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    Haha, I see that gif on Clutchfans all the time, I wonder how many ppl here are on other local forums...
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    Just a topic on any good ideas you guys might have on how Houston should design their metro rail. For one I'd love to see grass instead of concrete where the rail is installed like this one from Spain. Let's go Green.
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    I don't know that they've made that decision yet. What I do know - they have the Bell plot of land earmarked for another tower in the (near) future.
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    Looks like this project has started. Fence is up and dirt work has begun.
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    An important thing to note from the article for this tower is With so much other office construction downtown, it should be a challenge to get this off the ground with prelease commitments. I really hate the location of this tower though. There are many other spots of downtown that need development. I actually wish this one was shorter, even half it's size just because of the location it's in, but I'm all for anything that adds to our skyline.
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    Weird, that is what his sig says to us longtime posters, as well.
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    The fitness center is listed in today's Daily Demolition Report: http://swamplot.com/daily-demolition-report-out-of-fashion/2013-08-16/#more-68369
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    full disclosure, I saw it on clutchfans originally.Thought it fit well here.
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    The intolerable neighbors are now in the process of being evicted. This is about a 180 degree turn from last week, when I was told by the actual manager they had a lease until March 2014, after having being lied to by the crappy front office staff who claimed that the neighbors had just a "short term lease" for a "summer internship". A day after I got that news, land surveyors were seen. They seemed to be determining a line exactly between my building and the adjacent building. Somehow I feel that my douchebag neighbors' eviction has less to do with their behavior, and more to do with a convenient and adequate excuse to get them out of the building sooner. People have been moving out, slowly - I can verify that there are several empty 1 bedroom apartments, yet no one has moved in to any of them. My hypothesis is that there may be some significant interest in the building, since it has frontage on San Felipe. I pay my rent on time every month and I don't cause my neighbors' walls to vibrate, so I don't think they have any solid grounds on which to evict me. The lease I signed lacks a "redevelopment clause" which was apparently included in all of the 4444 Westheimer leases. Without the clause, or grounds to evict me for a legitimate reason, I'm not sure how they could get me out of the lease before the term ends in May 2014, other than some kind of mutually agreeable financial incentive. I guess I was one of the last ones to sign a 1 year lease here. Might be kind of cool to live in a building like this, right up until the end, kind of abandoned, as time goes on and it empties out. Maybe I'd get to know the (non-douchebag) neighbors a little better. Probably the last chance I'll ever get to have a southern/western exposure corner top floor apartment with a great view of Uptown for less than $1/sq ft. The utility bill sucks in the summer, but the amazing breeze you could get going those few months from November to March made up for it. I'd just leave the windows open 24/7, except on those few really cold nights. I ran the heat maybe 10 days out of the year - otherwise, the sun took care of it. The fresh air for those months, except on a bad smog day or something, it was great. You get tired of the same recycled AC air day in and day out. I just think it was -- it is, a neat apartment. I'll take one last winter here, I'll settle for a financial incentive, but my next place just won't be the same. I'll find another place, but it won't have a view of uptown, it probably won't be as big, or have such an interesting history. It'll just be some place to live for now, until I can buy a house, or move out of town.
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    you shouldn't be surprised at all.
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    does anyone think Houston will ever get a legit botanical gardens? the ones in San Antonio are very nice and it would be a great addition to things to do/see around town. i know there are some smaller gardens, but why dont we have a full fledged botanical garden like many major cities?
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    is there any room for towers on the plot in the future or are they developing the whole thing? this area needs some towers to start connecting uptown to downtown.
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    I've posted this before but each time I see these renderings I wonder why the notion of a Shakespeare Garden never came to anyone's mind? I have been to the New York Botanical Garden when they did Mark Twain's, Emily Dickensons, and Monet's Garden as special events--they were so lovely.
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    Well before we say yay, lets just see how it looks when it's finished.
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    I think Centennial Park next to Herman Park is going to be a nice botanical garden. Also its right next to the proposed helix tower.
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    I love how the buildings are going all around Hermann Park to almost forming a "Central Park".
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    A bit more about this project here, two small office towers are also possible: http://www.transwestern.net/Flyers/Houston/retail/flyers/KingwoodParc/KingwoodParc_Brochure.pdf
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    When The Parklane was originally built, the plan was for three towers. However, the 80s oil glut happened and only one building was built. No idea whether or not a third tower is planned at this point, but there is room for one.
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    In short...no. Downtown (where I work) is a little better at around 2%...
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    Or woman. Let's not be sexist Kenny lol Obama said equal opportunity. Not sure what he meant by that but whatever
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    dibs on the 8th floor parking garage at the Pavilions... A coworker and I will be there, drinks and cameras in hand... LOL
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    My thoughts exactly. We are already gobbling up land like no tomorrow, and then imagine a world where all this land is now filled with a density equal to NYC or Shanghai or Tokyo. I am not saying I am wishing for this, I am just conjecturing.
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    I think you are in the majority. Since there are no towers anymore, interest has waned.
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    Hopefully that tower has the signature look at the top that we all want.
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    I would encourage everyone to participate in local politics--by that I mean district level. Maps and renderings aside, entities like the east end mgmt district do not have the money or taxing authority to fund projects like this on their own. I am continually amazed by the " this is cool why isn't it built yet" crowd. I would like to see it too, but transit and other quality of life issues especially for the working classes is hyper- local. At the neighborhood level, sidewalks, sewers and bus stops trump streetcar visions. It's tough to get people, especially broke people, to see a bigger picture, but you just need to keep chipping away. Not online; in person.
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    probably very out of date, but interesting none the less. i've never seen this detailed before http://www.theplansource.org/images/projects/morris_project_1_image_2.pdf Also out of date but one rendering that I don't remember seeing that shows two pools on the roof of the small building planned for the middle of the development - would be very cool. Hoping they stick close to the original game plan. http://naberkowitz.com/Regent_Square_Brochure.pdf
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    u[ Somebody get some vines from the top of the Greenstreet parking garage
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    Chevrons even newer tower housing their yet to be announce headquarters relocation? heh, i wish. i wonder what is being planned there though. Chevron currently owns the land i thought? dont they have a day care on that site?
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    Well then maybe you should change your signature.
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    With developments like this, I don't for one minute doubt that Houston will look like Trantor or Coruscant by 2018.
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    Apparently they are targeting a floor per week: http://www.unitedforming.com/Articles/new_tower_awarded.aspx
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    This perspective corrected vision floated to the surface of the Swamp(lot).
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    Hey guys I just have now 19 post. I been looking at this site for years and now thought I would give some feedback by posting on some of the topics here. I am usually too busy to comment. I do thank you two for helping keep the site active for people like me to read your post. Keep up the good work and have a great day. Go Texans!!
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    I think J_cuevas just forgot his/her login info and came up with a new account.
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    posts great renderings and named after my favorite combo at cyclone anaya's??? you're like the anti LTAWACS.
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    dude you don't have to post in every single thread.
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    I drive by this site daily it looks like this project has begun. There are materials, equipment, and crews on site.
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    Houston will continue to get bigger, no doubt. The city will annex more land throughout the century, but I would say that Houston will top out at maybe 800 sq mile or less. (My Opinion) The city of Houston is bigger area-wise than New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The reason I point out these cities is because these are the most dense and populated ones than Houston. (Formerly Ahead of Us) So by the time Houston becomes heavly dense and populated, we would have become the true biggest city in the United States.
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    I don't see using a car as a negative. I'm not sure where this whole fascination about walking everywhere came from. It's rather stupid if you think about it. Spice Traders on camels back in the days of the Orient did not complain that their desert journeys went by far too quickly. Cowboys on horseback did not bemoan the lack of walkability on their route to KC. The '49'ers did not complain about how road west lacked significantly wide sidewalks. Riders on San Francisco's innaugral trolley ride did not weep at not being forced to walk up hill. The recent phenomenon somehow believes that we would be better off taking a giant step backwards, or ceding our autonomy to the schedule of mass transit. Screw that. If you want to limit our circle of autonomy/liberty be my guest, just be sure to obey the cross-walk signals.
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    I don't think austin has cornered the market on using stone as an architectural accent.
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    Drove down this as well! It's literally insane the amount of development along this stretch of road. Can't imagine how many people from out of town think they're not to far from downtown Houston when they see all of this development...
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