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  1. I see two Helmut Jahn buildings in the top photo. Sadly, we missed the opportunity to have one in the 80's as the Bank of the Southwest bank building.
  2. Unfortunately you are correct. I've lived in the suburbs of Houston >40 years. Most folks think anything in the Loop is downtown including TMC. As a former worker at the TMC I found it irritating. When even my children use the suburban terminology after numerous times of correcting them, I've given up. I think what may add to the confusion are the numerous clusters of highrises within (and just outside) the loop.
  3. The media is only interested in reporting scandal and ugliness. I tell my students studying to be nurses and medical techs, about these projects, and not one has heard of them.
  4. There is hope when one can turn a parking garage into something beside an eyesore. The one by the Wortham is also not bad looking.
  5. Is this one going to be larger than the one at Travis and Texas?
  6. They are "gun shy" about people loitering in that location due to the drug addicts and drinkers which would then begin to congregate there. Most people do not like the smell of urine, vomit, and other bodily ejecta especially if they are paying for the area. It was not too long ago in which that was happening.
  7. In my opinion being mayor of Houston holds more prestige than being 1 of 435 members of congress, especially if you do not hold a significant chair in a committee. Regardless, I hope when someone runs for mayor of our great city they are thinking more than about themselves and their prestige and more on the betterment of our city. This being a global city means we have seriously tough competition. Look at the rise of the cities in Asia, not to mention cities like Miami, Dallas, or Atlanta. Slow down or bungle the job and many here will be adversely impacted.
  8. What do all the above posts have to do with the Hardy Toll road extension? What does Elon Musk have to do with the extension? Is it being built or not? I know several rail lines were moved in expectation of construction. I hope it is built. It will make exiting and entering the downtown easier, and I believe revitalize that region of the downtown. It will certainly speed access to IAH.
  9. Any news about segment C? Seems to be held up by some dispute between a developer and some organzation, both trying to get the parkway through their property. I thought the developer won (no great surprise there), so what is the hold up? Be a bit strange to have segment B, no C, and then segments D through I.
  10. I agree, which is what I do. But the number of 5-star hotels is one measure of a city's power, "prestige", and overall appeal . Examples: Paris London, NYC vs Beaumont (being a bit facetious)
  11. I agree, as much as my fellow Professors of Biology would wish to add the hydrogen bonds between DNA's nitrogenous bases. Hydrogen bonds are vital . Still, we shall endure.
  12. This is my hypothesis based on general observation living in Houston for 43 years. Houston until the 1990 relied heavily on its energy sector and to some degree the TMC. Thoughts of making this place attractive for conventions and competing with other cities was not taken with any seriousness. Our downtown and midtown areas were a wasteland outside the gleaming office towers. The Rice hotel area and market square park were a trash filled urine odiferous areas. The bayou used to host the "reeking regata" which gives some idea of its past condition. This mercifully has changed. But perhaps the powers that be are not selling the amazing change which have occurred. A hypothesis, not a theory.
  13. All of you are correct using different criterea. The area within the 610 loop is slightly under 100 sq. miles ( interestingly more than twice the size of the city of Paris which has over 2 million people. Talk about density) The city has an area of under 700 square miles with I think around 2.3 million people. The Houston MSA is greater than 10,000 sq. miles making it slightly smaller than Massachusttes with the Houston MSA having several hundered thousand more people, now somewhere around 7.3 million.
  14. Anyone know which is the largest parking garage in the city? I would guess the one adjacent to the Chase tower downtown. It appears to have the most levels, but do not know if it is the highest in volume of cars.
  15. I would add after viewing the presentation, the "not a pleasant walk" to the metro line as you describe it has had the wonderous effect of completely obliterating the obesity epidemic one reads about, at least for all the people working in TMC Helix Park. All are shapely and fit. Truly amazing!
  16. The change in this area in the last 10 years is nothing short of astonishing. I remember the area before the George Brown. It was a wasteland. For sometime the convention center sat out there alone. Now it is vibrant and surrounded by high rises. What a remarkable improvement.
  17. I marched several times against the Vietnam war and thought it a terrible mistake, but to go and get snugly with the people killing us ( many were folks my age) was sickening. There are lines which should never be crossed. Such as what she did or the people who attacked our troops, or waved North Vietnamese flags. It was revolting.
  18. There is a high probability segment C will break ground soon. There is a dispute regarding the route between the George foundation and the Signorelli company, a large scale developer. Fort Bend has sided with Signorelli (no surprise). Segment B will also be built in the not too distant future but segment A is doubtful. I drive segment G occasionally and love it. Well built road way.
  19. I do not think desiring a gondola in Houston is a mark of insanity. But then I am not trained in psychology. Any Haifer trained psychologists out there?
  20. My brain is having trouble incorporating this. Hopefully this is not a dream. Let me understand this. In addition to TMC3, Levit Green, Texas A&M growth, the McNair building, this is also going up? Will this be considered part of the TMC?
  21. The answer to both is yes. As we all know Live Oaks get enormous as they gain years. That is part of their beauty. This is what gives the area around Rice and The Audubon area of New Orleans it's charm. Expect the roots to move sidewalks and work around that. This should not be a difficult problem to resolve.
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