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  1. Most of the dates from construction came from the Downtown Houston development maps Here are some samples: Feb 2014:Est completion summer 2017, Soil test 4/17/2014, Urbannizer: 2/20/2015 Start date 2Q 2015, Later start date 1Q 2017, More start dates 1Q 2018, then 1Q 2019. Someone in the company is indecisive or the Down Houston development maps are inaccurate.
  2. Just remember President Truman famously asked to be sent a one-armed economist, having tired of economists proclaiming "On the one hand, this" and "On the other hand, that".
  3. This is going to be approximately one block from Laneways Midtown, the development by Caydon. It really is stunning to think of three Caydon highrises, plus 3300 Main, plus AMCAL, plus a few blocks away, 514 Elgin. All this l happening in such a short time span.
  4. This isn't part of the Australian developers planned high rises is it?
  5. Is this for real? There are so many high rises going up it's getting a bit surreal.
  6. You're correct but my old brain goes on overload over all the construction. Sometimes it's tough to keep up with all the high rise apartments/ condos going up. Don't think anything like this ( high rise apartments) has happened in Houston before 2010.
  7. Going to be fun to watch which stretch gets the most high rise apartments/condos: Midtown Main Street, or Allen Parkway/Memorial Dr. Maybe even the Hermann Park perimeter.
  8. Not another asphalt parking lot!. This is an outrage. Soon they may all be gone. Stop Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Went to the Uptown lighting ceremony last night. The lights and fireworks were spectacular. Santa showed up.
  10. No one should be excluded from living in any neighborhood they can afford whether it's labeled white, minority, Italian, Greek, Chinese etc. In my childhood neighborhoods were segregated throughout a large part of the United States. This was officially ended decades ago. I live now in a very racially and ethnically mixed affluent neighborhood in the suburbs. In my opinion it is exponentially better than it used to be. As for being labeled "privileged", Thank You. Like many folks in Houston I had wonderful immigrant parents who sacrificed greatly so my brothers and I could succeed in this country of great opportunity. To my folks and all the people who sacrificed to keep this a free country I will be eternally grateful .
  11. I won't believe it until ground is broken. Too many times Lucy has pulled the football from Charlie Brown on this project.
  12. What is already an amazing view is going to be more of an eye full in the near future with The Preston, Texas Tower, The Allen and The Aussie Midtown high rises going up.
  13. Anyone know when the pour is scheduled? Grab a gyro or pizza and watch
  14. It's quite beautiful. What did this building first house?
  15. Time will tell if this is correct. This structure may become a photogenic signature area for Houston. Like the Astrodome used to be before it was copied. I don't know any other city that has something like this. Anyone know?
  16. The words " consumed by fire" and a high rise apartment building don't seem to blend well.
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