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  1. So what’s next on the agenda? Bayou Place demolition and redevelopment? Tranquility Park renovation? Fish Plaza renovation?
  2. As a Midtown resident who also shops at High Fashion Home occasionally, a food & beer hall on the lower levels may help draw people to the building and maybe to their store. It’s typically empty on all 4 floors most times I walk over. The occasional sidewalk sales don’t really move the needle much either. With numerous multifamily developments within walking distance, this could attract more people within its walls, offering more revenue potential to the store itself if they can convert those foodies into new customers. Glam foodies and glam shopping. It could work.
  3. Got to see the fountains lit up tonight and snapped a pic. Looks like a nice inviting area. Even Jones Hall added some LED light rope on its roof. https://x.com/thachadwick/status/1703997631825895521?s=46&t=zrFvaO6tbFH7POh1WfkjuA
  4. Maybe it’s related to a redo of this CF/batters eye area in the offseason and the paint is a temporary band-aid fix for now. They could do a batter’s eye restaurant space with seating behind dark tinted glass, as seen in other ballparks. We know MSA’s body of work already, including the prior CF renovation. I’ll throw out one more idea. Left Field corner upper deck. Remove the stands, replace with a larger video board for spectators along 1st base/RF. Bar space underneath which would provide a great vantage point, especially when the roof is open. Throw in a Karbach Brewery and some rocking chairs …errr ok maybe not haha
  5. MSA’s body of work at sports venues (including at MMP) has been bar & restaurant space. So it’s gotta be something along those lines…
  6. Did they nix the cascading water feature along Smith St? Looks like a pile of steps now without an enclosure for water. Really hope that this wasn’t a cost saving move.
  7. They opened for a few weeks late last year, then shutdown to revamp their menu and never reopened. No pics but work has already started on this.
  8. An intermodal facility at POST Houston is my dream fantasy (see below) but it seems like the terminus of the high speed rail line will still be a Northwest Mall.
  9. Any chance we can make NW Mall station intermodal with a bus station serving all national carriers (Greyhound, MegaBus, FlixBus, etc)? Then combine this a Metro Transit Center serving Silver Line & Inner Katy BRT and a bus transit center. A complete national & regional ground transportation hub… all connected by multiple highways surrounding Northwest Mall. This should exist in reality.
  10. Thank you Amtrak. If you’re able to make this happen and the Houston stop is at Northwest Mall, just move the current Amtrak station downtown serving the Sunset Limited line to the new Northwest Mall station. That just makes sense. Better connectivity with better facilities equals better business potential for both lines.
  11. IMO NRG Stadium is not likely to be replaced. It’ll be renovated before the lease expiration, with a lease extension accompanying it or as part of a future Super Bowl bid (scoreboard was enlarged as part of the LI 2017 bid). I’d even venture to say none of our major sports venues will be replaced until maybe 30 years from now at earliest. All of the venues built in the late 90’s/early 2000’s were built in the best locations and with the right designs and amenities that can easily be improved on to meet todays standards. At this point, we’re more likely to see additional mixed use development occur around these venues to add revenue streams that many franchises seek today. The Astros have started that here with their upcoming mixed use development. Tillman may want mixed use for Toyota Center (maybe as part of the GRBCC renovation/expansion?). And it’s already been reported NRG Park officials are discussing the same. This is the next step in the evolution of our event facilities standing the test of time.
  12. Reminder: Master Plan Concept to be revealed June 2nd: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02idFCELWKfonfhBSZyge1r1KMusYn4R4ithyhfeLK1HSpbBn2ZjFAQQhEm8AbwRd7l&id=100080104246402&mibextid=qC1gEa
  13. Did anyone know the NBA STORE is moving into Galleria 3?!? This was a pleasant surprise to see.
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