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  1. Pretty certain. Ballpark Village is south side of the park. West would be along Crawford and the Astros had this plot along with the old halfway house plot directly across Crawford from where this activity is on going. They’ve got parcels to do something with so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another project separate from the ballpark village.
  2. Avenida De Las Americas is a mouthful. Could rename it to Richard Kinder Blvd. Or you rename the Downtown portion of Dallas Street too to avoid confusion with W Dallas St. But that might more work with changing addresses than renaming ADLA.
  3. Wouldn’t be the first idea come to reality. In 2018, I tweeted out an idea for a rooftop brewery. Eventually Michelob Ultra deck was built.
  4. Could be something larger. On a DM with Mike Acosta:
  5. Tilman was already quoted back in 2018 as they were looking at major renovations. The pandemic probably held that up but I would have to figure soon we’ll hear something about this, especially with the Astros ballpark village plans on the horizon. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/10-08-18-toyota-center-turns-15-houston-rockets-tilman-fertitta-tad-davis-houston-astros-jim-crane/?utm_source=sf_twitter
  6. It’s cool to see supertalls going up in Texas once again after a such a long hiatus but that’s one ugly ass building. People get paid to design this shit? Woof
  7. Campesino is expanding here. They’re in the process of renovations to the old Hubcap space currently
  8. Conceptual video of the University BRT line.
  9. Given TCR’s status on life support, what are the chances another company, say Brightline, steps in a takes over this project?
  10. Not exactly. This is NOT the Greyhound bus station but the old building across the street, although it provides bus service too. The Greyhound bus station specifically needs to go. And no more TDC prisoner drop offs there either.
  11. The agreement Crane has with the city is only for the home plate site on Texas @ ADLA. This site will be a mixed used ballpark development project. Not sure what Crane’s plans are for the other parcels of land he owns around the ballpark.
  12. All of the Alonti locations downtown have closed up. 919 Milam is undergoing renovation work, which is why Beck’s Prime and Brown Bag Deli are closed. Neither of their spaces (nor DiMassi’s) has cleared out so they’ll likely reopen after the renovation is done. From what I’ve seen last year to currently, YES I’d say the tunnels feel like they’re back now, especially in the last few weeks.
  13. There’s an elevator to the left of the front entrance (San Jacinto) next to the former Jos A Bank store. That’s still in use fulfilling the ADA requirement. There’s also elevators on the Lamar side as well as Austin St at the back of the dining area (next to the outdoor balcony overlooking Austin St. Passing by the other day, I’m surprised how much of the old front entrance has been dismantled. The renders didn’t really focus too much on this side so I feel like we’ve missed some details on changes to the main entrance. Are they reconfiguring the escalator setup? Also, what becomes of the old Tejas Grill space. IIRC they closed up after the renovation was started. Is rehabbing this space included in the renovation plans or left up to whomever leases the space?
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