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  1. Know what block would be perfect for green space? The CenterPoint lot (Block 277), perfectly situated in between Discovery Green, Toyota Center, Hilton Américas, and 1550 On The Green. Abandon the sparsely used Crawford St and you could probably extend the Pappasito’s to have patio that opens up to the park. This lot have become too valuable based on its proximity to many things. What are the chance CNP buries or relocates it’s transmission facilities to allow for development here?
  2. Drove by last night and this looks almost complete. Any idea when/if the Park Shops renovation begins? Looking forward to this as opening up the Park Shops outward to McKinney might attract more people inside and is close enough to to Discovery Green to potentially attract some of its crowd.
  3. Switching topics, why can’t we have a signature bridge over Buffalo Bayou built as part of this project? It would look beautiful backed by the Downtown Houston skyline and could be a marketable asset for decades to come. Many have clearly thought about it in the past (see renders I’ve collected over time) so why aren’t we doing it? Boston has the Zakim Dallas has their spans over the Trinity Miami is building a Techno Tarantula Why can’t we have anything nice in this town?
  4. I like the High Line conversion idea for Pierce Elevated. Could be an area for jogging trails, outdoor movies or amphitheater. Under the overpass could be used to stage a covered Farmers Market for the growing residential population of Southern Downtown and Midtown. And the overpass doesn’t take up the full block between Pierce and Gray. That leaves the Gray portion as developable with direct connections to the overpass as an amenity. But I understand TXDOT’s funding mechanism for the overall project by demolishing the overpass and selling the land. Maybe we find a compromi
  5. Texas Tower making the first of many appearances at Minute Maid Park.
  6. Joe’s Place signage modeling via projector. If I had to guess, I’d expect Joe’s Place to take on a garage bar theme given the connection to Joe’s Car Wash. Also, like the car wash, it has flagpoles out front.
  7. Dug Begley says the county has shelved this project due to the current economic climate.
  8. Not specifically North Canal related but in the neighborhood. Work has started on extending Buffalo Bayou trails eastward, from Allen’s Landing to McKee.
  9. And this project should tie in with work extending the Buffalo Bayou trails eastward from Allen’s Landing to McKee St. Also, the new east trails will have a promenade at Austin St that connects to its bike lane.
  10. Work starts on extending trails from Allen’s Landing to McKee St
  11. Trebley Parc (or Park) as the suggested name of this park. See Page 6
  12. Sarnoff’s piece on this mentions Post also containing a concert venue and a hotel. Is this in the first phase currently under construction or is she referring to future phases? What is being down with the 5 story administration building on site? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Downtown-venue-to-open-on-five-acre-rooftop-park-15481162.php EDIT: Looking at the renders, the concert venue is in the northeast corner and takes up the first 2 levels. There appears to be balconies overlooking the event floor and stage area. I take it the Skyl
  13. Lovett has released more details. The rooftop will be branded as the Skylawn and will feature a 6,000 sq ft outdoor event venue accommodating up to 300 guests. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/08/12/lovett-commercial-post-houston-skylawn.html
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