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33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth: Retail Center At 1717 W. 34th St.


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Today’s Sponsor of the Day post introduces 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth, a 2.5-acre retail development coming to Garden Oaks and Oak Forest. Thanks for supporting Swamplot!

Wasn’t somebody telling us a while back that Oak Forest lacked retail excitement?Well, take a look at what Crescere Capital Management is announcing todayfor the intersection of 34th St. and Ella Blvd., where each day close to 50,000 cars pass by, on their way to and from Garden Oaks and Oak Forest: a 29,000-sq.-ft. (or so) multi-tenant retail center on the southeast corner.

The project’s (uh, record-setting) name is 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth. The design team is being led by architects Peter Merwin and Ted Rubenstein of the Houston office of Gensler. Broker Tony Armstrong of leasing firm A. A. Armstrong will be working to fill up the new development. Crescere’s Chris Hotze is probably best known to GOOFers as the developer (and still the owner) of The Shops at Oak Forest a few blocks north at 43rd St., which is home both to Plonk! and a Starbucks drive-thru.

What kind of retail is going to go in at 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth? Hotze says his team has “reached out to the neighborhood to find out what they are looking for.There are certainly tenants looking to go into a high caliber center, and that is the market segment that we seek to fill.” Merwin says he sees it as a “neighborhood center with hip, ‘aspirational’ retail . . . a place where parents, children, and neighbors connect with their community on a daily basis.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2017.









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On 5/25/2016 at 8:38 PM, Jesse said:

Sorry, but that's the stupidest goddamn name for a shopping center I've ever heard.


What about "City Centre" which is

  • not anywhere close to the center of the city
  • spells centre wrong
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For today’s Sponsor of the Day post, the developer of the multi-tenant retail center coming to the southeast corner of Ella Blvd. and 34th St. has some

 brand-new renderings to show off. Thank you, 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth, for supporting this website (and for the pix, above)!

What will the place look like? Garden Oaks and Oak Forest, here’s your first peek!

Chris Hotze, best known to nearby residents as the developer and owner of The Shops at Oak Forest (up a few blocks, on the northwest corner of 43rd St. and Ella), says he wants 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth to reflect the quality of Oak Forest and Garden Oaks. His firm, Crescere Capital Management, hired architects Peter Merwin and Ted Rubenstein of the Houston office of Gensler to create a design for the 2.5-acre site that includes greenspace at the intersection, plus a high overall parking ratio and varied buildings with high ceilings — to help draw exciting concepts to this busy corner site. Current plans call for a total of 18,850 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant space.

Gensler’s rendering at top shows a freestanding restaurant building fronting 34th St., which includes plenty of room for patio seating beneath and around an extensive building canopy. The drawing below it shows the view from Ella Blvd., and the larger, more varied multi-tenant structure at the southern end of the site.




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t’s time to reveal a bit more info about the Oak Forest and Garden Oaks-area retail development known as 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth — Swamplot’s Sponsor of the Day today. (Thanks for sponsoring us!)

The first aerial-view renderings of the design for the multi-tenant center, above, show an additional element we haven’t seen before. It’s next to thestandalone restaurant building and patio space along 34th St. (in the front of both renderings) and in front of the larger retail structure perpendicular to Ella Blvd. (in back) — both of which were featured in drawings shown the last time this development appeared as a Sponsor of the Day. These new overall views of the design for the project, by the Houston office of Gensler, reveal the surprise: Down in front, directly on the corner of Ella and 34th St., it looks like some prime parking spots are reserved for . . . food trucks!?

What!? No drive-thru bank?

Nope: Food trucks, right down there on the corner all those Garden Oaks and Oak Forest residents will be passing daily on their drive home. (Workers in the North Loop medical and office buildings should provide a good chunk of the midday traffic.) Broker Tony Armstrong, who’s leasing retail space in the property, says he’s “extremely excited to work on a development of this caliber in an area that is undergoing some really cool change. . . . I rarely see such high demand for a project this early in the marketing phase.”

Not counting the mobile food units, a total of 18,500 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant space is planned for 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth. It’s a project of Crescere Capital Management. There are still more details and images of the center to show; look for them in future 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth Sponsor of the Day posts on Swamplot.





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  • The title was changed to 33 1/3 @ 34th - Ella & 34th Redevelopment
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  • The title was changed to 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth: Ella Blvd. & 34th St.
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Taking over the unit previously occupied by Bubble Egg is Mochinut.

The California-based donut chain specializes in mochi donuts. Korean hot dogs, bubble teas, and soft serve are also on the menu.

 Mochinut will be located at 1717 W 34th St, Suite 900. It's one of several tenants in the Garden Oaks commercial development 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth.


Below is a photo of the coming soon banner shared in the Houston Heights Foodies Facebook group.


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  • The title was changed to 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth: Retail Center At 1717 W. 34th St.

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