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Broadstone Museum District: Multifamily At 4641 Montrose Blvd.

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An employee of Danton’s told Eater that it’s leaving its current spot in the Chelsea Market complex because the building will reportedly be torn down.


Do we know of anything "cooking" at this site?


I could easily see a mid/high rise going in at this site. 

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I get my hair cut at Blue Mambo in that retail center and my hairdresser told me a few months back it (Chelsea Market) was under contract to an apartment developer and they were not renewing leases for any tenants.  I went again this last week and apparently the deal has closed because Blue Mambo will be moving in November.


As far as the original thread, my hairdresser did say that it had previously been under contract a few years back but the deal fell out.  

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name of retail center
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I've never understood exactly why Chelsea Market didn't do better. I don't know if it was the location on Montrose just next to the freeway or the traffic patterns on Montrose or  unpopular lease's. So many business came and went. 

Similarly I don't know why Shepherd Plaza has so much trouble leasing, but it might also have to do with inaccessibility with the way Richmond blocks any west bound traffic entrance  except at Greenbriar. I know that at one time HEB was in the picture but I wonder what their plans are now since they have Dunlavy and Kirby at Alabama planned. It seems with those two stores a third at Shepherd and Richmond would be saturation.

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Apartment projects on former Chelsea Market site, near Memorial Park, to start construction later this year, filings show



A rendering of Alliance Residential's Broadstone Heights multifamily development. Filings show the developer has two more in-town apartment projects in the works.


State filings show Phoenix-based Alliance Residential plans to start construction on two more in-town apartment projects later this year.


Broadstone Memorial Park at 7721 Washington Ave. will be across Interstate 10 from Memorial Park and Broadstone Museum District at 4617 Montrose will rise on the site of the former Chelsea Market development vacated by tenants late last year.


Requests for comment from Alliance weren’t immediately returned.


Both filings on the state’s licensing and regulation department website list Aug. 1 as a start date and attribute Houston-based EDI International as the design firm for each project. Contractor information wasn’t listed.


EDI International’s website describes Broadstone Museum District as a 16-story high-rise with four floors of parking beneath and 357 units. Until now, Alliance hasn't built a high-rise project in Houston, said Bruce McClenny, president of ApartmentData.com. He defines high-rises as at least nine stories tall.

County appraisal records show Alliance doesn’t yet own the tract of land appraised at $8.9 million in 2018.


County records show the land slated for Alliance’s Broadstone Memorial Park at 7721 Washington Ave. belongs to an entity Silver Eagle LP and was appraised at $11.09 million in 2018. That entity is tied to the same mailing address as the headquarters for Silver Eagle Distributors. The Houston-based distributor of Anheuser-Busch products has its headquarters at 7777 Washington. Requests for comment from Silver Eagle weren’t immediately returned.


Last month the Houston Business Journal reported Alliance filed building permits with the city of Houston for $28.8 million for a project named Broadstone Minimax at 2717 Minimax, north of Memorial Park.


Alliance also has several projects under construction around Houston, including a couple in the Heights-Washington Ave. submarket. It recently filed permits for $35.2 million for its eight-story Broadstone Tortilla Factory project in the Heights, off 15th Street and North Shepherd.


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Swamplot article with the old renderings from EDI. 






THE SHOPPING center at the southwest southeast corner of Montrose Blvd. and 59 known as Chelsea Market has just recently gotten the chain-link wraparound, as shown above from the west (top) and east (above). Its days had been numbered ever since plans showing a Broadstone apartment tower in place of the 3-building retail complex surfaced online last year.

Renderings of the tower, to be named Broadstone Museum District, show it rising 16-stories high:


chelsea-montrose-02.jpg  chelsea-montrose.jpg

You wouldn’t know it from the images above, but that’s 4 stories lower than The Carter (formerly Chelsea Montrose) highrise next door.

The garage and leasing office entrances, off Montrose Blvd.:


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