere along the Gulf Coast) benefit the people living there? The rainfalls along the Gulf Coast can be incredible and no amount of pumps is going to prevent flooding and hence trapping people. If someone can explain the benefit of sinking freeways ( outside of looks) please feel free to explain.
  8. Very true. An example is what happened in the freeze of 2021. The last vivious freeze we had was in 1989 ( there was another one in 1983). By the time the Valentines day freeze of 2021 hit, a large number of people in the Houston MSA had either been too young to remember or had moved from regions where such low temperatures either do not happen or do nor pose a threat. Hence many people did not drain their pipes and we had a repeat of 1983.
  9. The northern segment could be Highway 105 in Conroe, the eastern I'm afraid goes into Galveston Bay or Gulf of Mexico, problematic at best. No more circular rings only "C" shaped semi-rings. Can't fight the Atlantic ocean.
  10. Grand Parkway segment H and I are opening today. Good news for those of us who live in this section of the Solar system.
  11. Yes he did. I remember waiting for the bus by the Rice before it was transformed. The smell of frequent urination and whatever was hideous. North of the Rice on Main St. it wasn't much better
  12. I'm guessing hurricane Harvey may have cast a veto, but not certain. After all Harvey and the October 1994 flood would suggest proceeding with caution is best.
  13. Houston's "eccentricities" can stack up easily against any other city in the U.S.
  14. To paraphrase what Abraham Lincoln said out George McClellan, "they've got the Slows". Certainly do not have "the Runs".
  15. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I understand, that with Exxon Mobile move, the Houston area will have the headquarters of 25 Fortune 500 companies. This will solidify further Houston's number two position in this ranking, NYC being number one.
  16. The way I understand "River Oaks" is north of Westhimer, west of Shepherd , and east of Willowick with a further westward bulge to Inverness. All this calling areas all the way to the Loop "River Oaks" seems like to put it politely pure piffle. If you don't live in River Oaks pretending doesn't make it so.
  17. A quick and somewhat irrelevant question. Is this large development considered to be part of the Greenway Plaza area? Visually it looks connected to the Greeway plaza area and not quite close enough to Upper Kirby. Our great city is tough to define it being multivarious.
  18. Depends where you are at. I imagine in Egypt, Fertile Crescent, Turkey , China or the Indus valley 78 years isn't much. A drop in the bucket. Or for that matter Europe. Houston on the other hand.
  19. Weren't two more residential towers planned for downtown? One, I believe, was north of Minute Maid Park, the other around Toyota center. A twin of Camden residential.
  20. It is quite an urban setting with all the highrises, the convention center, hotels, sport stadiums, and and the park amenities. Great place to relax and people watch. Hopefully the city will built the "W" hotel to add to the area.
  21. Blimey! I guess I'll hav to now travel to England to see the Cotswolds.
  22. From 1900 to around 1915 they were the 4th largest city. Had a remarkable World's Fair. Their population peaked in 1950 and has since fallen over 50%.
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