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    Early 2020 construction start http://www.spearstreetcapital.com/portfolio/owned/
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    The Chronicle's link to the agenda is broken, because the username and password were dropped from the URL, but the full link is ftp://PlatViewer:Viewer4DRC@edrc.houstontx.gov//2019/2019-23_DraftAgenda.pdf Note that the username is PlatViewer and the password is Viewer4DRC, in case HAIF breaks the URL too. The information about the Ion is on pages 140 through 160, and there are a bunch of images not in the article. Here is the full set of images:
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    Does anyone have anything on this apparently they bought a block of land in Downtown for 55 million Nevermind* found little more information Skanska has purchased four land parcels, including one full city block, totaling about 14,200 square meters in downtown Houston, USA. The seller is a private citizen. The total investment amounts to USD 55 M, about SEK 520 M.Located adjacent to Discovery Green, these four sites are in Houston’s Central Business District and Skanska plans to develop a mix of office, multi-family and retail for the local community.
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    Master plan for Ion and Innovation District at former Midtown Sears site revealed https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/prime-property/article/The-Ion-former-Midtown-Sears-and-Innovation-14826265.php#photo-18593395
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    The campus walk through from the State of Texas Medical Center 2019. I'll save the residential/hotel for last. It's amazing. You may want to watch the video on YouTube to hear McKeon narrate the campus details
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    Winner: Kevin Daly https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chron.com/business/amp/Houston-Endowment-s-new-HQ-will-become-14816152.php
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    CityCentre Six https://realtynewsreport.com/2019/11/04/midway-tees-up-new-office-building-project-in-citycentre/
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    Drewery Place-Aerial Bldg Ext-2019-Mabry Campbell by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr
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    Fence is down. Heavy equipment on site. Lot is being cleared.
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    The master plan changed, again. First look at a residential tower. 40 stories next to the TMC:Hotel? I also see a skybridge to the McNair campus. This is from today's State of Texas Medical Center 2019. https://www.tmc.edu/news/2019/10/texas-medical-center-ceo-outlines-the-future-of-the-medical-city/
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    Was surprised to find a tower crane vertical section and the base installed on the north side of the building.
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    From the tower crane operator on Sept. 6th.
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    Yea everytime I see a new posting, I think it new information...instead it just two people still having a D measuring contest.
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    Signage is up, north side main entrance.
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    Laying the rebar and cables to support the pool ( lower right)and putting up the supports for the 7th floor which tips out the podium.
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    Foundation design on this building with the abundance of drilled piers and a matt foundation can mean a couple of things. One is that the soil may be not as great. Another issue is that if the building is tall and narrow, and "relatively" light, The wind uplift/overturning movement may be a governing load case which could require some of the piers to incur tensile loads. Concurrently the opposite side of the building will take more compression loads.
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    I took this while driving (sorry mom and mr police officer)...but wanted to show exactly what this will look like directly from a drivers point of view heading north on Post Oak Blvd... If you notice where the furthest right of the new building is...it will barely leave even one unit of each floor of the Cosmo showing...it really is shocking to see just how much will be covered up...not just because of how much will be hidden from view driving down Post Oak since it will be nearly invisible but because of just how close they are to the new building...that south facing side of Cosmo will never see direct sun (and the north side of the new building)...kinda crazy to really think about that...thankfully it is at least an east/west opening so some light will get through but still.................... (ps...yay i posted a photo...and sorry it's not as awesome as i hoped, as you can see me in the reflection ha!)
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    The entire area they own on the south side of W. Dallas has been torn down, I think this might actually be starting after so many years of waiting.
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    This is by the Midway East River, looks like trail work on either side of the of Jensen Rd. north bank.East side looks like new work west of the bridge looks like they are removing silt from existing trail.
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    Looks like they may have reached the top of the ramps/garage section of the podium. The forms look to be set up to be parallel to the ground rather than on an incline.
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    Buffalo Bayou East Sector Master Plan event coming up soon: https://www.facebook.com/events/923104768033348/
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    After playing Sim City so much, I thought you were proposing light industrial zones
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    It looks like this site closed this month and was sold to Woodbranch - the developer of Market Square Tower. I would not be upset if there was another MST quality project here...
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    2011: Dec 2018: 2011: Dec 2018: Yeah I'd say for 7 years that is quite an amazing change. This project is only going to transform this area faster.
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    Northern Trust, Uchiko sign on as tenants. https://www.costar.com/article/1192390811/mixed-use-project-on-houstons-post-oak-boulevard-signs-first-office-restaurant-tenants
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