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The helix is indeed a nice touch. Would love a tower with a bit of a helix twist near this campus. Also think there are some neat inspirations to be drawn from the chemical structure of certain amino acids in the design of the buildings.

The biotech leader--San Diego--has us outmatched on weather. However, we have a large engineering population in the petrochemical industry and a business friendly climate.

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“It’s been unanimously approved by our board and it’s moving very quickly,” McKeon, executive vice president, chief strategy officer and chief operating officer of the Texas Medical Center, said at an investor conference hosted by Midway, at Hotel Sorella in CityCentre.


A “collaborative development agreement” is expected to be completed soon, he added, and groundbreaking could start in the first quarter of next year.





“All in all, it’s about a $2 billion play,” McKeon said.


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A top Texas Medical Center executive described a plan Thursday for a major medical research campus that would bring together four institutions and contain multiple components, including hotel rooms, restaurants and bars, greenspace and an enormous plaza shaped like a double helix, a nod to the medical description of intertwining strands of DNA.


The origins of the project began at least a year ago when McKeon said the Medical Center determined that the four institutions each need between 300,000 and 500,000 square feet of additional research space.


The project would have 5,700 underground parking spaces.

McKeon said the campus would be open for all Houstonians.

He envisions it as a place where concerts could be held and where people could jog and bike alongside the new greenspace.


The Gensler architecture firm has been involved in the design of the project, which would include a series of research/office buildings between 300,000 and 350,000 square feet and 60,000 square feet for shops and restaurants. The helix would comprise 250,000 square feet.

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They are supposed to start the channel modifications (widening) of that stretch of the bayou under Project Brays next year, I believe.  During the Memorial Day flooding the areas further west were impacted more as there was no flooding within the TMC (though water got very high in the bayou).  So hopefully the additional widening helps with the flooding risk


I hate to say it because I live somewhat nearby and like this project, but I have to wonder how successful the retail component is going to be.  It's not near the rail, and will be across the bayou from the vast majority of TMC workers.  I don't work in the TMC but I would assume it's not easy to just hop in your car and go shopping somewhere over lunch.  Regardess, hopefully this will help kick-start something over at 7200 Main as well

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All kidding aside. This is a great plan for the future of the medical center. My wife works in the U.T. School of Nursing by Lake Flato and they are one block from the bayou at Bertner so I know that area well. I unfortunately had to spend some time with a close

relative last month in the top of the new wing of M.D.Anderson, and from the roof observation deck you can really see the scope of the medical center to the south. It pretty much overwhelms the area past Old Spainish trail and almost to 610 in some area. This is from

Main over to Almeda to the east. It will easily overtake the whole section of land within the 610 boundary to the south in the next 20 years, one way or the other. There are large tracts of vacant land that I would imagine the TMC is holding for future expansion.

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So this will be going in place of that giant parking lot. 


Yes. the two parking lots that straddle william C. harvin blvd.

I tried to add this  to the devmap like 3 weeks ago, but they have apparently stopped updating.


also the building in the bottom left corner of the rendering is the Forensics building that is currently under construction.

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