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  1. As you mention, this property goes farther back than it seems. As far as condos, the area may be saturated. The RO condos will be starting soon, and Randall Davis never could get any traction for condos right down the street. The River Oaks condos are also just down the street, and offer a high-end option in that area.
  2. Is there a reason you post this same comment in almost every thread about a potential new development?
  3. The signs have gone up along Westheimer, from the Loop in.
  4. Interesting! That's right around the corner from me, I'll have to go take a look. There's been some activity on Audley recently. Up at the NE corner at Alabama, there used to be a Pediatrician's office (a busy one!). I think Oaks Cleaners bought it. Did it show an asking price anywhere on that listing? I couldn't find it.
  5. Wow, is that legit? Is this the first time we've seen that drawing, or did I miss it previously? I knew it was gonna be high, like 30+ stories, but don't recall seeing the actual design. Gorgeous building. I'm really partial to mostly glass wall condos, with only balconies interrupting the flow. They look great from the outside, and even better from inside. I'm really happy where we are, but if I was looking, that would move to #1 on my list.
  6. I really don't want a casino there. I love casinos, and visit Vegas with some regularity. I would do anything to get them in Texas. But not there. A casino in Houston should be a destination journey/event. Kemah, Galveston, the old Dome... something that says "adventure". Not on Westheimer, 1/2 mile from the Loop. Just my .02.
  7. Thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, how much does it cost to use a crane like this for a single use?
  8. They are assembling a huge crane just off-site from the RO. I'm sure @hindesky can give us a better description than "huge". I'm posting this here because there is nothing else around that needs a crane like this. It's on Buffalo Spdwy in front of Lamar Towers, but I can't imagine why they (Lamar T) would need this. And there isn't any major construction planned at the St. Johns athletic fields that I'm aware of. I'm not sure how they will get this crane over to the RO property if that's where it's going, and why they didn't simply assemble it there? If it turns out not to be for the RO, I will delete this post. For reference, this is looking South. Lamar Towers is behind it, and the RO is in the back right side of this photo. This is Saturday morning. They started moving this into place around midnight.
  9. Without speaking to any particular area or project... why is this a problem? If current residents have "locked away" the land use in their area, doesn't that indicate that current residents want a certain type of development? Why should you, or anyone for that matter, be able to decide how an area should be developed that is "locked away"? This does not apply to areas that have no restrictions. If there is no zoning, or deed restrictions, or land use limits of any sort, then yes, you can develop. So an Ashby Hi-Rise would be allowed. But if there are restrictions of any sort, why should someone else decide to throw them out? Isn't that "taking"?
  10. Thanks for finding this. Older, less well known (to most) part of Houston. When I was born (Mesozoic Era), my parents lived with my grandparents in a house in the upper-left part of the map you pasted.
  11. I've always liked that building. We took a hard look at it when we decided to go condo in 2018. Nice bldg, nice units, even had small (very small) windows that opened, which is rare in a hi-rise condo. Ultimately, we decided we didn't like the location, plus the limited parking situation.
  12. I have a close relationship with Amegy that enabled me to tour this building before it was opened, plus many visits since. It's as gorgeous inside as it is out. Nice pics!
  13. I drove by it Saturday going to the Art Car Parade, first time I'd been by it since maybe last year's parade? Wow, what a magnificent edifice! Can't wait to see it.
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