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  1. I think it's mostly a few prominent developers lobbying one certain Congressman (Culberson) into opposition which blocked the University Line. Still, for METRO to have only attempted to build one East-West line is a planning failure IMO. Westheimer is the single most low hanging fruit for rail in entire Houston area and my entire life there hasn't even been a whisper of a proposal to do that. Obviously it would have to be a subway especially east of Kirby but it makes too much sense.
  2. The original Red Line was unquestionably a major success, but the lack of expansion westward to Houston's more dense communities 20 years and counting later is a failure.
  3. 30 year design life is such a joke .. But sure let's just continue to pour billions upon billions into maintaining existing highways no questions asked.
  4. I mean, I'll literally take anything to replace a parking lot in the area at this point. I'm a little surprised at the lack of development around both MMP and TC in the two decades they've been there.
  5. Man that area south of TC desperately needs some development, what a deadzone. Hopefully this is the start of something.
  6. Jesus that's ugly and a huge disappointment ..
  7. Crazy how long a road it took to get here, but it's finally happening! I lived in the neighborhood in high school and I remember back in like '09 when we had the first "town hall" meeting at Poe about it 😄 people were so upset ..
  8. It is kinda sad that Houston hasn't built a supertall in like 40 years.
  9. Too bad this isn't at that empty lot next to Best Buy instead!
  10. If we're just talking about the "last mile" between the proposed NW transit center station and downtown, there doesn't need to be crazy fast fancy tracks for that stretch. Normal 79mph operation that already exists for Amtrak today would be fine. I'd imagine you'd just build an additional, electrified track within the same ROW and that'd be fine. You could use one-way operation for it.
  11. Is it still even under construction? Seems abandoned. EDIT: Scrolled up and saw that I asked the very same question a few months ago lmao.
  12. Can we confirm that this is still under active construction? It looks like it's been abandoned for awhile.
  13. Under construction for 20 years haha. Man I wish we would spend $9B on transit once in awhile.
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