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    New rendering on Transwestern's website. https://transwestern.com/property/the-ro-00
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    Architect: Kirksey Architecture Developer: Medistar
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    New renderings have been posted. https://www.tmc.edu/tmc3/
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    The view from LyondellBasell Tower today.
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    Name of Development: The Mill Developer: Triten Real Estate Partners Location: 2219 Canal Street General Info: This includes a multi-family building, two freestanding restaurants, and approximately 13,000 SF office building (4 story with restaurant, coffee shop, retail on the ground floor). The multi-family is a 7-Story with 323 Units, equaling approximately 262,000 SF. It includes a restaurant, retail space, fitness area, club, event space, exterior amenity pool deck, fitness lawn, co-working space and parking garage. EDIT: Renderings are of the multi-family portion only. Site plan added for reference. Architects: EDI International Michael Hsu Still in design phase. This is all of the information I have at the moment.
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    I am about to lose my view of the Upper Kirby District, but since I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, having neighbors living behind glass walls is a win/win for me. 😉
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    Two more construction trailers are arriving as we speak! And worth noting on the new rendering compared to the one Luminare posted back in early November; the building heights and designs have stayed the same. The biggest and only Design change I can see seems to be in Parcel 3 with the restaurant and retail section.
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    Working on the pool today. Quite a cloud ceiling today.
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    While y'all are complaining about the base, i'm just thrilled that this beautiful tower is replacing that run down shed they call a parking garage.
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    TMC issued a RFI for a communications infrastructure plan called TMC Connected. Within the RFI there is an Elkus Manfredi TMC3 Telecom Site Plan. https://www.tmc.edu/news/2020/06/texas-medical-center-issues-connectivity-request-for-information-rfi/ The Elkus Manfredi site plan has a project address of 1885 Old Spanish Trail. A plan review permit was issued.
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    CURRENT VERSION: v0.5 - Beta by: Luminare Hello Everyone, I'm proud to reintroduce the HAIF Development Map and Spreadsheet, as PROJECT ASTROPOLIS. This thread will be the new home for updates, improvements, announcements, and discussions about both the Project Astropolis Map and Spreadsheet. Previously due to COVID, and other circumstances pertaining to my work, I had to take an extended hiatus from both the forum, and this project. After a nice break from putting the original map and spreadsheet together, I decided to give the project a reboot, and start off fresh with a new thread, new name, new image, touched up sheets, and several additional sheets with more to come! (NEW) Link to Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/drive?state={"ids"%3A["1uy6qAEQioisw7lKYbZoJNDrl2k6Ef8ck"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"100367964234737055652"}&usp=sharing (NEW) Link to Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1787Aeyg1wyVCuV5pVMzP4ButKIU7UMTvtdS-fvUQPIw/edit?usp=sharing MISSION STATEMENT: The primary aim of Project Astropolis is to track every project in and around the greater Houston Area. The secondary aim of Project Astropolis is to bring greater awareness to laymen about new or upcoming development, architecture, and construction around them, so they can be better informed about their built environments, and how they might affect their communities or properties. Houston is growing, and is progressing forward, why not feel like you are a part of it? The third aim of Project Astropolis is to someday be, potentially, a valuable resource for those who work at architecture firms, development firms, and marketing firms to assist in future planning, and for a city with no zoning, possibly create synergies between projects to create better communities and a better city. Knowledge is power, and with that knowledge, better future development can come forth. STAFF: Founder Luminare Editor-in-chief Purdueenginerd Admin (TBD) Agents Source Agents (TBD) Neighborhood Agents (TBD) Field Agents (TBD) Industry Agents (TBD) Media Agents (TBD) Source Agent - Contributor who typically works with sources to gather information on a project. Might be specific, or might be general info. Neighborhood Agent - Contributor who typically operates in a particular neighborhood, and understands whats happening in a more local context. Field Agent - Contributor who typically travels to job sites to take photographs to chronicle progress of projects, or talk with those on site to gather further information. Industry Agent - Contributor who typically knows the in's and out's within a particular industry which provides valuable info on upcoming projects, etc... Media Agents - Contributor who typically knows the right publications, or news outlets (and has access to articles), or various social media to get new info on projects. ***Currently looking for candidates for positions listed as (TBD), some have already been reached out too. If you haven't, but would like to contribute please contact either myself (Luminare), or Purdueenginerd via private message on the forum, or you can email the project at: projectastropolis@gmail.com *** FAQ: (TBD) Will fill out once I get questions. CHANGE LOG: (TBD) DISCLAIMER! Project Astropolis should not, under any circumstances, be viewed as an official and/or definitive source of development news and information. Project Astropolis has been put together by development/architecture/construction enthusiasts, therefore it should not be seen as a replacement for actual official and/or legal documentation. All info for Project Astropolis was pulled from readily available public sources or was donated to us via industry sources who were given permission to provide us with such info. While we try our best to keep our info and sources up-to-date as much as possible, due to the fact some sources are pulled from the HAIF forum (among other things) from enthusiasts who are not industry professionals, some info might be speculative, and if this is the case, it will be clearly identified as such. About Projects: In order to not intrude on the privacy of individuals, Project Astropolis will not plot: - individual single family homes - individual single family townhomes As an industry professional myself (Luminare) I understand the private and personal nature of these types of projects, and value the privacy of these project types which individuals undertake. While we will eventually aim to plot large scale townhome and single family tract housing developments, single instances of these home types are special, and should not be the subject to public knowledge. For Property Owners: If you are a property owner of a speculative development, or someone who owns property next to a speculative/potential/proposed development, please do not contact myself (Luminare), or anyone on my staff, for further information regarding such speculative information. These questions should be directed to actual authority figures whether they be in the public sector or private sector. We here only deal in info and tracking of projects. We do not have the authority to change nor halt a potential project, nor will we take down speculative or potential developments as doing so will only harm discussion of future projects within our enthusiast community. For Architecture Firms, Design Firms, Artists, and Developers: If you are an architecture firm, design firm, artist, or developer (among many other industry professionals not listed), please do not contact myself (Luminare), or anyone on my staff, for further information regarding such speculative information. These questions should be directed to actual authority figures whether they be in the public sector or private sector. We here only deal in info and tracking of projects. We do not have the authority to change nor halt a potential project, nor will we take down speculative or potential developments as doing so will only harm discussion of future projects within our enthusiast community. With that being said, if you are an architecture firm, design firm, artist, or developer (among many other industry professionals not listed), please feel free to contact myself or an admin if you see a project on Project Astropolis which was added on here without permission or consent, and you would like to see removed. Unless its one plotted due to the speculative nature of discussions on an internet forum, actual potential or proposed projects, which are not ready to be viewed by the public or have not been published either by yourselves (on your own websites), or via 3rd party publications, should not be on here, for as an industry professional, I (Luminare), understand fully the ramifications a half-baked, incomplete, or a project which has yet to be fully realized, could potentially be damaged, tarnished, or even dropped if subject to the public eye too early, or when your client isn't expressly ready to present it to the public at large. These will be taken down immediately upon request. @Urbannizer @Triton or any other mod. Could I please get this thread made into a sticky thread? I also need someone to take away the old links to the previous map and spreadsheet from the Development List Thread. Thanks.
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    Wow, This is incredible news. Hines Press Release from their website: Hines and 2ML Real Estate Interests to Build Levit Green Life Science-based mixed-use development will be adjacent to the Texas Medical Center JUNE 15, 2020 (HOUSTON) – Hines, the international real estate firm, has finalized an exclusive agreement with 2ML Real Estate Interests to develop Levit Green, more than 52 acres of prime real estate adjacent to the Texas Medical Center. The thoughtfully designed masterplan will offer a curated mix of uses, including research facilities, office, residential, shopping and dining, outdoor amenities and green space at the epicenter of Houston’s biotech, corporate life sciences and medical research hub. Located inside Houston’s I-610 Loop, steps from one of the city’s largest parks, myriad arts and cultural institutions and vibrant retail offerings, Levit Green will offer amenities that are increasingly rare today: unparalleled size, versatility and connectivity within the city’s urban core. The unique property is less than three miles from Houston’s Central Business District and its prominent location enjoys immediate access to State Highway 288, METRORail, METRO bus, bike trails and the planned TMC³ medical research campus. A partnership between the Hines and Levit families, two names synonymous with Houston, Levit Green will go beyond a live-work-play paradigm to create an environment that fosters interaction and collaboration in and out of the laboratory. From venture capital to IPOs and M&A, investment in life sciences is reaching all-time highs. We are seeing record-breaking R&D spending creating the need for highly sophisticated lab space and cutting-edge pharmaceutical facilities. “At 15.5%, Houston has one of the highest five-year growth rates in life sciences establishments in the United States. Impressive advancements in therapeutics, science and innovation are driving demand for real estate,” stated John Mooz, senior managing director at Hines. “With multimodal connectivity and proximity to TMC, we believe Levit Green will create a new and needed destination for Houston’s rapidly growing life sciences cluster.” An initial piece of the property was acquired by Joe Levit, founder of The Grocers Supply Co, which grew to be the largest independently owned wholesaler of grocery products in the southeast U.S. and the largest supplier of Hispanic grocery products in the country. Through the dedication of four generations of the Levit Family, Grocers Supply has enjoyed 97 years of success in serving and partnering with independent grocers to provide quality products for communities in Texas and surrounding states. “We are excited to bring the shared vision of Hines and the Levit family to the community. Our family has deep roots in the neighborhood, and we believe this development will add tremendous value to the area and the Texas Medical Center,” said Max Levit, President of 2ML Real Estate.
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    0607201020 by Aubrey Laurence, on Flickr
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    I had to reread the title a few times. I thought I was becoming a mixed use development.
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    Looks like developers are falling over themselves to get projects out of the ground right now. Phase two coming soon?
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    Google has leased 1 floor here for its first Houston office. Google to open first Houston office
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    Almost 400 feet. That's pretty tall for Midtown.
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    Went by here earlier this morning and saw what looked like superintendents and project managers walking the site. Again, nothing matters until dirt turns but hopefully this is more of a positive sign that we should see/hear something soon.
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