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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I regular access the bayou trail coming from Newcastle, so I just cross at Stella Link (with young kids, no issue since they re-did it with wider sidewalks). It seems this new ped bridge serves a small community. The only other use I could think of us eventual continuity to avoid road bridges altogether. Are they going to extend the trail on the north side of the bayou west of Buffalo Speedway? If so you could stay on that trail, then cross over at this new pedestrian bridge to the south side which they are working on to continue further west. But even then (as an avid user of such trails), i don't see the overall value relative to other improvements/connectivity that could make an big impact.
  2. quote of the article has to be "Whitemire, with a mischievous grin and a personality crustier than a day-old baguette"
  3. Construction started on pedestrian bridge. still allows thru traffic on the main bayou trail.
  4. Somewhat off topic, but I noticed a proposed north-south path along the Union Pacific tracks from Bellaire up to Memorial Park. Anyone have info on how serious that proposal is? You could effectively get safely (dedicated) and easily from Hermann Park to Memorial Park with that connection (without having to go all the way east of downtown).
  5. I was curious about this. Looking at Harris County - in 2018 Beto beat Cruz by almost 17 points. In 2022, he beat Abbott but under 10 points. Both midterm elections. That doesn't necessarily mean there was a shift. He's less popular now, probably didn't bring out the same number of voters. But other county wide margins did seem lower for the Dems (though maybe i'm comparing to the generals with Trump on the ballot which adds a lot to consider).
  6. Whatever happened with Leven Bakery? don't see any info on their proposed location at Southside Commons...
  7. Richard Linklater's (Houston native) Apollo 10 1/2 was released on Netflix last week. Lots of great Houston 'scenes' and references, half the movie is a historical timeline and what it was like to live around NASA and in Houston in the late 60's. Though I grew up in Clear Lake in a different decade, I definitely felt a huge nostalgia factor watching this. I was hoping for more NASA adventure aspects (for the fictional part of the movie), but it was still really interesting especially for Houston natives. Hadn't seen it mentioned on HAIF, figure plenty of people here would be interested in the film and portrayal.
  8. From Hermann Park you can (for a long time now) go south and access Brays Bayou and get straight to Columbia Tap to get to East downtown. What I am hoping is doable is getting from Hermann Park to northeast Midtown (Bagby and Gray) direct quickly and safely. I've taken Caroline and Austin before, but haven't attempted Gray since they added the bike path. How far south does that extend?
  9. These homes off West Pierce and Stanford that were abandoned partially through constructions have been discussed on this forum several times. I used to live on this street and got this from my old neighbor: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-sylvester-turner-keep-our-neighbors-safe-and-our-community-clean
  10. calm down. I honestly thought you meant that the measure "barely passed". in that context, i took it to mean: 1. only just; almost not. 2. in a simple and sparse way. When you called me out for now knowing how to read, I thought you meant how to read election results. If you barely pass 5th grade or barely win an election but most common meaning is that passed with marginal results. I thought it was important to note (given how i read your post), that the measure passed by a large margin.
  11. i read pretty good. https://www.khou.com/article/news/politics/elections/city-of-houston-election-results/285-0c86c7af-0461-4ddd-b058-d7d3c9960aef https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/11/06/election-results-houstons-mayoral-race-heads-to.html
  12. The referendum passed 68% to 32%. That is pretty overwhelming.
  13. I noticed the same in Tokyo and some of the smaller cities we went to. I haven't been to China but based on a few quick searches they have a lot of homeless. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_homeless_population
  14. Here's a picture from this morning, haven't seen much progress but this is the first time I have seen the construction entrance open in a while (maybe months?).
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